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I finished shooting, editing and producing the video for those 84+ items on the table, the sample video is below.  Currently the video is about 3.5 hours just on the items on that table plus more.  Get ready to see stuff you've never seen before, and that does not yet include the video on keeping your cell phone charged anytime, anywhere you go in the world (scroll up for that video).

The emphasis is on light weight, small, multifunctional, 2 is 1, 1 is none, stuff that will keep you in communications, contact and keep you illuminated, navigated and warm.  This is stuff I travel with personally and have done so for a decade.  

Some of this stuff I have ONLY taught to the Military and NATO for people deploying to Afghanistan, Iraq or other parts unknown.

The video contains a great deal of stuff that you would NOT of thought of nor how it could be so functional.  I don't need to tell you to put in cloths and other items in a kit, those are obvious and different items from person to person.  My emphasis is to get you to slap your forehead and say, "Why did I not THINK OF THAT!!!"

A great deal of the subject matter are on items I use when I travel by air, but I'll talk about travel by car and 'get home' items.  These are things you can have in a small bag in your luggage, or at work, its not whole totes full of items.  You'll find a vast majority of these to be 'common' items and NOT some damn survival junk!!

SAMPLE VIDEO.  Something you've NEVER seen before.
Mothball in a Cotton Ball, Violent Easy Fire Starter
Forget Vaseline !!! That stuff  makes a mess !
This is ONLY from Steven Harris.  No one else has EVER
told you to use a mothball and a cotton ball.

3 Hour 30 Minute BUG OUT Video


Bug-out Bag Tools
Buy access to this content
Seller Steven Harris
Posts: 829
Location: Whitefish, MT
homeschooling transportation kids forest garden fish tiny house wofati food preservation woodworking homestead
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Customer Testimonials

This Bug Out Bag video is like nothing you've ever seen before. 3 1/2 hours of BOB items you've never thought of. Steven Harris thinks like no one else. He teaches the military so he teaches the best of the best. You need this video. I thought I had a very comprehensive Bug Out Bag until this video. Now I know I have one of the best. Harlan M.

Steve Thank You! Finally common sense to help people prepare. You don't tell me what I must have, you are helping me make decisions on gear based on real practical, tested advice. You said it yourself best in the Bug Out Bag video when you said I'm just educating you and allowing you to make decisions. (21:20 into the video). Finally someone providing helpful teaching rather than trying to sell me expensive gear I don't really need. I started the video and didn't stop the entire time. 2.5 hours of solid teaching worth every minute I spent watching. This not only will help me build a proper bug out bag but will save me hours of surfing the net trying to build a complete bugout bag. Such valuable information just packed into 2.5 hours. It is just loaded with things you have never seen before on other sites. Gordon K.

I waited to build my bug out bag until Steve was done with this video because I knew I'd get fresh ideas not seen anywhere else. I was not disappointed. You won't find rehashed "what kind of bag and foods do I need?" material in this video- you can get that anywhere. Steve presents innovative solutions that will have you saying "ah-hah" often. Great work! - Ryan S.
Wow, I didn't even know that some of the tools in this video existed! I love Steven Harris' "bottom-line, no nonsense" approach to sharing his first-hand experience with various tools and his very clever tips. He teaches you the principles you need to know to build redundancy not just in your But Out Bag but also in your every day life and travels. If you're looking for practical and useful information, then check out the Bug Out Bag video!  - Lee G.

WOW this is an incredibly informative video. The dude knows a lot, this is the video to have. One of the coolest things about it is that he has not only tested all of the products he recommends, but he has researched and compared them against other alternatives and determined which ones he would choose. This is all logic based, practical application. It isn't so much "you need this tool", as it is "you need a tool that is able to perform this function, and here is why. So make sure you buy the one that will do that". He is also all about being price conscious, brands don't matter, functionality does. He said it best himself in the video, "I'm teaching you principles, not stuff." This just adds to his credibility in my mind. He thinks beyond the immediate situation to the "and then" scenarios, as well as providing scenarios that you may not have thought of. This video is all about going beyond the obvious. This video has so much information that it should have chapters and a table of contents! If this were a book, it wouldn't be a 'how to' book, it'd be a text book... or an encyclopedia! Kevin N.

The bug out bags video training is a well rounded insight in to the philosophy of what to carry and why. Steven provides pros and cons on specific carry items based on his personal experience. His insights and practical approach to various traveling scenarios gives you everything you need to design a carry system that meets you specific needs. Whether bugging out, getting home, stuck in traffic, or traveling overseas, there is something in this video for everyone.  Patrick M.

Steve's unique, creative insight into multiple function items is sure to be a refreshing and educational insight for people of all prepping levels. Are you are looking into rounding out your bag making it more useful for real world events? Perhaps the loss of use of your vehicle in the middle of a commute due to a traffic accident or a mechanical breakdown. Maybe an unexpected trip to the hospital, Steve is sure to give you plenty of food for thought.  Justin F.

Steven puts real world science and engineering analysis into his recommendations, which is something I highly value. I am always excited to watch his videos and read his sites. Don P

Steve recognizes that the most likely disasters that we face are from regional effects of nature or man-made problems, not from the total collapse of society.  Yes, he talks about filtering water or starting a fire, but he also covers charging your electrical batteries to operate your cell phone or radio and how to choose a multi-meter.  He stresses the need for carrying adequate cash reserves.  Although he shows equipment, he knows that technology becomes obsolete quickly, so he addresses the reasons for his selections, allowing the viewer to choose models that address their personal needs.  He also notes that adequate is often better than best, when size and weight are factored in.  Don J.

As usual, Steven has put together a bunch of great original thinking that results in a very permacultured design... everything in the kit is supported by several other elements in the kit, and each element performs multiple functions as well, many supporting some other element of the kit. Steven's "Two is one, One is none, Three is for me (and so on)" philosophy results in a Bug Out Bag that isn't just resilient, it's anti-fragile. Anti Fragility is what we all need to strive for in the coming years. Check out this video from Steve Harris (and his many others) and you'll be well on your way. Kyle W.

Steve does NOT present a detailed listing of items that you must have in your Bug Out Bag. He does NOT tell you the way that you should 'Bug Out' in a given set of circumstances. What he DOES provide is an extensive discussion of Capabilities that you would probably like to have with you any time you are away from home. This could be at your office, on a business trip, during your daily commute, on vacation, or during the proverbial disaster. In a format suitable for a kitchen table discussion, he talks about how to back up your resources and the capabilities you exercise in normal daily activities. He doesn't neglect the traditional preparations for Fire, Water, Navigation, and Communications. But he also includes how to know that you can cope with the 'normal' glitches and inconveniences that may happen during typical daily activities. He does give examples of how to reduce the inconvenience of a dead cell phone battery, and of how to lessen the discomfort of isolated (or systemic) flight cancellations. He encourages 'what if' thinking about how you can find alternates that will turn potential crises into mere inconveniences. You will learn that Steve's mantra is 'Two is one, one is none, and three is for me'. And he shows how he continues to adapt inexpensive items to provide quality alternatives. Ray R.

As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.  Harrington E.

Steve doesn't spend a lot of time on the standard fare (bags, knives, tools); most of the ideas in this video are ones I haven't seen elsewhere. His presentation is partially specific, tested equipment (the electronics) and partially concepts around generic equipment you can get anywhere (hard tools). Now for the praise: I have kept a Get Home Bag with me for many years and have read many articles on the subject, but I will be making several changes after having watched this video. John H.

Well the Doctor of Disaster Preparedness has done it again. In the Bug out video you will be presented with often overlooked items that can increase your survivability should an unfortunate event occur. It demonstrates that you need not spend truckloads of money on the latest survival fad tools to accomplish what normal off-the-shelf items can accomplish just as well, if not better. This video is not about specific items, but methods and concepts to allow you to increase your overall preparedness. An eye opening, mind expanding lesson in different areas of self preparedness that everyone should consider as basic needs.  James R.

Steve shows a lot of cool stuff in this video, but what sets this video apart is that he does not fall for, or peddle, flashy and useless garbage. And he does not advocate for a one-size fits all kit. This video shows an array of quality equipment, and how to best maximize their benefits. I was impressed by Steve's thoughtful attention to the little details, and ability to select or modify gear that had multiple functionality. Looking forward to more solid info from Steve's next video. Corey S.

Steven Harris presents in a very straight forward way how to assemble your own Bug Out/Get Home bag using many less expensive non specialized items that anybody can find in local stores, proving you don't need to buy overpriced specialty survival items to be prepared. Rick B.

