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Recent posts by Sean Flip

Here is my submission for 2 coat hooks from a small branch crotch - PEP BB roundwood.sand.hook

Requirements for this BB:

 - Flat mounting surface
 - Round off sharp edges
 - Hand tools only

To get certified for this BB, I am posting the following pics:  

 - Your chunks of wood that you are starting with
 - Progress about half way through, with the hand tools you have decided to use for this
 - Final product
Here is my oddball submission for restoring dried out rake and shovel handles by sanding + linseed oil application.

There are BB's for sharpening, but none currently appear to exist for restoring handles in this way. I posed the question in Mike's BB Clarification Thread where it was agreed this task seems appropriate as an oddball sub for now.

1 year ago
The "after" pic of sanding and oiling some beat shovel and rake handles.  Oddball submission?
If one submits a BB missing a photo, or with a photo needing clarification (which happened on my “peel 2 logs” and hugelkulture Submissions), it seems editing/adding the clarification or photos doesn’t then result in the BB’s approval.

Or, does that happen?

So, I end up resubmitting (new post) with extra/improved photos to help the reviewer. This happened twice in my case, and both BBs were subsequently approved.

Then, I edited my original BB submission, deleting all the photos to keep the thread free of duplicates / clutter.

After photo clarification / completion, my original “peel 2 logs” submission was deleted by someone, which I feel is the right move. My original flagged hugel submission still stands, however.

I posit if one submits a flag-able BB and needs to redo it entirely (which was the case for me with “4 lbs of seed balls” lacking required # of Nitrogen fixers) there is value in keeping the failed one up as it exemplifies what not to do. However, if the poster didn’t redo the BB, just added a forgotten photo or zoomed in to make something more clear, deleting the original makes sense to me.

Are these useful thoughts?

Here is my submission for "Split and stack dead standing wood as firewood - PEP BB woodland.sand.splitandstack"

To get certified for this BB, I will post the following pics.  

- dead standing wood I started with
- The wood cut
- starting the stack (and it is clear that the wood is all about 15 to 16 inches long)
- the stack about 2/3 done (still clear that all of the wood is all about 15 to 16 inches long)
- the completed stack clearly 1/2 face cord in size or provide evidence of the dimensions of the stack
1 year ago
Here is my resubmission for "Peel 2 live trees and put up off the ground to dry - PEP BB woodland.sand.peel"

This time I will include extra pics and circle sections indicating qualification. I'm learning if pics aren't completely obvious then sometimes helpful arrows and notes may help.

To get certified for this BB, I am posting the following pics:
- 2 trees before they are peeled, showing they are at least 6" in diameter at the fat end and over 16 feet long
- 2 trees after they are peeled and up off the ground
** note: it does not say the trees have to be placed next to eachother.

1 year ago
Here is my submission for Build a Hugelkultur - PEP BB gardening.sand.hugelkultur

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
 - 7 feet tall, 7 feet wide, 6 feet long
 - mulch it with at least 4 different kinds of mulch
 - seed/plant at least a dozen different species
 - seeds are mostly nitrogen fixers (>75% by volume)
 - at least three comfrey plants
 - at least three sunchokes
 - at least a dozen sepp holzer grains (currently available as a prize for anyone who reaches BB20)

To document your completion of the BB, provide the following:
 - Two pics of the site before the work is started with the intended location marked out.
        - Probably marked with wood laid on the ground that will soon be buried!
 - Three pics of three different stages of construction - showing the contents of the hugelkultur
 - One pic when the hugelkultur is completely built but not planted or mulched proving it is 7 feet tall and 6 feet long
 - Pics of all the stuff about to be planted
 - A paragraph or two of what wood was used and where it came from, what was planted, what mulches were applied and anything else interesting
 - Two pics of the site after the work is complete from the same two locations as the beginning pictures.

This hugel was built over a few days during SKIP 2022. Wood used came from area conifer around Allerton Abbey at Wheaton Labs. I planted jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke), comfrey, Sepp Holzer grain, crimson, red, and rose clovers, field mint, common and hairy vetches, birdsfoot trefoil, field pea, daikon radish, and seed balls made at WL containing more clovers, vetches, cherry, apple, and sainfoin.

Mulching was accomplished with bark and branches from wood around AA, limbs from conifer, serviceberry, straw, and additional brush from the perimeter of the abbey.

Temperatures exceeded 100F throughout the endeavor.

1 year ago
Here is my submission for Repair a P-Trap - PEP BB plumbing.sand.tiny.ptrap

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
- repair a p-trap

To document completion of this Badge Bit, I am providing:
  - a before picture of the broken p-trap
  - an in progress shot of me repairing the p-trap
  - an after picture of the newly repaired p-trap
  - a brief description of the problem and how it was fixed

A friends p-trap was leaking and upon unscrewing the pieces, a cracked gasket was discovered. A vigorous scrubbing to the surrounding pipe inners + replacing the gasket was sufficient to restore working order.
1 year ago

David Huang wrote:

Christopher Weeks wrote:

Sean Flip wrote:Fixed GASKET

I think you're looking at this one:

I concur with Christopher.  This sounds like the repair the P-Trap one.

Whoops! thanks