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Recent posts by Norris Thomlinson

I haven't posted here before about the books and plants for sale. I have a few gardening books & field guides, plus miscellaneous fiction, cookbooks, construction books, etc:

And permaculture-oriented plants and seeds for sale. PLANTS ARE FOR PICKUP ONLY IN PORTLAND. I can mail seeds (and books):

I'm probably moving in early March, so need to clear all this out by then!

8 years ago
Sale pending on the house! (To someone who learned about it by watching Paul's "Sustainable Food - People Per Acre" video!)

Kyle, I just sent you an email...

8 years ago
I think I planted a single 1 gallon pot, maybe divided into two divisions, which have filled out the area I described in about 4 years. I'd describe it as spreading pretty quickly.

8 years ago
I have the 2-3' tall solomon's seal. From my latest blog post:

"So far our asparagus is a very poorly yielding crop in terms of calories per space it takes up--only 280 calories from maybe 10 plants using maybe 30 square feet? Our solomon's seal gave 2/3 the calories from a similar area but growing in heavy shade on the north wall of our house, under timber bamboo, with lungwort, lovage, and wood sorrel in there as well. And we didn't even harvest as much of the solomon's seal as we could have."

Tastes as good as asparagus to me. Highly recommended.

It's normal for it to die down in the winter; not sure if there are other signs of death concerning you, Charles.

Portland, OR
8 years ago
Just "bumping" this to say that the homestead is still for sale!

Portland, OR
8 years ago
Based on some theoretical number crunching, I came up with a conservative 1.5 acres per person in a temperate climate eating something close to a paleodiet:

I reference this towards the end of the video Paul numbers were based on trees in one area, shrubs in another areas, vegetables in another area, chickens in another area, etc. By stacking elements, perhaps you could get it down to 1 acre per person?

Portland, OR
8 years ago
Sunday, October 2nd from 1-5pm

One-of-a-Kind Permaculture Designed Urban Homestead:
Country Feel In The City


I'm updating my blog with information on the house, including several new photo albums which may be of interest whether or not you're in the house buying mood:

House features:

    * 2 bedroom / 1 bath cottage (easy potential for 3rd bedroom) on 8750 sq. ft lot
    * House sits 80 ft off the street providing privacy
    * 975 sq. ft Living Space with potential to live comfortably without fossil fuels
    * 345 sq. ft new Sun Room– 21 ft wall of windows floor to ceiling!
    * Passive Solar Heating System (no fossil fuel or electricity to operate)
    * New Concrete Perimeter Foundation
    * Well insulated walls, ceiling, & floor joists
    * Double-pane Vinyl Windows
    * Chicken coop w/laying hens, Hive w/Bees
    * New Custom Metal Roofing
    * Super quiet, low car traffic street
    * 3 blocks to bus line #75, 9 blocks to #72
    * Walk to New Seasons and Alberta Arts District
    * Shaded, rain-proof porch for year-round outdoor living
    * Garage with washing machine, Carport, Wood Shed, and Utility shed with electricity
    * 1,000 sq. ft of edible  Ecoroof garden
    * 6,850 sq. ft low maintenance, organic, permaculture designed Food Forest  providing a family with year-round fruit, berries, nuts, eggs, and honey.
    * All this PLUS a wonderful loose-knit co-housing community that shares tools, potlucks, and neighborly help

4510 NE Going St.
Portland, OR 97218

For sale by owner

Contact Tulsey @ (503) 288-5331 or for more information
9 years ago
I've been cooking up small batches of the tubers for our chickens (on the wood stove we use to heat the house anyway).  They don't love them--they'll take a few bites for about 30 seconds, then run around the yard in case something better has shown up in the last 30 seconds, then make their way back to the jerusalem artichokes to eat some more, and so on.  They much prefer the bread we normally feed them as their staple calorie crop.  That said, they've been eating a pound or so a day between 10 of them.  I haven't done any formal experiments of seeing how much they're willing to eat in a day by depriving them of bread altogether, since they obviously don't relish the jerusalem artichokes, and I don't want to force them to eat something.  (We feed them on the "buffet model", providing them lots of different kinds of food so they can pick out how much of what they want to eat.)

9 years ago
Hi everyone,

This is my first post to the forums, though I've dropped in from time to time to browse.  I just realized there may be some people in the Portland, OR area on the forums here who don't subscribe to the Portland Permaculture Gulid, so it may be helpful for me to post this order here.  You have to be able to pick these plants up from me in NE Portland; I can't ship plants.  Here's my order info blurb:

Time for the fall 2010 / spring 2011 wholesale order from One Green
World!  As we've done the last five years, we will combine individual
people's small orders to meet the requirements for a wholesale order,
getting the plants for everyone at one half to two thirds the retail

We have one major change to the order format this year:  we'll have
three separate cut-off dates for ordering.  I will place an initial
order with One Green World, then update it two more times before the
plants arrive in January or February.  This will allow us to place an
initial order and try to reserve some of the plants most likely to
sell out (mulberries, peaches, citrus, goji berry, Golden Sweet
seaberry, filberts, goumis, pawpaws) while still giving late-comers
the opportunity to order things later in the winter.

To include you in the order, we must receive your order and payment in
full by one of these dates:

* Sunday, October 10
* Sunday, December 12
* ...last cutoff to be announced; will probably be a couple weeks
before pick-up date

You can read full details on how the order works, see the plant
selection & prices, and place your order, at our website at:

One Green World orders will be delivered to our house in NE Portland
in January or February, and people will come here to pick up their
individual orders. I'll email everyone who's ordered as soon as I have
the exact delivery date.  This order is open to anyone who can pick up
their order from us in January/February, so please spread the word.
The more people who order, the more likely we'll meet the minimums to
get the items we want!

We're hoping to order most of the species One Green World sells
retail. For plants like apples, pears, plums, etc for which One Green
World carries multiple varieties, I've picked 2 to 4 varieties to
order, since we need a minimum of 5 of each variety to include in the
wholesale order. It's possible that we won't reach 5 for everything
and will have to drop the item from the order, and it's possible that
One Green World will be out of stock of an item we want. When
ordering, please mention at checkout whether variety substitutions are

Norris & Tulsi