If you've heard about Bug Out Bags and thought they were something for the "prepper" crowd, think again. This is a video that may be labeled "Bug Out Bag", but it's different. This is a video for the person who travels a lot as well. Do you remember the last time you had a power outage? This video has a huge section on flashlights and batteries. Have you ever been in a hotel room when it lost power? Strange, unfamiliar place, no lights? Yeah, it can be a bit scary. Wouldn't you like to have the means to provide light? This video will show you how, with. multiple options. If you are of the "Preparedness" mindset, this video has things for you as well. How do you deal with the need for water when your not at home? There are some really good suggestions here. Do you have a leatherman style tool? Have you ever tried to use the saw? How about the screwdriver? Not real practical are they? This video will show you some options that are more ergonomic and, well, better.  Lot's of good information here. There are things that this Scoutmaster will be sharing with his troop in the near future. Rick D.

This video is very well done and packed with information! For me, the true test on whether this was a useful video or not is to answer this question "After finishing the video, did it change your preps in any way?" and the answer for me is "YES". I thought that my bag pretty much had everything in it, but realized that some things need to be changed for a better version, and some things I was just flat out missing because I never considered that scenario until Steve brought it up. If you want those nagging questions in your head about do you have what you need for EDC, or is your bag really complete?" then I would highly recommend this video. Mike D.

Smooth download...flawless play back online...not to mention great delivery of some great new ideas, items and hacks. I enjoyed and learned throughout the the entire presentation. This is a well thought out and presented video that offers many new ideas and ways of approaching a topic that has been covered ad nausea on Youtube by persons unqualified or flying by the seat of their pant presenting their ideas and a topic that has the lives of many people hanging in the balance. If you have ever watched any of Steve's other videos you will be pleased to know that this video has it's share of "why didn't I think of that and/or WOW...that CAN be done without spending an arm and a leg" moments. Watch this and other Steve videos and be prepared to be amazed !!! John B.

I love to have Steve's tested knowledge shatter my ideas of preparedness and make it accessible to everyday people so we can empower our homes and communities our spouse can relate to and incorporate them naturally as well. I appreciate how you teach us about normal technologies and guide us to buy realistic accessible and affordable tools/ components. Thanks! Miguel R.

I have worked my whole life as a hands on fix anything kind of a guy and learned most every thing by hands on application. This video is based on hands on knowledge by Steve ,which will save me endless time and money by trial and error to find out the results that Steve has given on this video. Gary N.

You have provided so much information for the people of this world to better themselves and to help their families in time of crisis. I wish you the best and will continue to read your emails and buy your products. You have shown me repeatedly, in a proper manner, that you know what you are talking about in a field of so many pretenders. Craig C.

The lithium battery info was great. I avoided Li rechargeables until the video explained them. I have a VC2 USB Battery Charger, Lithium ion 14500s, and Lithium ion 18650s on order, the 14500s destined for a Coast HP1 I found out about on one of the 1234 sites. Nothing 'Harris approved' I've bought ever had any issues. Get the video, it's full of great info. Ryan W.

We like it that you "love/test" this stuff...so that when we spend our $ we know we're not getting fake/junk and it's going to work. Really liked the charger that charges various sizes of batteries as well as the cell phone!  Barbara T.

The videos Steven Harris makes are fantastic. I have learned so much, and plan on rewatching all 3+ hours. They are that good. Mike E.

This is a good video, I'd like to think I have an OK bag, but in the normal Steven Harris Fashion, I saw a few holes to be filled in after watching this video. Dave D.

A refreshing perspective on how to select methods and equipment to meet your emergency needs. The information presented in the video was clearly the product of a LOT of personal experience and research. Cameron H.

Steven always has unique ideas, I call them my duh moments. Why didn't I think of that type thing. Valuable ideas that are useful not only in disaster situations but practical everyday items as well.  Tim R.

This is a good video that teaches you more about how to think than what to bring, even if there are 101 items in the video. If you are looking for paint by numbers go somewhere else. Thank you for your dedication to truth. In a genre filled with so much crap, your candor and knowledge are refreshing. - Tim D.

Josiah Wallingford
Posts: 829
Location: Whitefish, MT
homeschooling transportation kids forest garden fish tiny house wofati food preservation woodworking homestead
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Gorilla Tape To-Go 1 INCH in Width $2.97 *NEW* This is my FAVORITE TAPE.  Gorilla Tape.  Normally it comes in a big 'duct tape roll' but this is more along the size of 'electrical tape'  Its a 1 inch wide roll of the super sticky incredibly durable tape.  I use this to wrap my saw blades in my travel kit.  Sometimes I travel with a whole 1 inch roll and other times I will just have 10 feet of it or so wrapped around a dowel rod for compactness.  This is something you buy 2 or 3 rolls of because it is so handy.

Black Gorilla Tape 1.88 In. x 35 Yd., One Roll $8.98 *NEW*  
If you need a whole rolls of the super sticky stuff then get this roll.  Its the same size as a normal 'duct' tape roll.   This is the stuff I use to wrap my saws all wood saw blades so I can have a handle that won't cut my hand when I'm using it.

OOK Framers Hanging Wire Supports Up to 50 Pounds $3.19 *NEW*  
As shown in the bug out bag video, picture framing wire is one of the most handy things you can have in your kit.  When 550 cord or other cordage will just not hold something together then picture frame wire will do it.  Make sure your multitool has a pair of wire cutters built into the pliers feature so you can cut this wire.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier $22.39 *NEW*  
As I say in the bug out bag video, and I'm the only person who says this, I am NOT a fan of multi-tools.  I think they are a good pair of pliers and a piss poor knife, piss poor saw, piss poor screw driver, piss poor scissors etc...  I carry a very good compact screw driver with me when I travel, both a regular one and one small enough to open my laptop hard drive bays to fix it if I have to.  A multitool has a roll in a kit and its roll is very good as a 2 is 1, 1 is none backup to other REAL tools that you have in your kit.  This Gerber is the one I carry, but there are HUNDREDS of multitools out there and I will let you decide for YOURSELF which one is BEST for YOU.  What is good for me is not always good for you.  Watch the Bug Out Bag video for greatly more details on this subject and see the items I demonstrate.

MILWAUKEE Compact 8IN1 Ratchet Screw Driver $24.99 *NEW*  
This screw driver is INFINITELY better than the POS screw driver in any multitool.  If you are going someplace where you think you will need to have a GOOD screw driver in your kit then this is it.  It fits in the palm of our hand, ALL of the bits fit into the handle of the screw driver and its small and compact and ready to go.  Since its a Milwaukee its of the highest quality.  You can depend on this.  See this demonstrated in the Bug Out Bag Video.

Maxcraft 60609U 7-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver Colors May Vary $3.99 *NEW*  
In the video I show a screw driver similar to this one. I carry it because I might have to get to my hard drives in my laptop if there is a problem.  I've had to do this ONCE before on vacation when I had a hard drive problem.  Also, if you have some of your children's battery operated toys with you, they often have the battery compartment screwed down and this screw driver will open those easily.

This is the swiss army knife that I have in the Bug Out Bag Video.  Its the LARGE variety of the Swiss army knives with a 4 inch locking blade on it.  I mainly have it for the sharp blade on it and the very sharp wood saw that is on it.  Although the wine cork screw on it has gotten the most use.   This is small and compact and very durable tool to have in anyones kit and it backs up the saws all blades that are also in a good persons kit.  See the video for many more details.

Swiss Amry Knife Victorinox WorkChamp $89.90 *NEW*
If you want to go crazy and get a Swiss army knife with almost everything on it then this is the one to get.  I think the one above is good enough, but I'm not you, maybe you really need or want this one.  Here it is...

Gerber Paraframe I Knife, Serrated Edge, Stainless Steel $23.12 *NEW*  
Having a damn sturdy damn good knife with you is VERY important no matter where you are going or what is in your kit.  I carry an SOG knife on me but this Gerber will do JUST FINE.  In fact I carry this knife in my kit as a back up in case something happens to my primary EDC SOG knife.  This knife will do a VERY good job for you.  Its not too heavy and its all stainless steel and won't rust.  

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife with Partially Serrated Folding 3.5-Inch Steel Blade and GRN Handle, Hardcase Black TiNi Finish $47.52 *NEW*  
This is my Every Day Carry (EDC) knife.  It was a Christmas present given to me.  Normally I would not spend $50 on a knife but this one is worth it.  I used this knife to cut all of the way through a separated steel belt ply that came off of my tire on my truck on the highway.  The tire was still inflated, the steel belt just came off and was flapping around.  So I cut right through it with this knife, dulling it like heck, but I got it off and drove home at 25 mph on the side of the road.

Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic Knife Sharpener $8.39 *NEW*  
This is my favorite knife sharpener.  Its small, LIGHT and easy to use.  I used it to put an edge on my SOG knife after I cut through the tires steel belt so I could drive home.  There is a lot more to 2 is 1, 1 is none than just having more than one item that can replace the other if it breaks.  It also has to do with items that can fix one of your items after it has been used or broken.  This is one of those items that is a MUST HAVE in your kit if you have a knife.  You need a way to sharpen your knife.  

Casio Men's PAG240-1CR "Pathfinder" Tough Solar Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch $168.73 *NEW*  
This is part of my Every Day Carry.  I've been wearing this watch for probably about 8 years.  Its solar powered, NO battery to ever replace.  Ones with batteries only last 18 months before the battery needs to be replaced.  One of the most powerful features of this watch is the compass.  I've used it quite a few times on overcast days to find out what direction I was driving.  It also have a barometer and a graph so you can tell if its going up or down so you know if the weather is getting better or worse.  I've used the altitude feature when I was driving through Vail CO at 11,000 feet and was wondering why it was snowing in July up there.  I am extremely hard on watches, I'm always banging into something, this watch has taken my beating and it keeps on working.   This watch will NOT let you down.

Paracord Hero 10' 20' 25' 50' 100' Hanks & 100' 300' Spools Parachute 550 Cord Type III 7 Strand Paracord - Largest Paracord Selection [ALL LENGTHS, ALL COLORS ALL PRICES] *NEW*  
Ok.. I'm seriously impressed.  This has to be THE #1 place on Amazon to buy 550 cord.  Get any length, any color at a good price.  I don't need to tell you how powerful and versatile 550 cord is.  If you need some, come and get it here.


Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System (fits on a water bottle) $19.43 *NEW*  
The GREAT thing about this water filter is that it fits on the top of a water bottle.  So any water or soda bottle you find, or buy can be used to fill up with water, and then to squeeze the water bottle and force the water through the sawyer water filter and into another bottle that you'll use for drinking water.  Keep your dirty water and clean water bottles separate from each other.  With this I can easily clean up any hotel pool water, lake, river, stream or pond water so its safe to drink.  More details on it on amazon.  All of my friends and associates are ONLY using this water filter now because of its high high filtration ability, the fact that it goes on any water or soda bottle and its price.  It also lasts for 100,000 gallons of water.

Nalgene Wide Mouth Cantene 96oz $18.73 *NEW*  
This is the 96oz Nalgene Flexible Water container I have in the Bug Out Bag Video... it stands up on its own when full, has a darn strong handle or place you can hang it.  The link will let you get a 48oz or a 96oz Nalgene Canteen.   I really really like this for water storage when traveling, especially in the hotel room.   However 1 gallon zip lock bags will do the same job, just not as fancy and not as durable.  This is not going to rupture or pop or lead and its a lot thicker.  Ziplocs are smaller, lighter and are more versatile.  You can do many things with a zip lock, you can only do one thing with this.  Still, if you get this, you will love it.

Ziploc Double Zipper Freezer Gallon Bags, Total: 152 Bags 4 Boxes Total $21.80 *NEW*  
These are my favorite Ziploc bags that I use all the time for everything.  I always buy the freezer bags because they are more durable and thicker.  I only buy the double zipper bags because they hold 4x better than a single zipper bag.  1001 uses for this in bug out bags and get home kits and travel kits.  You can put food in them, keep your maps and papers dry, put water in them for water storage or hauling.  You can put your smart phone in one and its 100% water proof.  You can talk and listen through the bag like its not even there and you can manipulate the phone buttons and tap and swipe the touch screen through the plastic just perfectly.  I show you me doing this in the video.

This is something that is pretty original to me, Steven Harris.  I carry sawsall blades with me when I travel.  They are cheap, very durable, take up little space and they will cut through Wood, Metal or Masonry.  In a disaster situation you might have to get through a fence to get into a position to hide from the masses that are rioting.  There might be a lock that you have to cut to get to a resource, you might have to cut some tree branches.  In all of these cases, a sawsall blade will be your needed tool.  There is really too much for me talk about on this subject and I can't put it here in text, you'll really need to see the explicit details I cover in the Bug Out Bag Video.  

Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw 6-Inch Takes ALL Saws All Blades $19.87 *NEW*  
In the bug out bag video I show you how incredibly powerful SAWS ALL blades are.  They are cheap, affordable, very durable and they cut through anything.  I have one for cutting wood (makes anything else look like a toy), one for cutting metal and one for cutting brick and mortar.  THIS HANDLE will take ALL of those saws all blades.  It takes only 2 seconds to change the blade.  If the blade is 6" or less it will fold down into the handle, if its longer, it won't fold in, but I don't see that as a big deal.  This handle is very heavy duty.  It might be a bit too heavy and large for you to take it on an airplane but for a car kit or a home kit it is just perfect.  

SKIL Wood / Tree Limb Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades, 5-Pack $17.13 *NEW*  
You'll have to click on this photo and zoom in on the saw blade and see the HUGE wood cutting teeth on this thing.  It goes through a tree limb like nobodies business.  I cut a 4 inch limb in about 30 seconds with this and the above Milwaukee handle.  These blades are fairly long so what you can also do, is wrap part of the blade with gorilla tape (as I show you in the Bug Out Bag Video) and then I tape off part of the exposed teeth so it does not hurt or catch anything in my bag / kit and now I have a wood saw that will work anywhere and it has its own handle made from tape and or 550 cord.  You've got to see me do this in the video.

DEWALT DW4813 6-Inch 24 TPI Straight Back Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade for Cutting Metal (5-Pack) $6.62 *NEW*  
These saw blades are for cutting metal.  Are you in a disaster, do you need to get through a metal fence?  Do you need to cut a lock.  Do you need to get in to hide from the mobs?  These blades will cut through anything metal that you need to cut through to get to safety.  You can use them with the handle above, they will even fit in the handle or you can tape them up as I show you in the video and use them that way.  Either way, sawsall blades are cheap, small, light and extremely an extremely powerful emergency too.

Bosch 8-Inch Diamond Grit Reciprocating Saw Blade $17.82 *NEW*  
This is a diamond grit blade, it does not have teeth, it abrades away the material.  This will cut through iron pipe, it will cut through metal and it will even cut a brick on half, but that takes a lot of work.  Its a lot easier to cut the mortar that is holding the bricks together than it is to cut through the brick.  This is part of your 2 is 1, 1 is none for your metal cutting blades.

This is one of the favorite sections of a lot of people.  Many people will have 8 way to start a fire but no other tools.  There needs to be a balance.  You need an easy way to start a fire like with a Bic lighter and then you need a way to start a fire in the situation where you just swam a river and you and everything else is 100% soaked and wet.  Usually its the 'flint' or the 'magnesium fire starters' that take on this role but as you'll see in the Bug Out Bag Video, waterproof matches and a small can of WD-40 can get a fire started pretty quickly.

UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case, 25 Stormproof Matches and 3 Strikers - Orange $7.49 *NEW*
These are the same 'Storm Proof' matches that I showed on the video.  They burn under water (seriously) and they burn hot and hard for a good 15 seconds.  These matches come in an air tight and water proof container so there is no degradation of the matches from long term exposure to atmospheric moisture.  Even if they burn under water they still need to be stored in an air and water tight container.  CLICK ON THE LINK AND GO WATCH THE VIDEO ON AMAZON and you WILL become a BELIEVER!!

UST Ultimate Survival Technologies FULL SIZED BlastMatch $12.98 *NEW*  
This is the FULL Sized Blast Match. I showed the MINI Blast Match in the video.  This one is great for your car kit, the mini is good for your air travel emergency kit or bug out bag.

UST Sparkie Fire Starter MINI Blast Match $8.63 *NEW*  
This is the much smaller version of the above blast match.  This one is great for any small light weight air travel kit you might have.  This is the one that you see me use on the Bug Out Bag Video and in the Promo Video.  

The Friendly Swede Magnesium Alloy Emergency Fire Starter Blocks (3 Pack) $14.99 *NEW*  
This is the tried and true magnesium fire starter.  The same one you see in the TV Show Survivor, only in my video, I show you how to REALLY use it, not like the idiots on Survivor.  These come with a really greats scraper to scrap off the magnesium into a pile and to strike the sparks on the ferrocerium 'flint' rod.   This is the same type of magnesium fire starter you see me using to light the mothball in the cotton ball.  One of these travels in EVERY single kit I have.  Scraping off magnesium and then lighting the magnesium creates an incredibly hot little fire that will start anything up.  THIS and the storm proof matches above should be in every kit you have.  These have the highest level of durability, NOTHING is going to stop these from working.  Not water, not impact, not harshness, nothing.  

