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I have a small garden plot at a community garden in Annandale, VA.
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Recent posts by Rob Young

What is the video about?
1 year ago

Ken W Wilson wrote:Which Passiflora is that?It doesn’t look like my incarnata?

I believe it is Passiflora caerulea.  To be honest I did not think it would do much of anything in this climate and we lost the tag and the place we bought it at has closed .
Its aroma is like honeysuckle and a grape cool aid packet combined.  
I never realized how many varieties there are!
2 years ago
Well i started this Passionflower from a stalk 2 years ago in the spring (possibly 12 inches tall).  At the end of the summer we got 3 flowers for the year. Without any help from me it wintered over fine and continued to grow and this summer it has gone bonkers. There must have been 20-30 flowers already and its climbing ability has been tremendous (vertically and horizontally). I am hoping for some fruit at some point.
2 years ago
This is a real hand of Gin and Art Ludwig was the clincher.
5 years ago
 Just curious which card comes up the most in your playing of the various games....... For us it is Art Ludwig without a doubt. Jack of Diamonds!
5 years ago
Chiming in late in know.... if you need to build  a greenhouse or need windows for anything check the dumpsters behind these replacement glass businesses.
All kinds of frames, hardware, good non thermal glass and so on.
5 years ago
I was not sure where to post this since it is not Permaculture farming but it does in a way deal with farming on many levels.
7 years ago
Well it appears they were having currency conversion problems with the Australian to USA $$$ so they went with: Indegogo instead of Kickstarter.
7 years ago
Just to show that I can be a total dumba$$, I must ask where is the voting page? Or how do you vote?