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Recent posts by Steve Gagnon

Mine is a common problem. critters in the soup. Where is my wand? where is the magic button? I suspect that our combined knowledge or the lack is the problem. I have wondered if a good dose of lime at the right time would stave off my attackers. I am eating well and will continue to do so. My pairing knife is so very familiar now.
  Thanks to all who would bother with a floundering soul as myself.
  I had a knee jerk response today. I stomped on a mole. Hmmm what do moles eat?
12 years ago
Garacie 88 My ducks and geese are freaks of nature. They act as if the lake is Satan and will not go in the garden
12 years ago
Ludi you are a big fat sassy teaser. You tell me you had a problem with them, made a change and now no problem! Hmmmmmmmmm care to share here? Problem/no problem. You left out something, let me see here, Ahhh the solution. I am all ears darling or sir.
  Thanks in advance ! You people crack me up !
12 years ago
This is for Aunty thelma. Thanks to all but this is to her. Thelma I got these things every where. I worry about my house. Yep I have seen them inside, not often but ohhh! not good ! 
  I was working on a project earlier this year with treated lumber. Got busy forgot, whatever came back some days later to find that these monsters had made new homes in scraps laying in the yard. WTF. These guys can eat cryptonite and still be sparky!
  I am thinking nuclear ! Maybe anti matter weapons, maybe  napalm, or maybe the hungry chicken from hell and all his siblings.
12 years ago
Hey sorry for the double tap here. Ludi what you posted in pict is spot on. That is the bug hive. Again they eat all seeds. Poop, big stinky piles here. I am mad as hell. Lol
  I live on a ten acre lake that is shared. Vertical encumberances (tomato cages)are not enjoyed by my neighbors who paid big bucks for their lake lots. As for food ,well I put down 2 inches of alfalfa every year and then one inch of straw. I hear you, I think that I understand you, but it aint working and I am getting sad and worse. I know full damn well that I could nuke them.
  There just has to be a balance here. You may not know it ,but damb it to hell it shall be found.
  Maybe my next pet will be an aardvark?
  Peace to all thanks for the input, signing off as mad as hell. ARGHHH!  And just for the record I aint eating bugs, at least not yet. Mmmm they do look, nevermind.
12 years ago
Look I get the whole live and let live thing. I don't think I made myself clear here. The bugs are keeping me from having a real garden. I can't plant seeds, cause they eat them. Now I have to buy plants,more money, no tap root (water is the biggest issue other than my millions of neighbors), what I can grow is killed or defiled by these gentlemen.
  As for the long nose look, Hey I get you, but in my situation (trying to be as self sufficient as possible) I view my problem like you would termites in your home.
I got ducks and geese and they will not go into the garden (poop). I have been dealing with this ever worsening issue for 6 years. So please drop the tone. I could nuke them, but I don't want to.
  Maybe the biggest issue here is that GMO is poison. If I can't plant seeds I aint happy.
  I am sorry here I just expected a little more CONSTRUCTIVE input.
  If you can't plant seeds then you are a joke or a hobbyist.  Arghhh. Thanks  anyway for your input I do appreciate it.
12 years ago
OK rolly polly does not sound latin but I will run with it. These guys aint harmless. They eat my lunch coming and going. They eat easily 2/3 of everything. They especially eat seeds. They also cut across stems and spoil most of my tomatoes.
  I don't want to argue I just want them dead. I am not sure about the whole bridge thing or how that relates to astro physics or chinese checkers
  Any way thanks for your help !
12 years ago
I started my hugelkulture beds this year in Northeast Indiana. Average height of three feet with an assortment  of trees. I used mostly cotton woods. I have watered a lot as the soil keeps settling.
  Here is the Dig please help. I got a load of manure some years ago and have been playing the dickens sense trying to rid myself of the creatures from Hell. Yep My Fault I get that, but here I am trying to do the right thing. I got beetles that love carbon, they love wood or anything fibrous.
  Check this when I pull back the soil I see a hive, like maggots in a fish. These lovely guys get most of what I work for. ARGHH!
  I am sure that I could nuke the place and be done with them, I however would have to eat behind them.
  I have heard them called powder post, yet I think that that is local ignorance. I can't find them online anywhere though I have seen them my entire life. These loveleys look like armadillos without a head or tail. At maturity they are maybe 3/8 of an inch long, maybe a little less. The point is I am done till I find a solution , my beds will not last and I won't get spit.
  How do I get rid of these unwanted gentlemen from the horse barn without priming myself for cancerous growths that polite company doesn't want to see?? Lol any help is good ! Help !
12 years ago
Nobody read this but Paul OK!      Yeah, hope that was funny!      Seriously though stop reading now unless you are Paul.
Hey Bud it is just a side line note, but this whole track the number of post made is well, I don't have a good word for it. I understand it yet, it is so kindergarten!
  Bob who wipes his bottom with banana peals has 5,000 posts. I on the other hand usually read and keep my mouth shut, I have say 50. I guess you can judge from the number of posts something meaningful about me or what I have to say. There is a brand new field of science here, I think. Is this related to what the Scientist in Japan announced recently Poop/Meat? No I am not kidding some dofus  has come up with a way to take human (stuff) and turn it into so called meat. My question is ,what do you make with numbers? Hmm?
Your stuff is always good humored and the people here are top shelf. I frankly find you all fine. I just get ribbed with the number thing,                      Hey that's my crayon!
13 years ago
I  am just a guy. I think Paul's model, and his new word is a usable tool to look at where we are. husp is so lack luster that maybe it is perfect.
  My Q is like his, what if? Paul has an issue he calls political ( in this day and age with deep respect for Paul, how can you build a new construct and just be whatever).
  I am nobody first off, yet I see all the waste every day.  The soil is the thing that concerns us all and yet in the aggregate we have no concern. This is deep folks and has many angles. What do you send to the land fill? What do you burn? What does the utility company do with all the stuff they cut? A single farm in any area could bloom with what we throw away. So Sad. I guess my point is just this. If you see life then there is vast room for more. We don't need chemicals folks.
13 years ago