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Recent posts by Gord Welch

Farmer Gord (www.farmergord.com) is looking for an intern or two... perhaps a couple, for a few days a week, a few days at a time, or perhaps thru the warm season.

What we do: meat, eggs, milk, veggies, fruit produced for neighbors and nearby folks. ORO is the name of the "farm": Observation, Respect, Obligation

What's being asked: I need someone who's interested in learning and who is a capable worker to share for "a time". I'm looking for a learner - and farming is learned by doing.

Like, specifically, please: fencing, weeding, animal management, small construction projects, harvesting, and other tasks

What's offered: this is not a paid position and this is not an advert for employment. Housing is a large tent, or space for one of your own. Food is provided, if you like the way we eat! Drink is available for responsible folks, provided you help make it - our latest project is nettle beer. For the worthy ones, a generous stipend of farm products will be granted and other perks as possible and needed. There's space to shower and do laundry and occasional internet access.

Where? Deer Island, Oregon.

When? Starting as soon as you'd like. Till you can stand it no more!

If you're interested, check out my website thoroughly and if you still are interested, let's begin a dialogue.
Movie Showing: Sepp Holzer's Permakultur
at TaborSpace: 5441 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR

see more here: http://www.meetup.com/Portland-Permaculture-Meetup/

I'm not a part of the group nor planning on attending, but thought it might be of interest to some.
12 years ago
I agree.... with the above posts.... and add... be honest!
12 years ago
I let my sows "run wild" with their boar, they all farrow outside and all have healthy, strong litters. In the end, it produces a much healthier pig. The catch is, though that the nutrition must be very good. There must be sufficient wild area for medicine and they must not be hungry at all. If the nutrition is perfect, no iron shots or otherwise is needed. I do feed a bit of molasses around birthing time. Any herbs which are good for a human mother will be good for the sow. I think the most important thing is that sow be allowed to choose her farrowing area - and it needs to be dry and safe. Please let us know how it turns out.
12 years ago
I've been having the same problem... chasing pigs for the past 3 weeks.... the problem is not the pigs... it's the fruit. Until the apples stop dropping... they'll still keep getting out. Shock or no shock... they want the fruit... and who can blame them... the best solution would be to allow them in to the orchard, or place them very far away... or alternatively, fence off the orchard...

4 month olds are difficult... they're strong, smart, and think they know what's what... the big pigs don't go running thru the wire, right... they never do.... the little ones will... it's just the way it is, unfortunately... so long as there's treats on the other side...

And especially if you have young males... they'll feel a bit of pressure at that age to leave the herd from the dominant male. Good luck!
12 years ago
Perhaps Sepp has not seen our NW blackberry deserts? I know he was here, but here we have literally acres upon acres of nothing but blackberries. Pigs don't really like blackberries, eh. They're quite sensitive and don't like to get scratched. Oh sure, they'll eat 'em and plow right through them to get at treats.... but to fence off pigs in a mostly blackberry patch is a bit cruel to the animals. I know because I raise 'em in the NW. They do a bit of munching on the leaves by choice, but that's about it.

I agree with the stomp on 'em advice, but then cutting them up? Put a goat out there, even one or two and they'll eat all the leaves. Eat the goat. And repeat the following year. If you need to, the third year you can do it again. Goats prefer blackberries over all other plants pretty much.

One issue that doesn't seem to have been discussed is that blackberries are filling a tremendous void in their ecosystem. They pretty much grow only in grown up pasture, roadsides, and abandoned railways... so they are filling a void. And they don't last long... about ten years on they finish their job and other, more diversified species take over. Blackberries are a kind of pioneer species that are filling in voids that humans have created.

I would like to know what the NW looked like before white folks showed up...
12 years ago
ronie, you're thinking is along good lines, and the answer is..... only "tobacco products" are regulated. Unprocessed tobacco isn't regulated. So you can sell plants, seeds and even leaves... so long as you haven't "processed" them in any way.
12 years ago
Feel what the land is telling you and use your imagination. Think very hard first, then work very hard. A dream is awaiting you.
12 years ago
"All it takes is one lawsuit..." for me to walk into court and show that I can read, write and speak English.

I'm not going to address other items, but this talk of lawsuits...

ANYONE can sue anyone at any time for any reason.

Anyone can sue ANYONE at any time for any reason.

Anyone can sue anyone at ANY time for any reason.

Anyone can sue anyone at any time for ANY reason.

It all comes down to being able to defend yourself.

Insurance, LLC status, or whatever trick one succumbs to... it all ends up being a question of liability.... and by that I mean "Did I do something wrong to someone else?" It's basic playground rules. When I don't say sorry cause I threw sand on the other kid's head, he runs and tells the teacher. Teacher comes to me and says "Did you throw sand?" And I say... talk to my insurance company and my lawyer...

My point of view.

12 years ago
I would not get a business license, would have no insurance and deal only with private persons.

What's wrong with being liable? It's honest and fair and ethical. Insurance is gambling.

Licenses are unnecessary for two private individuals dealing with one another. It's a constitutional right.

Of course, if you want to sell to the public, at farmers markets, to distributors, etc... then you should do exactly as TheLight advises.

It's not for me, though. I like people.
12 years ago