BIC Classic Lighters Cigar Cigarette MAXi Lighter Full Size (QTY 12) $13.90 *NEW*  
These are FULL SIZE Bic Lighters. BIC Lighters are the highest quality lighters on the market (for a regular flame disposable lighter).  I personally talked to a US Navy Seal, who also became a Seal Team Instructor, they carried BIC Lighters as their PRIMARY method of starting a fire.  Yup, a simple bic lighter, why?  Because it works every time. What they would do is they would take 1 Bic lighter, vacuum seal it and then carry it with them when they traveled and even dived under the water.  They could be under water for over 24 hours, and at a depth of 33 feet or more.  If they had a situation where they needed to start a fire, they just cut open the plastic and use the lighter.  It would be 100% dry in the vacuum seal even if it was under water for days.  YES.. there are lighters on Amazon at 1/5th the price, but read the reviews, they are UNRELIABLE and BREAK or FAIL.  Would you pay $1 for a lighter when you really needed to start a fire? Darn right you would.  Get the BIC Lighters.  Full size Bic lighters will 'burn' for a total of 60 minutes.  That's 3600 one second fire starts.

BIC MINI Lighters (QTY 16) $14.96 *NEW*  
These are the SAME high quality bic lighters but they are the mini lighters, very small ones.  These are PERFECT for EDC (Every Day Carry) you can keep one on your person or in your pocket and never even know its there.  When you get to the Amazon Page, click on the 16 or 50 for these mini lighters.  These will burn for 30 minutes.  Small and the right size.

WD-40 110118 Multi-Use Product Spray, 3 oz. (Pack of 1) $6.15 *NEW*  
When you absolutely need to make a small fire bigger just spray on some WD-40, or pre-spray what you are going to ignite and then light it, that would be safer.  WD-40 makes a great accelerant.   The cap stays on tight, the container is very durable.  It will travel well in a bug out bag.  You can use this to start plenty of fires especially when your fire starting conditions are not idea.  This is just another common item that can be used in so many other ways.

Altoids Curiously Strong Mints, Peppermint, 1.76-Ounce Tins (Pack of 12) $11.90 *NEW*  
This is not even a $1 per tin !!  These are $2-$3 or more in the store.  If you want to make your own water proof container with fire starter material in it, such as cotton balls, mothballs, matches, match strikers or a mini-bic cigarette lighter then this is the item for you.  Just eat the candy and then put your items you want into the tin and to be extra safe wrap some 1 inch gorilla tape around the tin to keep it extra secure and water tight.  These tins are water tight to start with, but if its taped, then even with the most severe abuse in a kit will not open and spill it.  DO NOT place the 'strikers' in with the matches.  Fold them in half (as seen on the bug out bag video) and then super glue them to the roof of the tin.  That way matches bouncing around wont' accidently get lit by hitting the striker strip.

M&M's Minis Milk Chocolate Candy Tube, Singles (24 Count) $22.99 *NEW*  
Along with the Altoids Tins, this is one of my favorite containers for holding fire starting materials.  Its a plastic tube with a very tight sealing lid.  When you open it, it makes a distinctive POP.  This will keep your fire starting material safe and dry.  You can buy 24 of them here or get the candy tubes at Walmart or other stores 1 at a time.  I don't think I have to remind you that you have to eat the chocolate before you use the tube  :)

Loctite 4-Gram Bottle Super Glue Ultra Gel Control Adhesive $3.98 *NEW*  
In the above item I tell you to use super glue to glue the folded in half match striker to the lid of the altoids candy tin (the underside).  These new containers from Loctite make it so so so darn EASY to put just one drop of super glue right where you want it each and every time.  It beats regular bottles all to heck.

Intrinsics Beauti Balls 100% Cotton (100 per Bag) $4.46 *NEW*  
If you saw the promo video above, or the entire bug out bag video, then you'll know about my mothball in a cotton ball fire starter.  NO ONE has EVER put this out but for me.  I did check google before I put it out on video.  The cotton ball starts on fire from ANY sparking fire starter, or from the fastest flick of a bic lighter.  The cotton ball catches fire and then it starts to melt and burn the mothball and then the fire really takes off.  It burns hot and fast for a good 5 minutes and it will make even the hardest fire a lot easier to start.  Unlike the WD-40, mothballs are a lot smaller and they will fit inside the altoids tin so you have a one thing does all in your kit for starting a fire quickly and easily.  

IMS Original Moth Balls, 4 oz, 4 Pack $9.14 *NEW*  As shown in the promo video and in the bug out bag video, these are mothballs that you can put into a cotton ball, light it and start a really hot fire pretty quickly.  These even fit inside an altoids tin just perfectly.  I had mine in there for over 8 years and when I opened it up live on camera (in the video) they were all fine.  If there was an air leak, the mothballs would of sublimated into the air and been all gone when I opened the tin.

Generally I want a AA Headlamp, a AA Flashlight, a AAA Headlamp and a AAA flashlight.  This way I have 2 is 1, 1 is none and I can use either AA or AAA batteries. Not only am I carrying a reasonable supply of AA and AAA batteries, and I can recharge them too, but I have to be cognizant of FINDING AA or AAA batteries in a disaster scenario.

Energizer Vision HD+ LED Headlamp (Batteries Included) $18.98 *NEW*  
Most of you know I'm not a big fan of energizer, but they have it 100% Correct in this 7 LED headlamp. Its has red LEDs and lots of bright white LEDs for near and far, it has 4 different modes it switches between. It has low light mode for long battery life and it has a LIGHT 'EM UP mode for plenty of light NOW. Its made for contractors so its durable as heck and can take a beating. Its water resistant so you can wear it in the rain, but no go swimming with it.  It does run on 3 AAA batteries. I wish it was AA's, but its does not. So make sure you get some of the Eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries as shown in the video. This is an excellent "Small Light" and the bright mode is good, but not quite emergency light bright, but close. This is the PERFECT light for your kids.  It runs on rechargeable
batteries so they can fall asleep with it on, just charge the batteries the next day in the PowerEx charger.  Its very durable, drop proof, water proof, spill proof, easy for little hands to operate, but you might have to open it for them to get to the batteries.  its NOT TOO bright so it won't hurt their eyes like many of the extreme flashlights will do today.  I believe all kids should have their own flashlight that they play with and use before and during a disaster so they are 100% familiar and comfortable with hit.  Make recharging the batteries the kids responsibilities so they have a sense of accomplishment.

This flashlight is for adults or kids and you can even 'dim' the light so its just the right brightness for what you need and thus save the batteries.  

Fenix HL23 150 Lumen light weight CREE XP-G2 R5 LED Headlamp (Champagne Gold color) with EdisonBright AA alkaline battery bundle $34.95 *NEW*  
I keep on telling people that a great deal of the lights are TOO BRIGHT.   That you do not need that much light unless you are trying to find a lost child, or trying to find something.  This light runs on 1 AA (NiMH, Alkaline or Energizer Lithium) Battery.  It has a High Mode (150 Lumens), Medium (50 Lumens) and Low (3 Lumens).  On 3 lumens it will run for over 100 hours.  This is bright enough for you to find your way around your house, hotel room, any place that you are familiar with.  Its also great for reading.  So on 1 AA battery you can have 100+ hours of usable light.  It will run for 1 to 1.5 hours on High.   This light is small, light weight and very reliable.  Fenix is known for their quality.  I own this, and the version before it.  I use it and I travel with it on a regular basis.

Coast HP1 Focusing LED Flashlight 220 Lumen $16.99 *NEW*  
Coast is an even higher quality flashlight than maglight is.  This flashlight will run off of 1 AA Alkaline(1.5 volt) or 1 AA Lithium (1.7 volts), 1 NiMH (1.2 volts) battery or one 14500 lithium (3.7 volts) battery.  Its brightest with the 14500 battery, but you won't complain about the light from the AA Alkaline or AA NiMH batteries.   I have 14500 batteries below along with a HIGH quality charger.  You want a GOOD charger and not a cheap one.  If you want an Every Day Carry (EDC) flashlight GET THIS ONE.  I've had a 1AA Coast flashlight in my pocket every day for over 10 years.  I use it all the time.  All of my previous coast flashlights like this cost $40 each.  This one is $10 and is better than all of the previous versions.  Get this light, its awesome.  Its listed as being over 200 lumens with the 14500 battery.  More than bright enough. If you use this light with 1 AA rechargeable  NiMH battery it would be GREAT for the kids. !!!  

