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Recent posts by Kimzter Larson

First, I apologize to anyone who saw me outside today in the rain in my pajamas picking up worms and night crawlers from my driveway and from the road-way edge.

Second, is there a problem with putting those worms in with those I've purchased?

Third, I'm finding this to be quite fun.  DH and I are rapidly heading to being empty-nesters, and I'm finding lots of things in my pantry that I'll be able to feed my worms.  10 year old lasagna noodles?  Sure!  I'll soak 'em for a few hours and add them.  I'll take that 3 year old box of minute rice and add that at some point.  Amazon shipped a nice box to me!  Dinner bell will ring for my wrigglers.

I'm thinking of getting one of those cool metal signs like they put over the driveways at big ranches with the ranch name on them.


Thanks to all who post here.  I'm learning so much, and am enjoying reading through all the threads.
1 year ago
the best way is to reduce what is taken out.

I work at a barn that has 19 stalls.

We use pelleted bedding (reconstituted with hot water) and EZ pick bedding from Marth.

We also use a shaker table -- selectively pick pee spots, then toss the remainder of bedding up on to table and it shakes the manure and bits of hay down into a muck bucket.  Be very very very good about what you toss.

We have cut our bedding costs by 50%, and we've cut our labor by more than that.  We usually have one person tossing onto the table and then another person expedites the process by using a small whisk broom to move it around so it goes faster.

Contact several local growers, tree farmers, etc.  Offer them your manure pile for FREE.  They can turn it once or twice at their facility and sell it.  Because it's MOSTLY MANURE, it breaks down very quickly.  We have a tree farmer that picks ours up monthly and he makes a tidy profit on it.  We just have a pile away from our paddocks and surrounded by fly bags (traps).

When I had my horses at home, I would keep two piles.  One started in the spring.   I would roll it with my bobcat once a month (I'm anal -- always on the first of the month).  I'd start the second pile in the fall and add all my grass clippings, leaves, etc. which helped it to heat during the cold winter months).  In the spring I'd offer the SPRING pile up for gardeners.  I'd say "free will offering" and make a ton when people came out with their pickups, their Suburus, their buckets and gave me $20 - $50 for fuel for my bobcat, for apples for the horses, or just some money for my time and effort to help them.  In the fall my ad would say "remember to put your gardens to bed with a good deep covering of compost" and I'd have that FALL pile gone in days.

Two options that work pretty good.  Good luck!