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It is a very sad reality. Farming has the highest rate the last I knew but how can they not? we are talking family land that goes back generations and it’s lost in an instant because of a bad decision, bad weather, failed crops, or divorce. That is a lot of guilt on a person who has worked 365 days a year for years…

My farm is one of the oldest in the nation started in 1746. Because of an 8 year marriage that failed I have to sell it. No choice; court ordered.

It doesn’t seem fair, but no one cares.

I am mentally okay now, but I have attempted suicide twice. Once in 2005 as a part time farmer and once in 2019 as a full time farmer. I reached out for help in 2919 but got none. My pastor did not even read my letter explaining my intent to do myself in.

With our access to guns, a ways to make things look like an accident, farmer suicide is wayyyyyyyyy higher than what the statistics show.I have been in farming all my
Life and can tell you many strange farm accidents that I think were really suicides.

It’s disgustedly sad

9 months ago
Sounds like pneumonia

LA 200 dosed to weight

You can try a magnet too if there is a chance she has hardware
9 months ago
It does make you wonder.

At work, in about 150 feet we convert 125 volts DC into 34,500 volts AC with (4) breaks in the lines feeding the phases at 15 megawatts. That is a lot of stray current, and it makes you wonder how that affects a person, who like you noted, stays on concrete, in hard soled shoes, in an office environment a lot. Its scary how much I never actually touch bare earth.

When I worked in a boiler house making 31 megawatts, we had transformers that would connect tanks to earth, and thereby stop corrosion, which only used HALF an amp to get them to properly ground, so it does make you wonder if there is something to this? I mean we are basically human tanks made up of skin containing 80% water. But those anticorrosion tank minders operated continuously, and not done in pulses.

For others reading this, it helps to understand that what you were taught about electricity was WRONG. We are educated to think that electricity comes from the house on wires that flows from some generation plant. That is not true. Every time the electricity is stepped up or down in voltage, it has a break in the wires called transformers, so electricity does not "flow" along wires, but rather swirls around the wires and is pulled along by frequency, thereby allowing it to jump air gaps. That is why your house is not even connected to the wires on the street, that white thing on the pole outside your house is a transformer, stepping the power down from 7500 volts to 220. There is a gap in the line. Any escaped electricity is called emf (electromagnetic frequency) or commonly known as stray voltage, or "dirty electricity", so it is everywhere.

The question is not if its there; it is all around us, it is how much we need to dissipate it to ground, if at all?

10 months ago
The grid is a very complex machine, THE MOST intricate in all the world and operating within a set of very finite parameters, so it is not easy to balance something that is so fragile, all inclusive, life-dependent and powerful. With that comes greed, but also power, and sadly there are so many back-door shady deals on both sides that it becomes disgusting quickly.

Myself, I know hydro-power, and happen to live on a pretty big river, enough so there is generating stations above and below me. That is another way of saying I have significant flow. But like the original poster mentioned, I really don't consume a lot of electricity. My bill is high here, but only because in Maine, 50% of my residential power bill goes to subsidizing solar electric start-ups. My biggest energy consumption is actually in heating water.

Heating water for domestic hot water
Heating water for my heating system

So I designed a hydro-kinetic hydronic heater that hopefully will prove viable for at least heating my domestic hot water needs, but I hope to make a significant dent on my heating energy needs. Because of where I work, it needs to be patented, but I am in hopes to build this new design and see how many btu's it can generate.
10 months ago
Nice place and best wishes…

I have a lot of family up there though I live in central Maine.

I got a farm but after 40 years of homesteading, I am retiring from it. No complaints just a new era in my life.
10 months ago
Ducks put themselves into a coop when it starts to get dark unlike chickens.
10 months ago
I had the same question but being an electrician I am not sure how I feel about the theory.

I understand about earth grounding; being too much, not being enough, etc, even electrical field pollution, but what I cannot seem to fathom is why there is a 30 minute timer on grounding.

If I short a resistor to ground, it shorts out. It is instant. It’s why we ground substations to earth before we work on them.

So why does walking barefoot for 30 minutes do anything? Wouldn’t 1 second do the same thing?

But I do understand the importance of grounding stuff, and do know my contact with the earth is very dismal, so I am not opposed to the theory. I just don’t have enough information yet
10 months ago
It is very hard to do.

My grandfather has a farm 7 miles away from his house and over the years he has made it work, but it has cost him dearly. It’s just a lot of money tied up in fuel and other costs to get there.

10 months ago

Kenneth Elwell wrote:

Steve Zoma wrote:Here is another cheap Hobby Lobby light made for our Foyer.

Again, just a cheap lantern bought at the half off rack, fitted with 2 ceiling sockets from Home Depot and made into a light. This one has twin 100 watt equivalent bulbs giving is more light than the single 60 watt bulb we had before.

I understand not wanting to make a persons own lights but it’s really cheap, fast and easy to do, and the right light really makes the room.

One of my studio classes for a semester in college was lighting design. It is very approachable to do, the parts are widely available, and one easy way to get some parts (especially if not the medium Edison base sockets) is to use parts from an existing lamp or fixture. This could be salvage, or a new purchase. Let's say you wanted a transformer, dimmer switch, lamp socket, cord... less work to find one complete lamp than source all those parts separately, some of which you might end up with five or ten when you need just one.

The light does make a statement, and can really affect the look and feel of a room.

Yeah I ran with this and went to Hobby Lobby last night to build a light for my bathroom rebuild and to toy around with stained glass in a light.

I think for $50 it’s nice light that looks good and took less than an hour to make.

You guys can be the judge on that.

10 months ago
Due to the medicine that keeps my brain cancer in check, I am super-dehydrated all the time. To the point I cramp constantly.

So I saw this stuff called Liquid IV and started looking at it online and those that seem to be in the know say it does work. In real life terms, my muscles don’t seem to cramp as much when I drink it. But at $1.58 per drink, it’s not cheap either.

10 months ago