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Recent posts by Dennis Goyette

Tad old (as me) but basically the same, just shorter beard
1 month ago

Mihai Ilie wrote:TEC ( or Pelltier module) stands for thermoelectric cooler and if you power it with electricity it will make a hot side and a cold side.
If it heated on one side and chilled on the otther side it creates electric curent and becomes a Seebeck generator or a TEG wich stands for thermo electric generator.
There are modules that are sold as TECs and TEGs with TEGs being more expensive because they are build to withstand higher temp up to 150 C while the ones made for cooling ,altough they can be used as generators perfectly,they last only up to plus 100 C temp.
They have an efficiency of just 10% and there are much better alternatives for such stove generators like the Stirling engines generators with 35% efficiency.
Now, if the energy is lost inside a house ,then you might not care about losses from poore efficiency.

I have a bio camp cooking stove that generates electricity to run the fan and the charging station. I wonder if it runs on the same principal, but on a smaller scale. It puts out quite a lot of heat for cooking just using small pieces of wood chips that I have an endless supply of (gather them after splitting wood each time, have bags of them.) You have sites to recommend on this stuff you talked about?
1 month ago
Can't be a hillbilly in the plains... de plains boss de plains........
1 month ago
I have to do both.....log my property and some of the neighbor's in exchange for plowing his camp out during the winter (bartering is the way to go.)  Logging in early spring and fall, weeding in the summer, but since I use a ground cover between rows, I weed less....then green manure ground cover for garden area not planted chokes out the weeds anyway.
1 month ago
Pole...I did 111 quarts last year in an area of 12 by 24. No beans this, I alternate my crops. I also alternate the garden area, one part for veggies, the other for cover crop (green manure.)
1 month ago

Marie Gem wrote:Dennis Beautiful Photo By Thank You for Sharing

I am so excited that my homes remodel will be completed soon and then I pack up & journey onwards

Hoping to meet an Amazing Man/Friend to share Life With

Not sure where that pic came from, must be part of the North Woods site, isn't my pic.

1 month ago

Marie Gem wrote:Hello I am an adorable shorter woman with an awesome sense of humor & personality
I LOVE Who I Am!!!
I live in NM right now planning on relocating after remodeling is completed I live in a 5
bedroom ranch on 4 acres on the prairies. I should be in a forest somewhere that is where I truly belong…
I am looking for an Amazing Best Friend, I am heterosexual. I have vast skills. I use to raise livestock (chickens, ducks, goats, horses and I have a dog and an outdoor cat who comes in when bad weather)
I have a workshop with a lot of tools most new, I am learning how to use them comfortably. So I have Construction skills.
I have great gardening skills (grow most of food to sustain myself. Right now I have an abundance of food that I am trying to reduce in prep for a move
(I am not sure where life will take me, but opened to allow life’s journey to guide me)
I Am Totally Addicted To Music I sing allll the time & Love To Dance… I have acted in our local theater & enjoy it a lot…
I am Fricken Super Addicted to Hiking, Laughter & Have The Best Time Enjoying Just Living!!!
I LOVE Learning Teach Me
I Am Kind Hearted & Looking For My Equal Who Loves A Hard Days Work or Long Hikes

In the hills of the Great North Woods. I homestead, log, garden, prep, etc, etc.....Plenty of place to hike, Mt. Washington about 2 hours south. Great North Woods
1 month ago
You are not going to find many, if any, people who are politically aligned with you (besides myself.), notice the number of replies to date.  Most of the communities in here are not conservative like we are. I'm on the opposite side out east. I did years ago (2008) look at places and land in MT, but couldn't find anything worth while I could afford.
1 month ago