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Recent posts by ellen rosner

Update on my wasp situation.

The last 3 days I haven't seen the wasps.
The thing about going on the internet for info is that sometimes one gets the worst case scenario: a wasp city of 100,000 wasps, 100 wasps chasing me for 2 miles...
Not saying this is not factual info, but in my case, (fingers crossed) does not seem to be the case.
I guess there were just a couple of wasps that got upset with me, or whatever.

I borrowed a bee suit from a beekeeper friend, was going to look for the nest,.. as it turned out on the hottest day in the history of the world!
by 5 pm it was heat index of 105, and I thot I would die in the suit.
so come this week-end, when we have a "cold front" - highs in the high 80's - I will borrow the bees suit and look around.
But today I was at the space where I thot the nest would be, poked around, covered with plastic, and wood chips-
and didn't see any wasps.
So I think there is no nest there.  whew.

Want to thank everyone who shared their knowledge! I learned a lot.
5 years ago
About 7-8 hours after sting, I had a bad case of the chills. It was 90 degrees outside, 78 in my apartment, and I had the heat on, and in winter clothes, wrapped in a blanket. It lasted several hours before I fell asleep and woke up next day, feeling ok, except shaky from not eating since lunch the day before.
I didn't go to a doctor. No need.
My comment about the next sting based on, among some other comments, my friend who's been a beekeeper for 20+ years. That is her understanding.
True or not, I don't intend to find out.

Deb Stephens wrote:
I'm curious about your reaction to the sting. What were your symptoms, etc.? (Just asking because I know there is a wide range of reactions -- including the very serious anaphylaxis.) I'm wondering why the doctor thinks your next sting is likely to be worse. I've not heard that before.

5 years ago
some of the articles say that in winter they will die never to return.

others say in winter, all will die, except the queen, who will continue.

do you know which is correct?
5 years ago
Hi Deb,
thanks for these links.
I will check out.

unfortunately it is no longer live and let live. since I got stung, and had a more than usual reaction, and am told the next time expect even more of a reaction-- they have to go.

either that or i abandon my garden which is not going to happen.
5 years ago
is there a time of day when they are more active or less active?
I had a reaction to the sting, so I am going to ask someone to look for the nesting hole.

5 years ago
Hmmm.. well I am much fonder of bees than I am of wasps.
I will try to get someone to get a better look at it, as my eyes are not that good - since I should identify it before knowing what to do.

It is concerning your post re a wasp city - oh no!
but you give me a strategy, so thanks....

I can actually stay away from that area without too much trouble, as it is the place where I keep my garden equipment, so can just move that, and let the bees or wasps be.

we definitely do have wasps in the garden as they nest in the tool shed.
I shall look and see if there are any holes in the ground too.

5 years ago
So after one month, the bees was still coming over to the spot every time I came to the garden.

yesterday when I got there there were TWO bees, (before had only been one- course I don't know if it was always the same one, but seems likely).
and they both kept buzzing around me,

and one stung me - altho no stinger in me, but a pinch on my arm and a red mark,
and they kept buzzing around me whenever I came near that spot.
seemed they want to drive me out!

I have never seen behavior like this, and altho I usually have LOTS of bees in my garden, I've never been stung, except once, when I grabbed something, not knowing I was grabbing the bee too.

I don't know what kind of bee it is, I try to see it but cannot see what kind.

any thoughts?
I am now a little concerned about going to my garden...
I know bees are in grave danger, but also - I don't want to get stung....

5 years ago
thank you very much!
I will check out the article you link to. I have been talking about this to people and learning a lot about bees and flying insects. Fascinating.
5 years ago
First off, I did not take close notice of the bee. I will look closer next time I see it, and see if I can identify which kind of bee it is.
I was cleaning up some debris (sticks, a log, grass clippings, and the like) that had accumulated in a pile in my garden. (I was going to make a hugelculture, and changed my mind.) I threw it in a pail. And then I heard a loud noise from the pail! Startled me. When I realized it was a bee, I quickly dug out the stuff in the pail, and the bee flew free. Whew. I continued to clean up. Then I noticed that the bee was continuing to fly around that area.

First I thought I had disturbed a hive. I could not find a hive, and I had distributed all the grass and other compostables all throughout the garden.
Then I thought, maybe a solitary bee, had made a nest. I know some bees nest in rotting logs.
I returned the rotting logs to the area.

So, a week or ten days later, the bee is still buzzing in that area. Course I don't know if it is the same bee, but I assume it is, bec. there are no flowers there.
Is the bee hanging around, looking for its lost home?
I feel bad about that, but surely he/she could make a new home....

Any thoughts?
5 years ago
The compost Pedallers

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5 years ago