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Marjorie Beausoleil

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since Jul 19, 2022
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Recent posts by Marjorie Beausoleil

Hi fellow homesteaders and gardeners,

Fall is finally upon us and with it, more abundant rainfall, cooler weather and fewer pests. This is the best time to grow leafy greens in many parts of the country as well as many root crops. We grow loads of lettuce, kale, asian mustards, chards as well as beets, turnips and carrots into the fall, harvesting them way past our first frost date. We garden in Zone 6b and I am just getting started on all the lettuces, mustards and turnip sowing for the Fall season!

We are hosting our biggest sale of the season, with all cool-weather loving crops on sale from 20% to 40%! So if you haven't started your Fall garden yet, hop over and grab a few seed packet!


4 weeks ago
Hello fellow gardeners!

As a small heirloom seed company owner I often get asked questions on seeds saving on a home scale and one of the most requested crop for home seed saving is the tomato. Tomatoes are pretty much at the center of every gardener's space and I can't agree more: I think they are easily the most beloved garden vegetable I grow!

Seed saving is often a controversial subject, often unnecessarily so. It's not that hard, especially when one can live with a little bit of danger! LOL, but seriously. The world will not stop turning if your homegrown tomatoes somehow cross-pollinate, especially if we're talking about 2 different heirloom varieties. This is how heirlooms were born after all.

I  want to help anyone out there to demystify the process, gain confidence and take their own seed supply in hand! Pun totally intended. Here's a nice little article I wrote down to help those of you who might not have taken the plunge yet into saving their own seeds or have done so with questionable results in the past. Hopefully, it will help some of you!

Here's my Tomato Seed Saving: The Complete Guide:

Cheers from the garden,

Marjorie from Ethos Seed Company

1 month ago
I love Mixta squash. We grow tons of Orange Stripe Cushaw on our Connecticut seed farm and it is by farm the most productive squash we grow. It is true, however, that it is also my least well-performing seed seller! My own Orange Stripe Cushaw Squash seed line is very vigorous and productive.


As a heirloom seed company owner and a seed farmer, I would be more than happy to see more attention brought to the Mixta squash. I'll happily collaborate with you if you are interested in developing something new.
1 month ago
Hi there!

The coupon code can be applied at checkout. There is a line for coupon codes there! Don't hesitate to send me an email at service AT ethosseed.com if you have any more question!

Marjorie from Ethos Seed Company
1 month ago
Hi grow some things in pots, but I tend to select plants that tolerate dry, hot temperature and don't become too large. I grow some hot peppers in pots and they do really well, as do my favorite shishito type pepper, Fushimi. I tried the larger  Bell Peppers, but they don't yield enough to be worth it.

I've grown Broccoli in pots, at least 24 inches wide and it worked well, but only for a single plant.

I use pots over my garden and at the ends of my raised beds to grow flowers and herbs that would otherwise be smothered by the plants in my beds.

My best advice on containers is to go as big as  you can, use fresh compost every year (I throw my soil in the compost bin and reuse in the spring: no waste!). I also use foliar fertilizer on anything hungry/large, about once a week. And I keep on top of the watering as they will dry fast, no matter  the size.

Here's a pic of a healthy pepper. It's loaded with fruits and is still doing well one month later, with regular feeding and picking.
1 month ago
I am having a Summer Blow Out Sale for 40% off at Ethos Seed Company.


All Summer Crop vegetable seeds are 40%, namely: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and okras.

Coupon Code: summer40 at checkout. Valid until 08/31/2022

Take advantage of it while supply last! Not much left!

2 months ago
Hello fellow gardeners!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself - a mother and homesteader living in Connecticut - as well as my company, Ethos Seed Company.

Together with my husband, we decided to launch Ethos Seed Company in 2021 after witnessing the seed shortages all over the country. It was obvious to us that America needs a more diversified seed supply. We chose to focus on the vegetables, herbs and flowers that grow well in our New England climate and thus have been curating a smaller but highly reliable catalogue of heirloom seeds. Each variety that we offer has been grown either by us on our small farm or by other farms in America. We do not carry any hybrids and of course we do not offer any GMO seeds for sale.

All the seeds we offer are either heirlooms or more recent open-pollinated varieties perfected through traditional plant breeding techniques.

We strive to provide exceptional quality while maintaining a competitive price for the home gardeners across America.

So, come take a look at us at www.ethosseed.com and check out our collections!

Buy 5 seed packets and get 1 free with coupon code FREESEEDS at checkout!

Marjorie, founder and owner at Ethos Seed Company

Our family-owned business also provides rare and heirloom seeds.
Do not hesitate to check us out and contact us with any questions: https://ethosseed.com/