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Recent posts by Christopher de Vidal

If one uses a broadfork, what action does it mimic in nature?

I figured it mimics pioneer species coming in, sending down tap roots, then quickly dying off. Probably also mimics ant mounds.

Did I get that right and is there more?
1 year ago
May be moving to the area, anyone still around?
2 years ago
Can't believe I'm the first to share this jaw-dropping video

Last year I took some time out to make a Zaytuna Farm Video Tour for you all. The positive comments, both on our site and on YouTube, along with additional questions (see comments below this post), encouraged us to make another!

This new video, above, shot 11-12 months after the original video, is twice as long and covers several aspects of the farm — some we hadn’t covered before, and some we had, but now with additional aspects and details. You’ll see Geoff talking about natural buildings, cattle laneways, and how to keep goats parasite free. Geoff will take you through the entire plant nursery process at Zaytuna Farm, from seeds and potting through to actually planting a tree. You’ll see food forests at various stages of development, a new purpose-built fish pond that will soon be in production, and much more.
Geoff Lawton's PRI says these are "must watch" YouTubes. Looks good:
9 years ago

jack spirko wrote:See here is the thing all you need to do is talk to the teacher, ask the questions I gave you and judge for yourself. I am not trying to be consumer reports of PDC here. I just want people to know what to ask.

True, but you've won my respect and I trust your opinion. But here I'm asking others. Grin
9 years ago
I had asked Jack and now I ask you: Seems like the (using Jack's term) "real" PDCs are Geoff's online PDC, Midwest and Barking Frogs. In other's opinion, who else is trustworthy to be faithful to teach the concepts as Jack described it?
9 years ago
The bat solution at the end is just as productive and more permaculture-y. Better for the environment, too. Guano is probably good fertilizer and who knows what other layers can be stacked up? We live in NE Florida next to a stagnant pond but we almost never see mosquitoes (year-round!), probably because I see bats circling the pond at night.

To borrow a phrase from Mollison, you don't have a mosquito problem. You have a lack of bat problem
9 years ago
Confirmation that you can in fact save money. The topic is cooling but the principle is the same.
9 years ago
Paul, good news! You no longer have to heat your bathroom (although you may want to). Here are some heated toilet seats. I only chose items with 4+ star ratings and sorted by cost.
9 years ago