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since May 11, 2011
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This is a real hand of Gin and Art Ludwig was the clincher.
1 year ago
 Just curious which card comes up the most in your playing of the various games....... For us it is Art Ludwig without a doubt. Jack of Diamonds!
1 year ago
Chiming in late in know.... if you need to build  a greenhouse or need windows for anything check the dumpsters behind these replacement glass businesses.
All kinds of frames, hardware, good non thermal glass and so on.
1 year ago
Worked like a charm for me, paid my hard earned jack through paypal and it returned to the page where the featured film awaited me.  I actually picked up a few things. I live in a condo where there is no chance I could put in a stove myself but it does make me yearn to get  out of the rat race and back into the country!
2 years ago
I was not sure where to post this since it is not Permaculture farming but it does in a way deal with farming on many levels.
3 years ago
Well it appears they were having currency conversion problems with the Australian to USA $$$ so they went with: Indegogo instead of Kickstarter.
4 years ago
Just to show that I can be a total dumba$$, I must ask where is the voting page? Or how do you vote?
Here is a page where you can download readings of Rudolf Steiner's lectures. Just left click on the "book" and it will download however you tell it to. I just click on the top entry and it downloads them all instead of downloading each chapter individually. There are many "religious" books but also some good ones on Bees and agriculture (mostly for this forum). I suppose if you want to blow your mind, buy some duct tape and wrap your head before listening to some of the other "spiritual" works.
4 years ago
This is not to be viewed by the tree hugger in you. It pauses for a moment in the middle and restarts.
Tree eater
4 years ago