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Excellent, thank you both @Topher and @R. Scott

Drainage - It is on flat ground so it looks like the best bet will be to have it slope 1" per foot into a veritcal pipe that can capture the water and hold the sump pump. The top end of the vertical pipe will act as the intake for the incoming air. I'll put a chimney cap with screen on it to deter critters, and thinking it will extend up 1-2' above grade... ideal tripping height.

Water Trap - Is there any advantage at all in using some sort of water trap to keep debris out of it? It seems like it will probably be more trouble than it's worth, just inquiring if there is any value in it.

Reducing pipe somewhere along the way - to create a venturi effect to help move air along. No idea if this would be beneficial, but you guys might.

I will be putting doors and windows into this. I'm also tentatively thinking about putting a vapor barrier on top and around 3 sides and adding dirt around it. This probably will not happen, but could in the future.

I'll be positioning it so one end receives the prevailing wind which should help.

This will be a 40' high cube (9.5') and it may or may not be insulated (old reefer) depending on what I can find sub $4k.

Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it. I'll post some pictures and maybe even a video once I get rolling on it in a couple weeks.
4 years ago
Good questions Topher and thanks for the input,

The total volume of the container is roughly 4,000 CF.
It will be an intake pipe.

A couple questions:

What CFM would you shoot for?
What size pipe would you recommend
What material pipe?
How do you drain a pipe like this?
4 years ago
I will be building a shipping container domicilie/shop in the next couple weeks and am designing the cooling system for it now.

I'm looking at installing a ground loop pipe (maybe 1' in diamter) about 6 feet below grade, that will bring in air from ground level, pass it through x feet (probably around 80), then bring it into the container at either a high or low point opposite from the heat exhaust.

Does anyone have experience with this method of cooling?

For what it's worth, I'll also be pouring a lightweight slab for the floor of the container and setting in electric radiant heating. I was considering a hydronic system but it seems like it more trouble creating a system of this scale than it's worth.

p.s. Mod - if there is a better place for this thread, by all means, move it to its rightful home
4 years ago
Hey all,

I've just published an interview with David Holmgren about... Permaculture! We talk a lot about the transition away from a fossil fuel based society as well as the hidden potential of suburbia.

check it out and let me know what you think
7 years ago
Thanks for the great interview Paul!

To all who have already seen Part 1, I apologize for the virus notice that comes up on one browsers. There was a bug with the site a couple weeks ago and I thought I had it all sorted out... but apparently not. We're working on the issue right now. Feel free to email me at luke at if you have any comments on the matter.

Also, I published the second half of the interview today. Check it out here:

7 years ago
Hi all, I am doing an interview with David Holmgren about "Permaculture Principles applied in the Developed World."

I would love to hear your questions for him. If you submit them in the comments of the link below, I will certainly ask them in the interview.  The interview is on Monday (8/22/11) @ noon GMT. Thanks!
7 years ago
Yes Jeanine!

I just did an interview with Gunter Pauli about the Blue Economy and he also preached the need to remove subsidies completely. He has some very good perspectives on how we should progress as a society.

I have always been of the mind that we should subsidize renewable energy, but really it was only to keep in competition with the oil and coal subsidies. With all government handouts removed, there would be a level playing field and clean energy would have equal oppurtunities.

Thanks for sharing your view! Here's that interview with Gunter Pauli if you're interested:
7 years ago
I am doing another interview with Paul Wheaton tomorrow. We don't have an agenda, we'll just go off your questions for him

Tell me your questions, and I'll ask it in the interview.

Just follow the link below and submit your question as a comment. That's it!
7 years ago

I had a blast as well. We definitely have to do it again soon, maybe September?

So you're calling me out on not having you picture up huh? If design was my specialty you would have been up there from the get go antlers and all... I clearly need to get a new iteration with your mug integrated ASAP!

In the meantime, since Toby Hemenway seems to be all abuzz on the forum here's the interview I did with him a couple months ago.

7 years ago
To everyone who likes the the interviews that I have been doing with leaders in Sustainable Development like  Paul Wheaton + Toby Hemenway, and more you may be interested to know... (drum roll please)

We have just changed the name to - The Proaction Hub for True Leaders

Check out the new page and let me know what you think!

@Ludi - The whole premise of the site is action! Hope you like it
@Kane- You are exactly right, I could not have said your ideas better myself.
@maikeru - Thank you, glad you like them. Let me know what other guests/subjects you would like to see.
@Rob - Thank you too!
@Paul -Thanks for the constructive criticism, and keep it coming! These interviews are a passive way to help me on my path of personal development. I would love to hear more of your input
@Mr. Wheaton - Thank you for the incredible interview. (and this great platform to connect!)

@All- Help me improve! Leave comments on the site/ here, email me (luke at Give me your feedback. Let me know which interviewees and subjects will be of most value to you. I am doing this to help add value to you

For those who like the site, I would really appreciate a "like" on facebook. That way we can be friends all over the internet
7 years ago