Nitecore SRT5 Detective (Black) 750 Lumens XM-L2 T6 LED Variable brightness Flashlight/searchlight, Red/Blue secondary strobe with Genuine Nitecore NL186 18650 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, Nitecore i2 intelligent Charger, and 2 X EdisonBright CR123A Batteries $99.95 *NEW*  
Ok..here is a combo pack.  it comes with a charger (the i2) and it comes with batteries as well a flashlight holder, DC and AC cables for the charger ( you don't get a DC cable with the i2 above) and it comes with what is considered one of the highest quality flashlights available.  This is a 750 lumen flashlight, and unlike a lot of the hype and "numbers war" this is a real 750 lumen flashlight.  One of the BIGGEST reason I love this light is that it has a ring near the top and you can turn the ring and it will go from brightest to dimmest, its linear, no clicking needed.  On its lowest setting, just under 1 lumen, is all you need for the most basic stuff around the house and the 18650 battery will last for over 400 HOURS !! on this setting.  So you can use the flashlight to search for a lost child (750 lumens) or you can use it to read a book (1 lumen) and this light does it all.  Click on the link to see a large photo of all of the stuff on Amazon.com  If you are a professional who needs to use a bright flashlight, then this is the one for you.  Of this item and the 6 above it, I own them all and the info I am giving you is from my 1st hand experience of owning and using these lights.  I actually own most of everything you see on all of the 1234 pages.

3400mAh TWO 18650 PROTECTED Li-ion (Panasonic NCR18650B inside) SIMON Batteries - High Performance -Top Button - Dual Protection- For High Performance Flashlights $35.00   *NEW*  
Watch this video and decide if you want a cheap 18650 battery? http://youtu.be/ZTzEHsJVZhA  This 18650 battery is made by Panasonic and it has ALL of the protection features built into it that it should have.  Panasonic also makes our favorite AA/AAA Eneloop batteries as well.  This battery is considerably bigger than the 14500 and provides more total capacity.  Its a great battery, it is what's replacing all of the horrible CR123 batteries.  The reason you don't see a rechargeable CR123 battery on ANY of my pages is because they are all CRAP.  News Story about house fire started by Lithium Ion Batteries: http://tinyurl.com/qg9f2f3  CNN VIdeo about iphone burning a man. iphones use the 'same' lithium ion batteries as you see here.  http://tinyurl.com/kubd7s9

Maglite Mini LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight with Holster, Black $18.99 *NEW*  
The 3 AA Maglight Flashlight I had in the video is no longer made anymore.  I can't find it on Amazon.  So you'll have to live with the new 2 AA version.  It does have a high and a low mode on it, which is pretty good.  Its just a darn good reliable flashlight that will take a beating and keep on working. It has a very solid OFF to it.  Your turn the light head until its all the way tight and its off, and its not moving off of off either.  You unscrew it just a bit to turn the light on.  Just like what you saw in the video you can take the top off and set it down as a base and put the flashlight into the base like a candle and it will light up the room.  Its important to have a flashlight, a headlamp that runs off AA batteries and its important to have a flashlight and a headlamp that runs off of AAA batteries.  So no matter what you find in the field, you can use it.

ON THE WAY Super Bright CREE XM-L T6 U2 2000Lumens Zoomable 5 modes LED Flashlight Torch Lamp Light 26650 18650 Rechargeable Battery/AAA Battery Waterproof Shockproof $17.98 *NEW*  
This flashlight is in the bug out bag video, not because I want you to have it because I think 2000 lumens (max) is TOO BRIGHT.  But I want you to see how versatile these new "OMNI VOLTAGE" flashlights can be.  This flashlight runs off of 1 26650 or 2 26650s, 1 18650 or 2 18650s, or 3 AAA batteries or 6 AAA batteries (you got to see the video). Although I'd NEVER run AAA's in a light this powerful because they'd last about 30 minutes.  See how powerful and flexible the 'omni voltage' feature can be?  If this light had a 2000 lumens HIGH, 300 Lumens MID and 10 Lumens LOW feature, then I'd say it was awesome, but its just as bright as it can be based on the batteries that are in it.  Right now I'm suggesting flashlights like the Nitecore SRT5 (above) that takes 18650's (or CR123's) but I AM experimenting with the newer, less popular (for now) 26650 batteries.   p.s. I HATE CR123's, 18650's blow them away.

2 Pack 3.7V 6000mah 26650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Protected $10.92 *NEW*  I early adopt everything and I test it test it test it, play with it and then I bring it to you if its good.  If you want to play with the 26650 flashlight above, or if you want some LARGER batteries for the XTAR charger below, then get these batteries.  18650's are a good 3400mah (for the good ones) and these 26650's are 6000mah.  So they are larger and have more energy. You WILL need the XTAR charger (below) to charge these.  They don't fit in most lithium ion chargers, they are big.  So these are here for as a notice of what I am experimenting with.  If you want to experiment along with me, get these...if not..wait for me to come to a final decision.  If you want to know the difference between a 14500, 18650, 26650 and what that all means, then get the Bug Out Bag Video.

Some people have the problem of having an alkaline battery in an item and it leaks and thus destroying the contacts or hurting the item.  NiMH batteries and AA/AAA Energizer Lithium batteries DO NOT leak.  With the current generation of NiMH batteries being 'Low Self Discharge (LSD)" I have started to keep NiMH batteries in my different tools.  NiMH Batteries USE to loose 2-3% of their charge PER WEEK.  Now at room temperature they will loose about 15% per year.  So before I take my items on a trip, I top off all of the NiMH batteries to 100%.  Then I know they are tested, charged and perfect and I can trust them 100%.  I keep the Energizer Lithiums as a backup in case the charge in my NiMH batteries runs out and I can't recharge.

Powerex MH-C800S Eight Cell Smart Charger $54.95
This is by FAR my favorite charger, and its a premium one and it does not GOOF UP.  It charges each battery individually, so you can put in 1 battery, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 8 at once. When you put it in, it starts to charge it.  It takes about 1 hours to charge one battery, but you can charge 8 at a time.  8 batteries in 2 hours is about as good as 4 in 1 hour for me.  Also, there is an LCD display for each battery, so you know when each one is charged.  There IS a more expensive version of this one that does charge all 8 in 1 hour BUT THIS one here is my favorite.  The 1 hour charger has a huge power supply that comes with it.  This one has a nice small 'wall wart' power supply.  This is the charger you use to top off and check all of your AA / AAA NiMH batteries before you leave on a trip.

(12 AA Batteries) PANASONIC NEW 2100 ENELOOP 12 Pack AA Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries $34.94 **NEW**
Panasonic bought the Sanyo Enloop Batteries. A Good thing!  These are now the 4th generation of the batteries and take 2100 charges instead of the 1500 the Sanyo 3rd Gen batteries did. BUY THESE BATTERIES.  DO NOT buy the eneloop charger they have.  I don't like it.  Get the PowerEx one above. DO NOT by the eneloop "XX" batteries, I have not put those though the ringer like these ones plus they are ONLY good for 500 charges.  I have exhaustively tested the eneloop batteries for years on my lab bench and in all of my personal gear.  They are the batteries I carry the most.  These eneloops can be charged and used up to 2100 times each.  That's a lot of charging.  They have the PERFECT chemistry for a AA NiMH battery.  You can trust and depend on these.   DO NOT buy the Energizer brand of NiMH batteries, they all STINK and are antiquated NiMH technology.  Shame on the pink bunny.

(12 AAA Batteries) PANASONIC NEW 2100 ENELOOP 12 Pack AAA Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries $27.99 **NEW**
These are the AAA Versions of the AA batteries above.  These are PERFECT to work in the Energizer Trail Finder Head lamp I also have listed on this page.  I have them in mine.  DO NOT over look getting the PowerPAX AA and AAA Battery holders below either.  I keep ALL of my batteries in them.  NiMH Batteries do NOT like to be dropped and the powerPAX protects them perfectly.  

La Crosse Technology BC1000 Alpha Power Battery Charger $54.50 *NEW*  
This is the swiss army knife of battery chargers.  It does everything.   Do you have NiMH AA or AAA batteries that are getting old?? 4 years old, 5 years old?  Do you want to know if they are still good.  You are going to have to look at the manual for this charger, because it does a lot and you need to know which mode does what.  If you put in 4 AA batteries and put this in mode 4 Test Mode.  It will charge the battery to 100%, then it will discharge the battery to zero and measure how much energy came out off the battery in mAH and it will then recharge the battery.  This can take 10 hours or so for it to do this.  But for example, Panasonic Eneloops are about 2000-2200maH.  If the La Crosse says that each battery is 1800mah or better, then you know you have a good battery that you can trust and put in your kit or bag or whatever.  If it comes back and says 1500, or 1200 then those batteries are getting old and you should just use them in your TV remote controls and kids toys and such.  If they are below 1000mah, just recycle them.

