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i am hanging out in the dc area for the next month,
am wondering if any local folks are interested in
a woods walk to check out spring edibles, etc....

or, if there are any events going on!

9 years ago
Yes, yes and yes! to what  you have written here:

Off topic, but related - you'll hear about how hard it is to live out on land, to run a small farm/ranch, etc.  However, this is true in part because these people rely on money to provide almost everything.  They are consumers in a different location and life style that's all.  They run open loops and waste much.  If we keep-chickens to sustain us, sustain our land and close loops, I believe eventually this goal will lead us to see that the more naturally they are kept/raised the happier and healthier they are, which in turn brings us direct and indirect happiness and health.  There are many loops to close, and personally caring for animals can bring much peace and emotional health to the person enjoying/caring for them.......

I am (very temporarily) renting a little country spot in the mountains of NC, my first non-urban endeavor, and have been amazed and somewhat amused at how often I hear of how hard all this is. In all instances, I see inefficient methods and people going "too fast" and creating more work than there needs to be. It does appear that some back to land folks have just transplanted all their city/suburban troubles into a more rural setting: working too hard and fast, not noticing the subtle opportunities to take more care and slow it all down.

And, in a perfect example of the categorical imperative, it is fun to see how much healthier and happier I am when I take the time and thought to care for the animals better.

Thanks again and please be well...jennifer
10 years ago
thanks for the thoughts, i appreciate your time here!

i've been talking to many different people about chicken feed and care, and it seems cost is always an issue; sometimes the main one. i think the cheapest way is usually not the best, obviously, and would have guessed that your method was not the priciest. perhaps more time consuming, though, which i imagine many people object to.

this is, of course, unfortunate: i would much rather learn and experiment with the feeding methods and ingredients that are best for the chickens. costs aside.

being new to chickens (im caring for some while the person is away) i have been watching them and thinking: what exactly is in in this deal for them? certainly they deserve (much) more than the cheapest junk we can toss them.  esp given that people are asking and taking so much from them.

anyway, thanks again jami, this information is quite useful.
10 years ago
jamie and ken,
thanks so much for all the ideas here. it seems good to experiment and to give the chickens as much fresh and un-processed food...esp since im sure most of us do the same for our own selves.

cost isn't a concern for me (well, actually is since i don't even have chickens or space yet!!) but, do either of you have thoughts on the price of your chicken food vs organic feed?

many thanks...jennifer
10 years ago
I am looking into all the various ways people feed their chickens...
grain scraps......and so on.

Any thoughts about the
kindest and most delicious food to feed chickens?


10 years ago