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Steve Zoma wrote:Here in Maine, many farm land conservancies are a scam.

It stems with the number of people applying for the land, and the number of older farmers who have land and want people to get the land when they are done. Since the latter is so rare, the farmer-buyers end up being on waiting list that they must pay a fee for annually, and even if they are lucky enough to be the 1% that do get land from the deal, they end up paying a yearly fee, along with the land-owner who is selling.

For the owner it is just as much a scam. In the fine print, the legalities of the arrangement state that the conservancy can sell of portions of the land to make it financially feasible. What they mean is, they tell the farmer they will keep their land farming, but sell off the high value house lots the farm has.

They cannot even say the land will be forever in farming. A forever-farm by me was boughten up by the State by eminent domain to build a school. House lots were being sold on one side, and thus the land was expensive, but the farmland was a cheap way to get a lot of land, and so the state took that farm that supposed to be forever-farmed.



2 days ago
Still collecting experiences for source material..
2 days ago
This link is for rusty cast iron.. but vinegar was my intuitive answer. Maybe steel wool, or even a wire wheel on an angle grinder. (Dust mask/respirator just in case?)

2 days ago
Also.. if you do get a billy goat, please don’t try to milk him.. haha!
3 days ago

Chris Vee wrote:

Anne Miller wrote:Most folks get female goats and find someone with a billy to service the girls.

… & we don’t have a great means of transporting goats just yet either… so that’ll be something to figure out too… 🧐

I wouldn’t recommend transporting goats in a passenger vehicle, but this sheep rode home with me just fine..?
3 days ago
One morning, I awoke to find a huge swath of detritus spread along the highway shoulder in front of the property. Cursing the foul litterbugs, I got my wheelbarrow and headed out to clean the mess. Much to my surprise, it was mostly clothing.. in my exact size! Four pair of Carhartt pants, several nice t shirts.. and about 30 pairs of brand new heavy duty socks! This was at a time of low funds, and the pants I had been wearing were shredded and repaired to the maximum limit. Probably my best roadside score..
3 days ago
..you have more pallets than money!
3 days ago
Still looking for good folks to share this experience with..
Betsy.. just take a right turn at Death Valley and look for the steam.
4 days ago