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52 year old single asexual female, no kids, retired early, offgrid tiny cabin on 13 wooded acres, southern Indiana. I embrace a very low tech, minimalist, low EMF/low pollution, joyful life. I use rainwater catchment for all water needs; woodstove for heat, cooking and boiling water for drinking; humanure compost system/sawdust toilet; small 2 solar cell array for recharging phone only, no other electricity; solar lanterns for light. Goal is food self-sufficiency by a vegan food forest of fruit and nut trees, using fermentation to aid in digestion and enriched nutrition. I already have the following trees (mostly young): pawpaw, persimmon, chestnut, mulberry, hazel, pear, walnut, apricot. There are also mature beeches and hickories but they don't seem to produce much. I would like to try to use nettles for fiber for clothes, baskets, hats, sandals.
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Recent posts by Meli Mot

Sibyl Buck wrote:Dead leaves all day long in this one if you don’t want to buy cover material. If you don’t mind buying it, coco coir is the If you have pee in there and use a less dense cover material I bet it will heat up more. I agree deeper than 2 feet helps to get the heat. I have used 4x4x4 piles for loooong periods of time because it breaks down so much so fast it’s almost an endless situation. I do large scale food compost for 1600 women over two weeks and have humanure at home for 10 years

Should the coco coir be used in the potty, or as the cover in the pile?
2 days ago
I suffered with this all through my teen years! It was terrible. I do not reccomend antibiotics as they killed my gut microbiome and it suffered permanent damage. I do recommend avoiding dairy, sugar, nightshades, onions, garlic, anything non-organic, preservatives, and also to ferment all grains. I do not recommend topicals, creams, or soaps, just pure water (distilled, or clean rainwater, also for drinking too). Salt exfoliation works to help clear up old scars.
2 days ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:I posted about this in another group and someone commented there that alcohol sprays like this have been used a lot for ballet costumes to freshen and deodorize between performances without a full cleaning.

Thank you for this tip! I tried it due to a current drought and it works!
2 days ago
Hello! I can be a phone buddy! I will pm you.
I just wanted to update my posting! I have decided to make my homesteading community more of a women's spiritual retreat/monastery following a similar lifestyle to Buddhist monks (the eight precepts: abstinence from taking life, from taking what is not given, from unchastity, from false speech, from intoxicants which cause a careless frame of mind, from taking food at the wrong time (midday-dawn), from dancing and music (except ceremonial), shows, flowers, make-up, the wearing of ornaments and decorations, and from tall, high sleeping places). A beautiful, quiet, meditative, content life, respectful of the beauty and sacredness of the forest!

I am working towards a nutritionally complete vegan perennial food forest (fruits, nuts, berries, and sustainably foraged greens), fermentation for B12 and improved nutrition. Already have rainwater catchment system, humanure hygiene system, woodstove for heating, cooking, hot water, limited solar for recharging devices. Low EMF area with very little noise, air, or light pollution. Also going to experiment with making fiber from wood nettles for clothing and simple shoes and maybe baskets.
I planted flax a few years ago here in southern Indiana. Although i got some lovely flowers, it really wasn't much output. Instead I am casting my hopes towards wood nettle for a fiber source, and walnuts for an oil/fat source.
1 week ago
I agree with avoiding dairy, omega 6 (seed oils, pork, chicken), sugars and starches. Also i apply shea butter to my nostrils and eyelids which does a great job trapping pollen. And avoid kicking up pollen in the act of cutting or moving flowering bushes (goodness, lesson learned there).
2 weeks ago
I planted some rows of them as a bean crop and they did great here in southern Indiana.
2 weeks ago
Re: cassia; the kind of cassia used for hair is cassia obovata. Here is a link to one brand that sells it. This is the brand i use to dye my grays, too, but in their "dark brown" color.

Besides cassia powder, also shikakai, brahmi, amla, aritha (soapnuts), bhingraj, fenugreek, etc. can also be used. I love not washing my hair daily any more, and not using chemicals or commercial products. And that my rinse water is safe for the soil and environment, since i just use my rainwater cistern outside for rinsing out!
2 weeks ago
I also wanted to mention, that gruel goes a lot farther than the same amount of batter/dough used to make bread or hotcakes. I can take just 2 ounces (56g) of grain flour, ferment it overnight, then take that sourdough batter, continually adding water again and again over a heat source, and get a nice big pot full of gruel!
2 weeks ago