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im from europe so i dont know which of those plants exist in united states but i think i can anyway give you good tip since i study exactly this....
so best way to establish green pasture is to put seeds of various plants, mostly from poaceae and fabaceae family that sheep like and will eat....some of those would be:

Dactylis glomerata
red and white clover
lotus corniculatus
different kinds of lolium
festuca ovina or festuca rubra
Melilotus officinalis
timothy grass
poa pratensis

and so on... be careful legumes are not more than 30 or 40% since animals have digestive problems if they eat only that...
7 years ago
i had. but because i bought shit seed potatoes. find somebody whose growing good healthy sort for a while and just take seed. the one i had was from holland and had spotty rotenning. i lost almost all of it.
7 years ago

If you are able to get seeds that means there is are male plants around

yes, a little bit in north they grow hops a lot, and i found it next to railroads, there is seeds and its just time to harvest now. thanx for tips
thanx. i forgot this about pillows. but i meant more for eating stuff. and i will take seeds for sure, and grow them one day in my farm since i plan to make beer.....
i found some hops growing next to railroads and seems now its ripening time for them... i dont have conditions to make beer, does anybody knows how else i could use them (theyre too bitter for eating like this)?
i have no idea about varieties, i only know theres few for sure, since i buy realy different seeds, sometimes red, sometimes green....
biggest issue with buchwheat is harvest. since its not grain (poaceae family), it has real flower, and those give seed in different times. so you need to harvest more than once. or if you harvest only once you loose lot of yield.
its sown in spring yes, now you can do but only as green fertilizer, there will be no time for seed....
7 years ago
i eat horseraddish all the time, but i never heard it can heal trees... i only know its good insect repeller. i used to grow it next to potatoes against leptinotarsa.
i think pieces of root will grow anyway. just put them in the ground and water.
7 years ago

its not mine, but ist picture from my region (near sarajevo, bosnia). people start to grow it again and i will do for sure. i realy like it, my family use to grow it for hundreads of years....
7 years ago

Cucumbers don't do particularly well in shade in my experience

all plants that dont have axis of growth, and need support of other plants to grow - grapes, cucurbitas, asparagus, cucumbers, actinidia, tomatoes (in natural conditions), peas, some beans) just by fact that need support develop themselves to tolerate more or less shade, because usualy they are in shade of plants they use as support.....
this is theory, but in practice many cultivars of tomatoes and cucumbers for example, and exspecially grapes,  are sellectionized to conditions with much more sunlight... because more sun means more sugar in fruit.... grapes are not form mediterranean originally but since they dont depend on rain at all, in mediterranean climate they give much better quality of fruit...
7 years ago