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Recent posts by Peter Greg

Hi Randi

Such a beautiful piece of land, any further progress on your project?

I am currently in Cebu and forming an Eco village sustainable community, looking to form near Cebu and promote Permaculture, Eco tourism and Sustainable housing

Can you tell me if you know of any other properties nearby for sale or lease?

Would like to chat sometime and find out more

Warm regards

6 years ago
thank you, those are both good ideas

could you give me a link or let me know more about mikes methods

i also like the idea of a moveable house, partly why i decided to buy a 4x4 van and turn it into an eco camper that runs on vegetable oil.

i want to create lots of little retreats around the city for survival/shelter and an insurance policy if the shtf for extreme weather changes and extreme politicians

take care

9 years ago
howdy folks

Ive kept my eye on the oehler materials for some years now and have been very impressed with the creativity of these methods. any suggestions for related out of the box books/ideas on building?

In australia over here land and loans are very expensive, and im fascinated with the idea of building low profile survival/eco retreats in the massively vast tracts of state forest. I feel that many of the problems we face today in oru world is because of the corrupted banking system and how it ties people in to paying huge mortgages for small pieces of land which our ancestors enjoyed free of charge. Here in australia its out of control, with the governments releasing little drips and drabs of land to keep the prices up high. ( Average house price here atm is  $465,000! )

So far im thinking camouflaged teepees, underground oehler style houses, or even burying shipping containers which is prob my least preferred method

Any experience/suggestions on this? Its me and my friend at most building so efficiency would be key


9 years ago