Energizer L91BP-8 Lithium AA Photo Battery (8-Pack) $14.01 * NEW *
I talked in detail at the end of the show that the stuff in your 'go bag' or 'emergency' kit should have Energizer Lithium AA batteries in it.  They have the longest shelf life, the most power, the best heat and cold tolerance and they are the lightest batteries there are. (these are NOT rechargeable).  If you are getting stuck with one battery, you want to get stuck with this one.  You use the rechargeable ones when you are home in a disaster and you can recharge them from your car.  When stuck in the wild, use these blue and silver Energizer Lithium Batteries.  You can also get "AA Ultimate Photo Lithium Battery 24 Battery Bundle for $41.99 (bulk pack)"  or you can get

"Energizer Ultimate L91BP-4 Lithium AA Battery - 24 Batteries IN ORIGINAL RETAIL PACKS NOT BULK for $37.99"  Even the 8 pack above for $15.26 is cheaper than the batteries are at Sams Club.  

If you want the AAA version, them them HERE

Rock Solid Battery Holders Storacell by Powerpax "AA" 12 Pack Battery Caddy, Yellow - Holds 12 "AA" Batteries  $4.95+
These are the most awesome battery holders I have ever come across, I use them all the time, AA, AAA, C, D, 9volt, CR123, you name it, they have holders for the batteries or sets of the batteries. Want to hold 12 AA battts ? they got it, want to hold 6? or 4? they have it. This link will give you an entire page of ones to choose from.  Stay with the POWERPAX brand, its 100% Harris Approved.   I'm traveling now with the 4 AA holders and the 6 AAA holders.  I carry 4 extra AA NiMH batteries, 4 lithium AA Energizer Batteries.  6 AAA NiMH batteries and 6 AAA Energizer Lithium batteries.  Plus all of my devices usually have freshly charged NiMH batteries in them.

Steven Harris PHOTOS of these.
PHOTO #1  See These Glowing in the Dark on my Bench
PHOTO #2  See these out of the case in my photo area.

GS Yuasa eNiTIME 2 Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries with Smart USB Chargers - 2 Position - $16.24 *NEW*  
You'll find it weird for me to suggest this USB AA charger because I like fast chargers.  The PowerEx charger (way ABOVE) is the best charger for home prep. However this charger is VERY small and light and just right for when you travel.  When I travel I have 1 Coast HP1 Flashlight (above) that takes 1 AA, and I have the Energizer Headlamp (above) that takes 3 AAA batteries.  I travel with 4 Energizer AA Lithium Batteries and 6 AAA Energizer Lithium batteries.  These are my 'emergency batteries'.  I also travel with 4 AA Eneloop NiMH Batteries, fully charged, and I use these in my flashlight and head lamp almost nightly.  These are my 1st line batteries when I travel.  If I end up using up any of the AA NiMH batteries I can always recharge them overnight with this USB AA battery charger and ANY of my USB Chargers that I have with me.  The same one that charges my phone and tablet will charge the AA's in 8+ hours.   If you get this, don't use the 1400mah AA NiMH batteries that come with it, use ONLY Eneloop NiMH batteries (about 2000mah).  Trust the charger, its awesome.  This is the SMALLEST charger option for you if you are traveling SUPER light.

Mediabridge USB 2.0 - USB Extension Cable (6 Inches) - A Male to A Female with Gold-Plated Contacts $5.49 *NEW*  
Sometimes my Wall Charger will be in a place where its not convenient for me to see the DROK USB Meter that is plugged into it, so I use this 6" USB cable or the 12" cable below it to get the meter away from the charger so I can see it easily.  Its just a little tool that works good.  This 6" Cable also works VERY GOOD with the simple, small 2 AA/AAA battery charger that I have onhttp://www.BugOUT1234.com because if its plugged into the wall or car charger it will block the other ports.  This cable gets it away from the ports so they are all free and open for the maximum number of USB Cables.

USB 2.0 Male to Female 1 Foot Extension Cable Yellow Extension Cables $4.99 *NEW*  
Here are some nice 12" (1 foot) extension cables.  The one above is 6 inches, these are 12".  These are NOT the ones I had in the cell phone video because the blue cable in the video is a USB 3.0 cable and I think its too thick and stiff for what I want it for.  I'd rather have a thinner and more flexible cable and these should be it.  Plus, these cables are really affordable, and with these I can carry 2 or 3 of them and I need a 2 foot or 3 foot extension cable all I have to do is chain them together.

Nitecore UM10 USB Li-ion Battery Charger For 18650/18490/18350/17670/17500/16340/14500/10440 w/ 1x 18650 Battery CASE $9.75 *NEW*  t size="4">  *NEW*  
This battery charger is powered by the SAME USB Charger that charges my cell phone or USB Battery.  This charger ONLY charges Lithium-ION batteries.  It does NOT charge AA / AAA NiMH Batteries.  This small, light weight, does not take up much room and I use it to 'top off' my 14500 or 18650 lithium ion batteries if I end up using them to any extent.  I travel with 2 18650's.  One in the flashlight, one in a plastic case at 100%.  If I have to recharge the one in the flashlight (with this charger) then I swap the 18650 batteries.  One working, one charging.  It can take all night or all night and all day to bring a 100% dead 18650 battery back up to full charge but like I said, I have 2 of them.  So its ok if it takes a long time to charge the battery.   Just for the sake of being lightweight and as small as possible, I carry the UM-10 when I travel by air.  The UM-20 Below does 2 batteries at once.

Nitecore UM20 Li-ion battery Charger USB Management and charging system For 18650/18490/18350/17670/17500/16340/14500/10440 w/ LightJunction USB Car & LightJuntion USB Wall Charger Plugs $16.99 *NEW*  
The real reason to buy this is for the battery charger.  The wall and car charger that comes with it are cheap.  NO WHERE near as good as the ones listed on this page.  They are 'ok' if you keep them as your 2 is 1, 1 is none backup.  This IS the charger that you see me charging 2 18650 batteries from the large 100 watt solar panel in the Cell Phone Video (http://www.CellPHONE1234.com)   The UM-10 above charges 1 battery at a time, this one, the UM-20 charges 2 batteries at a time, each one individually.  

XTAR VC2 Plus LED Display USB Universal Battery Charger with Pouch $21.29 *NEW*  
NOTE:  This is fast becoming  my #1 portable charger.  SO important that if you were traveling to remote areas, I'd tell you to buy 2 of them.  Now, the UM-10 above is smaller than this charger, but this charger is NOT that large.  If space is super critical get the UM-10 Above.  If not, GET THIS CHARGER.  Unlike the chargers above, this charger charges ALL Lithium ion batteries AND it charges ALL NiMH AA and AAA batteries. PLUS... The in the LEFT SLOT, you can put a lithium ion (like an 18650 or 26650) and you can plug your Phones USB cable into this 'charger' and it will charge your phone from the lithium ion battery.  ONE 18650 took my Android Galaxy S4 from 14% Battery to 98% in about 1+ Hours.  SO this BACKS UP your portable Lithium Ion USB Batteries (like the Lime Fuel).  So you can charge batteries for your flashlights and head lamps (any battery) AND it will charge your phone if you have to. (Charging feature only works WITH Lithium ION Batteries).  I cannot say enough good things about this device !!!

3400mAh TWO 18650 PROTECTED Li-ion (Panasonic NCR18650B inside) SIMON Batteries - High Performance -Top Button - Dual Protection- For High Performance Flashlights $35.00   *NEW*  
Watch this video and decide if you want a cheap 18650 battery? http://youtu.be/ZTzEHsJVZhA  This 18650 battery is made by Panasonic and it has ALL of the protection features built into it that it should have.  Panasonic also makes our favorite AA/AAA Eneloop batteries as well.  This battery is considerably bigger than the 14500 and provides more total capacity.  Its a great battery, it is what's replacing all of the horrible CR123 batteries.  The reason you don't see a rechargeable CR123 battery on ANY of my pages is because they are all CRAP.  News Story about house fire started by Lithium Ion Batteries: http://tinyurl.com/qg9f2f3  CNN VIdeo about iphone burning a man. iphones use the 'same' lithium ion batteries as you see here.  http://tinyurl.com/kubd7s9

Storacell Powerpax 18650 Battery Caddy, Orange, 4-Pack $10.29 *NEW*  
This is exactly like all of the other Storacell Powerpax battery holders but this holds the much larger 18650 batteries and keeps them protected.  You really MUST have your 18650's in a battery holder, a battery case or in a device when you travel.  You DO NOT want them loose.  A shorted or damaged lithium ion battery is a small flame thrower (I'm serious) and it can easily start a fire.  Lithium Ion batteries are like NOTHING you are familiar with in your entire life.  Heed my caution !!

