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Recent posts by Michael Radelut

Well...two years later I have the garden, but as far as I can see there's still no app fitting the bill.
Maybe I'll use a chat app and stickers for veggies...
6 years ago
You're not in the EU - are your farmers obliged to do some sort of "greening" on their farms?
If so, he could let you do some sort of wood pasture using the animals - just not those high-yielding breeds he's already got, more like Galloway - or sheep, if cost or area requirements are prohibitive.
7 years ago

Christine Wilcox wrote:Wine cap mushrooms (Stropharia rugosa-annulata) have a long association with agriculture in Europe

Are you sure about your source(s)?
Wikipedia says the species was probably introduced to Europe from north America in the Fifties - and is spreading thanks to people using wood chip mulch
7 years ago
If only all questions were as easy to answer as this one:

Get a butterwort, put it on the windowsill close to the window glass. If you like the flowers, get a few more.
7 years ago
Unless I dress my lettuces up in scarves, I think there's little chance of admission
8 years ago
I called it posh because it's targeted at people who's foremost problem is an easy way to conduct financial transactions.
In my country, the plastic money adoption rate is much lower than in the US, and, if I may put on my tin foil hat for a moment, exproporiations of bank accounts need not be limited to only one EU country...
Cash has recently be called a 'haven for criminals alone' by EU bureaucracy, so the last thing I want is another way to "modernize" payment strategies in that direction.
(Don't think your government isn't contemplating similar things btw )
Volution and Shopify aren't just a credit card reader and some software, but whole online shops. Fees are tax deductable, and I won't be selling services which only need a swipe to pay, but need a permanent virtual shop window to display produce.
8 years ago
Ron, I trust your expertise, and I'm aware of the pitfalls of advertising and proper use of clickable items.
What I'd like is something that merely looks simple, but has all the functionality it needs. Should be all the rage these days.
I was immediatley looking for something unrelated to POS, like polling software and the like.
In the end, I'll probably end up with a round of chat messages/emails, and the respective overhead.

Simone, Square is the kind of posh startup I'd like to avoid.
You also get all features of established systems like Shopify and Volusion in both Canada and Europe.
Although admittedly it is a little hard to imagine heads of lettuce being presented like this:
8 years ago
I realize I should have worded this a little differently.
When one starts out, testing the waters and selling only to a few people one is in personal contact with, and then needs an app to just get an overview of what to harvest from the beds, little more than some sort of Doodle or a glorified spreadsheet with online access seems necessary.
I've read about Shopify, Volusion and the like, but when you're doing the equivalent of a weekly yard sale and can personally collect the money, shouldn't there be something a little less complicated?
Just a colourful board with little boxes to tick off, thereby removing them from the overall amount of boxes, everything else being handled via phone or in person.

8 years ago
I'm looking for this app - does anyone know whether such a thing exist?

Say I'm a small commercial gardener.
I have a small customer base, divided into two buying groups.
I haver an app on my phone (and computer, but that's optional).
Twice a week, while walking through my garden in the morning, I make a list of what will be immediately harvestable.
I then type the kind of vegetable, the amounts of each and the price into my app.
When I'm finished with them all, a message is sent to every customer, telling him that new stuff is in stock.
When an order is made, real-time stock adjustments happen.
Next evening, the two people responsible for the delivery arrive and take away the sorted veggies.
Every customer can view his orders and balance; a message is sent whenever it exceeds X, prompting him to make a payment to me.
It should be something that can work without some corporation handling billing because it's meant to be small and secure (no online bank data needed).

8 years ago

Who would have thought that "using ditches to collect water" could help small farmers restore arable land?

If you want, leave a comment on the Reuters website...
8 years ago