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Hello everyone,
My name is Remus Gall and i'm the founder of the Biodomes company that designs and builds unique domes.

We will be holding a dome building workshop that will teach you how to build your own Biodome at an affordable price.

The workshop will take place in Romania, 3 days in the second half of April 2019 (the exact date will be announced once registrations are closed and the groups are made on the 25th of November).
This workshop will consist of us building 3 residential domes, each a different model and type. When you arrive they will be in 3 different stages of completion, in order to showcase every aspect of the build process.

The fee for the non-comercial workshop is 5000 euros per person and it includes a license to build a non-comercial dome using our patented technology.
We will also be holding a longer workshop for commercial licensing, starting from 25.000 euros per company.

For registrations and questions please contact us at or here in a reply.
Thank you.

8 months ago
Jeffrey, i made a list of the top 10 facts about domes : domes

And you can also find a little more general information about the advantages of geodesic domes on the homepage :
2 years ago
That's a good point Kes, the next one i will build will have an insulated north side. I'd love to see pics with your dome too.
2 years ago
Jerry i also first kept citrus trees in there but i found that the banana trees prefer the space better, they love the height
I could have installed double pane glass but it was to expensive, and plastic isnt an option for me, it's by far not as durable as glass, it looks much worse, it scratches, it get yellow, it's hard to clean.
The only advantage of plastic is the light weight and insulation if the glass is single pane.  
2 years ago
A much needed update, i recently finished our website

There are a few more pictures of the dome there, and with the interior as well.

Right now the greenhouse is full of plants for overwintering, the most important ones are the banana trees (my favorite ones
2 years ago
Hello everyone,

I started an Indiegogo campaign here :

If you could share or contribute that would be really great.

3 years ago
Hi Jay, thank you for your detailed reply.

Could you elaborate on the toxins that leach in time from the fake rocks ? Cause i plan to make these walls inside a greenhouse with lots of plants.
I did start to make a few test models and i use a few chemicals besides cement, like synthetic resins for adhesion, a dust like release agent for the molds (maybe it's just talcum powder ?) and plasticizer for the mortar.
But these are just a few chemicals that all builders use when constructing a house or just laying down tiles in a bathroom.

Most of what is in these videos you cant find anywhere online since they explain every detail and little secrets of this artwork.
I've watched every video on youtube, some many times over and i still dont know many things about this line of work.

You linked to Zoopoxy, but they use way more chemicals then Vertical artisans, like polyurethane and polystyrene which are known carcinogens.
Concrete is way more natural then the plastic materials most eco friendly people use.
Sure the production of it has a big carbon footprint but that doesn't mean we should all build our houses out of styrofoam.

I am neither rich nor famous but i think these kinds of things are works of art that everyone should enjoy in their backyard. And if you like DIY like me they shouldn't cost to much.

Best regards,
4 years ago
I would like to buy this amazing instructional dvd set :
Positive Carving
It's a very detailed video tutorial on carving ordinary mortar into stunning rock walls.
Here are a few pics :

a few videos

The set costs $ 595 but i only have 100$, would another 5 people like to join in and buy this set together ?
4 years ago
Why not use both ?
You could use reclaimed bricks to build the walls, that is much more inexpensive.
Plus i think heat is more important then light during winter especialy if there is a chance of sub 0 temp.
4 years ago
I only used an electrical heater when the temp. outside drop below -10/-15 C. Cause i only needed the temp to be above 5C for the plants.
4 years ago