ZTS Computer Controlled Pulse Loading Mini Battery Tester $42.00
This is probably the most important tool on this page.  This lets you see how much energy is left in your AA, AAA, C or D NiMH or Alkaline Battery AND your 14500 and 18650 Lithium Ion batteries.  This is NOT some 'dumb' battery checker.  This is the smartest charger on the market.  All of those 'meter' battery checkers just check the voltage and that is NOT a real way to check a battery State Of Charge (SOC).  To really test a battery you need to see how much current it can deliver, this lets you know how much active surface area of the battery is reactive and left.   This tester 'tugs' on the battery to measure its current ability.  Its also called Pulse Loading.   When this thing says you have 80% of your battery, you can bet on it.  When it says its near dead, its nearly dead.   I have been using this line of battery checkers since 2005 and it travels with me everywhere I go (when I travel).  What good are batteries if you can't tell which ones are good and which ones are bad.

Tekpower M-810B Ultra-Compact Pocket-Size 19-Range Digital Multimeter $4.99 *NEW*  
This is the meter that I show in the Bug Out Bag Video, its also the meter I use in the Cell Phone Video (http://www.CellPHONE1234.com) to check the polarity on the big 100 watt solar panel before I hook up the DC Car USB Chargers.  This meter is SO SMALL.  It fits in the PALM of your hand, look at the photo, that is a Quarter below the meter.  The NICE thing about this meter over other small meters is that it has a full DC 10 AMP Range on it.  I use this to dead short a battery to test the REAL capacity of it left.  Voltage measurements of a battery are about USELESS.  This is a back up for me to the ZTS battery tester above.  The ZTS is better at testing batteries but this will do in a pinch if you follow my instructions in the video.  

USB External USB Battery Pack 15,000mAh 5V/2.1A (Black Limefuel Lite LP200X) Charger $19.95 *NEW*  
*** FAVORITE *** Currently this is my FAVORITE external USB Battery.  Its got two 2.4 amp ports for you to plug into, even has a white LED for light (2 is 1, 1 is none).  One of my FAVORITE things about this battery is that it has a digital display on the front that tells you the EXACT percentage of energy left in the battery.  Most batteries just have 4 dumb lights that light up to give you an idea of how much is left.  I love to be able to look at this and see that its at 100% State of Charge (SOC).  This battery has been tested by myself and numerous friends.  One of them got this battery 6 months ago, left it in his truck, jWhen your phone needs a charge, just plug it into this and it will dump current into your phone and charge it up pretty quickly.  We're talking this battery can charge some phones 8 to 10 times!!  If you are going on a week long back pack hike, don't take no damn worthless solar panel, take this battery.  its 1/4th the price, 5 to 10 times the energy of your piss power solar panel and it works day and night, rain or shine and will end up weighing less.  You fall and break your leg in the woods and find out your cell phone is dead and you are under the trees (in the shade) and you just try to get out your solar panel to charge your phone.  You'll be bear bate !!!  This you can trust your life on this.  IF you are an extreme sports person or rugged outdoors person or back packer, there is a waterproof, rugged version of this battery at http://amzn.to/1NCCn6G If there is going to be a bunch of you who are going to use the same battery, and you need to charge 3 phones at once instead of 2, then get this one here: http://amzn.to/1GNou5E

NOTE:  The USB Lights that I have below WILL NOT work on the lime fuel battery because the lime fuel is 'intelligent' and it turns itself off when the cell phone battery is full.  It does this by sensing how much current is going out of the battery.  When there is a lot, its charging a phone, when there is a little, the phone is charged.  So it sees the USB lights as a 'little' current and it turn off the USB light after about 30 seconds.  Still..its an awesome battery.

Waterproof USB External Battery Pack 15000mAh 5V/4.2A (Limefuel Rugged L150XR) $99.95 *NEW*  
This is the same as the battery above, but its RUGGED.  Its in a heavy duty case rugged case.  The Limefuel L150XR takes a beating while packing a punch- totally dust proof, shock, crush and vibration proof, and waterproof (when the top cover is closed). It's the ideal external battery pack for the outdoor adventurer.  While the non-rugged battery can get bounced around in your luggage a lot, if you are going white water rafting down the Colorado river for a week (or just days) then this IS the battery for you to take with you.   If you are going to a very wet environment like the rain forest this is the battery to take.

DROK� 5PCS Super Bright White Micro USB Power Touch Switch LED Night Light 3LEDs 5V 150mA 6000k $11.18 ; They sure as hell are NOT a 'night light'.  They are BRIGHT.  These are very small, very light, all 5 will fit in the palm of your hand with room to spare.  They plug into any USB port forwards or backwards, it does not matter.   When you bring your finger near the top, or you touch it, it will turn ON or it will turn OFF.  It actually senses the 'capacitance' of your body to turn the light on and off.  There is NO physical switch so there are no moving parts at all.  If you loose your flashlight, your phone and everything else that can make light at least you'll have a few of these that can go into your USB batteries.  They will light up a room nice and will cast a light onto anything you are working on so that you can see what you are doing easily.  These are a backup light to your backup light.  For the weight, size and price, I can't see any reason to not carry these.  In fact I have 2 of them taped (with gorilla tape) to the back of my lime fuel battery so I can always find them in a hurry without having to search through  my stuff.  On a 15,000mah Lime Fuel Battery, one of these can be illuminated for over 100+ hours.

DROK 5PCS 3LEDS Handy USB Night Light 5V 150mA 6000k Pocket Nightlight with USB Connector and Touch Dimmer Switch Supper Bright White Light $13.78 *NEW*
The DROK LED's ABOVE are Touch for ON and Touch for OFF.  THESE DROK LED's are not only Touch ON and Touch OFF but TOUCH and HOLD to DIM and TOUCH and HOLD to BRIGHTEN.  They are just so awesome.  Not only will these run between 100 and 200 hours on a limefuel 20,000mah battery but on the dimmest setting, which is great for a night light so you can wake up and see some stuff, and then touch the light for full brightness, but on the lowest setting the lime fuel would run for THOUSANDS of hours.  My DROK USB meter measures down to 0.01ma and when the LED was the dimmest it was 0.00.  So a darn long time is how long it will run.

iClever BoostCube 4.8A 24W Dual USB Travel Wall Charger with SmartID Technology, Foldable Plug $10.99 *NEW*  
This is a full power 4.8 amp charger, with 2 ports, so it will deliver a full 2.4 amps to each port for the fastest charging of your tablet and or smart phone.  Its about as small its going to get for a charger of this amperage and the neat thing is that the plugs on it fold up so it won't snag on stuff in your luggage or get bent.  Its nice and compact.  This USB Charger will handle any voltage from 110 volts to 240 volts AC.  So you CAN plug it directly into the ADAPTER above that is plugged into the 220 volt foreign outlet where ever you are.  If you are 1 person, you should have 2 of these, if you are 2 people traveling, you should have 3.  If you are 4 you should have 5 or 6 total. Crap gets broken or lost and your cell phone is your lifeline.  This is an intelligent charger and will charge your cell phone at the highest amperage that it can.

Anker PowerPort 4 (40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger) Multi-Port USB Charger with Foldable Plug $26.99 *NEW*  
This is a VERY nice USB Charger.  It supports up to 4 USB ports for charging at a full 2.0+ amps per port.  If you want to charge 3 or 4 items at once than this is the charger for you.  Note: If you take this traveling I would NOT have this as my only charger.  Its a single point of failure.  I would have at least this charger and then ONE of the iClever 2 port chargers above. The plug folds in on this one just like on the iClever so its easy to put into your luggage and not snag on anything.  I will be carrying this on my next trip abroad.  This is an intelligent charger and will charge your cell phone at the highest amperage that it can.

iClever BoostDrive Premium USB Car Charger 36W / 7.2A, 3-Ports with SmartID Technology, Black $11.99 *NEW*  
This thing is so small I love it.  It has 3 USB ports on it and each one can handle 2.4 amps.  You can see me using this with the big 100 watt solar panel in the cell phone video.  This is the charger that I use on a regular basis in my truck and defiantly the charger I take with me when I travel. If you are going to be in a vehicle most of the time for your travels, take 2 of these.  If not, then 1 will work.  This is small and light weight.  This is an intelligent charger and will charge your cell phone at the highest amperage that it can.

iClever BoostDrive 48W 9.6A 4-Port USB Car Charger, Multi-port Power Adapter with SmartID Technology $13.99 *NEW*  
This is exactly the SAME as the above charger BUT it has 4 ports rather than 3 charging USB ports on it.  This is NOT the 4 USB port charger I used in the video, this is the one I will be using from now on.  The one in the video is an older one that I was using, and as you can tell it was bigger than the 3 port one I have above, this is is small as well but its larger than the 3 port one below.  For the super light weight traveler, take the 3 port one above.  For the traveler that needs 3 ports, Mom, Dad and 2+ kids with Phones in the car, then take this one.  If you need more than 4 ports then get 2 of these and use the 3 outlet 12 volt adapter I have below in the vehicle.  If you are military or government and you are traveling to the 3rd world as a team, I'd have 3 of these 4 port chargers AND the 3 outlet 12 volt adapter below WITH the 12 volt clamp on cigarette lighter adapter shown below.  That way you can clamp onto any car battery and charge up to 12 things at once.  This is an intelligent charger and will charge your cell phone at the highest amperage that it can.

