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Recent posts by Marla Kacey

When you learn (from a permie) that an 'invasive' weed is edible so you harvest it and then water it.  
7 years ago
OMG!!  How did I miss that?


Looks like I'll be trying whitetop for dinner tonight!

The affected area is about 50' x 50'.

Thank you so much!
7 years ago
I'm not sure this is in the right area, so please feel free to move it.

I've spent hours and hours trying to figure out what to do about whitetop in my yard.  The weed department is willing to spray, but this yard hasn't seen chemicals since 2004.

Cutting each plant and spraying the cut end with vinegar seems to work, but I'm looking at aproximately 300 square feet of solid growth and it spreads faster than I can cut and spray.

I've searched (without luck - or maybe just the wrong words) trying to figure out what this whitetop is trying to tell me about the soil.  Does anyone here know?  I've never had any soil testing done.

This 'lawn' does now have lots of dandelions, yarrow, canada thistle and a decreasing stand of quack grass. And lots of other 'weeds' I haven't figured out yet.  I cut it with the highest setting of my mower and (according to the conventional neighbors) not nearly often enough.  And I love it.

Can anyone help me figure out what to do with the whitetop?

Thank you in advance!
7 years ago
OK.  Off to Youtube soes I don't have nightmares.
7 years ago
From one arachnaphobe to another:

7 years ago
I commend your courage in discussing such topics.  I see that you are a very deep thinker.  I am more feeling oriented and envy your analytical abilities.

That being said, I don't see why your commenters were so negative.  You bring up some very good points.  I (being very emotionally reactive) am guessing that anyone offended by your vlog is probably white and affluent and needs to loudly proclaim the righteousness of that position, perhaps even because they have a few doubts about the sustainability of their circumstances.

Keep on doing what you are doing.  If 'they' don't like it, they should not watch your videos.

Edited to add:  JUST MY OPINION!
When a neighbor refuses to give you a cut down tree because it's so rotten (I'm salivating just remembering this), and you watch for him to return from the dump so you can drive out and truck back everything he didn't want to give you.
7 years ago
My chickens go nuts over currants.  They also really like sun flower seeds.
7 years ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:You know you're a permie when you look at your kids' play equipment and think about all the plants you could trellis on it when they're done playing with it.

Honestly, look at this thing. Think of the possibilities!

Trellis?  I'm wondering about the radius.  Would it be big enough for a greenhouse?
7 years ago
I don't know what kind of grass that might be, but is sure is lush.  I should think it would make great mulch.  Or it could be used in compost.  Or left to grow out to see what it might become.  Goats would be great, but you might need to protect all your young trees and bushes.

It's amazing what a little slowed-down water can do!  I love seeing your (and other's) progress.
7 years ago