Roadpro 12V Battery Clip-On and Cigarette Lighter Adapter $5.02 *NEW*  
You are way out in the middle of no where, in a small village that has no electricity.  You  see Achmed drive into town in his Toyota pickup truck.  You stop him and offer him a few dollars for you to charge your phone and USB batteries from his truck battery.  Being that he only makes a few dollars a day he accepts your offer.  He lifts his hood and you use these clamps to clamp onto his battery and then you use the THREE 12 volt adapter below to plug into THIS adapter and now you have three 12 volt cigarette lighter power sockets.  You plug 2 of your 4 port car chargers into the sockets and start to charge up 3 cell phones and 2 large lime fuel batteries plus an android tablet.  Into the 3rd socket you plug in the 30 minute Energizer 4 AA/AAA battery charger and start to charge up some AA batteries.   This is what I, Steven Harris, call Harvesting Power.  

AVANTEK R41 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter DC Outlet Splitter 4.8A 2-Port USB Car Charger $13.99 *NEW*  
Not only do you get 3 12 volt power ports by just plugging into one 12 volt outlet, but this adapter has TWO USB 2.4 amp charging ports, one on each side of the device.  So if you had three 4 port cigarette lighter USB chargers you could charge 4 + 4+ 4 +2 = 14 USB devices at the same time.  If you are going to need to charge more than 4 USB devices at any one time when you travel (for what ever reasons) then you MUST have one of these.  There is no way around it.  In the video I have a 2 OUTLET 12 volt cable that I show you.  It has thin wires in it, and can EASILY handle charging as many USB devices as you'd want, but if you plug in something that takes over 100 watts into that splitter than you might smoke the wires.  For the size, this is just as compact as the 2 outlet splitter I show in the video and this is fused so if you do try to do something stupid with it, it will blow the fuse.  Plus this has 2 USB ports on it so that is a bonus.  The fuse in this is too small, it will blow to easy, GET the PACK of fuses below and put a 15 or 20 amp fuse in it.  You don't just want it blowing...but if the wires get shorted out and start smoking, then you want it to blow.

Foxnovo Fast-blow Glass Fuses Quick Blow Car Glass Tube Fuses Assorted Kit Amp $7.99 *NEW*  
The ABOVE 3 12 Volt outlets has a much too small fuse in it, its like 4 amps....which is nothing.  You want to put a 15 or 20 amp fuse in it.  I paid $4.29 for five 20 amp fuses at autozone, most of the fuses on amazon were about the same price. For a few dollars more you are better off spending $8 on this and getting an ENTIRE ASSORTMENT of of fuses in a nice box just in case you have any other fuses in 'something' blow on you during a blackout.   The 2nd time you ever go to this thing to get a fuse you'll be saying, "Thank you Steven Harris."

Roadpro 12V, 2 Outlet Platinum Series Fused Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Short Cord $8.90 *NEW*  
If you just need a simple 2 outlet splitter than this will work or you.  Personally I'd take the 3 outlet one above but this might be more minimal for some people.  The damn thing is fused so get the fuses above and put a 15 amp fuse in this so it does not blow when you need it the most.

Anker [5-Pack] Micro USB Cable Combo in Assorted Lengths, Ultra Durable and Nylon Braided Charging Cables $15.99 *NEW*  
This comes out to be just over $3 per cable.  You get 5 cables in this pack.  You get a 1 foot cable (good for charging a USB Battery next to the wall charger) and you get a 3 foot nylon braded 3 foot cable (the cable I use the most) and you get a 6 foot version of this same cable, and you get a black 6 foot cable (not nylon wrapped but durable as heck) and I get a 10 foot cable, which is good for going from the car charger to the back seat.  It works nice.  I just got 2 of these 5 packs and now I have plenty of cables.  If you want to see ALL of the High Quality Anker Cables ( I use nothing but Anker Cables now) then click HERE on THIS LINK to see them ALL.  These are USB cables for ANDROID (non-Apple) Devices.  See below for an Apple Cable.

Anker PowerLine 3ft Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Cable Sturdy Charging Cord for iPhone 5/5s/5c 6/6s Plus, iPad mini/Air/Pro iPod touch(Red) $9.99 *NEW*  
This is the Anker cable for Apple devices that use the more modern LIGHTNING Charging Cable.  I own and use this cable (for the wife's phone) and its durable as heck.  I'd trust the heck out of the cable.  If you have a 30 pin connector for an iPhone 4 or earlier, its time to upgrade.

As shown in the Cell Phone Video, these after market phone cases will keep your smart phone 100% waterproof, and I even show me using my phone through the case on the video.  If you are doing to be an extreme dusty environment, a rain forest or white water rafting and you are taking your phone with you, then you will want one of these cases for your smart phone.

DandyCase Blue Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, HTC One, iPod Touch 5 - Also fits other Large Smartphones up to 5.3 $11.99 *NEW*  
This is the waterproof case I had in the cell phone video.  I got it sometime ago.  It does NOT fit the newer "large" smart phones like the iphone 6+ and the Galaxy Notes and the 6 Edge... but it fits the regular phones just fine.  I think the case I have listed below might be better.  Its larger and will take ALL of the new larger phones PLUS since its larger if you have a regular smart phone with a thick case around it like an OtterBox or a Ballistic case it will fit in the case just fine.

Universal Waterproof Case, JOTO Cell Phone Dry Bag for Apple iPhone 6S 6,6S Plus, 5S 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 Note 5 4, HTC LG Sony Nokia Motorola up to 6.0" diagonal (Black) $10.99 *NEW*  
This case has almost 9000 feedbacks on it with a 4.6 out of 5 rating. I just ordered one in but I wanted it because I have a regular sized smart phone with a big case around it and I wanted this larger case to my phone could go directly into it without me taking off the case, which, is what I did for the case above.  Either way, my phone is 100% waterproof with either of these.

Ziploc Double Zipper Quart Freezer Bags, 216 Count $18.49
You can get one of the nice water proof cases above or if you are on a budget a quart size ziploc bag will work JUST AS WELL.  There are 1001 uses for a ziploc bag in your travel kit.  Put bathroom stuff in one, shaving stuff in another, put batteries in another one etc...  Plus... you can even fill them up and put water in them in an emergency.  I show this in the bug out bag video with a gallon ziploc but a quart bag would work just as good.

Michelin USA Road Map 761 (Maps/Country (Michelin)) $7.03 *NEW*  
As I show in the Bug Out Bag Video, this is one of the most important things you can have in your kit.  Where ever you are in the USA, you'll be able to find your way home.  This is small, very light weight and you should keep it in a 1 gallon zip lock bag to keep it 100% water proof.  During 9/11 I had friends stuck in Oregon and they had to rent a vehicle and drive it all the way from Oregon to Michigan non-stop.  Having a map like this in their kit would of prevented them from having to stop someplace and buy a map to find their way home.  During the Blackout of 2003 if you did not have CASH, you could not buy anything.  NONE of the ATMS or Debit or Credit card machines worked in the stores, the cash registers did not even work.  If you don't have it when you need it, you generally are not going to get it.  

Soldier Fuel Energy Bars - Real Peanut Butter - Box of 15 $29.95 *NEW*  
These are my FAVORITE food bars, energy bars etc... They do NOT have that darn 'chalking' whey aftertaste.  They are a bit more on the sweet side if anything.  These bars ARE used by US special operations/forces.  The bars are thin (like a Hershey bar) but they bend and flex and don't break like a chocolate bar would.   They come in chocolate or peanut butter.  I have eaten these when I was driving and stuck on the turn pike and was really hungry and then I remembered that I had 6 of these in my computer bag.  I ate 2 of them and felt full for many hours.

CRS Whistles - Metal Whistle with a 19 Inch Lanyard - Perfect for the Coaches, Referee, Football Coach, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Lifeguard - Protect Yourself for Storm Safety, Survival, Emergency $6.47 *NEW*  
In the video I show a plastic whistler and I've traveled with that one for a dozen years easily and its never broke, and of course I've never had a need to use it.  However a whistle or signaling device is an important tool in a kit so I have included this highly rated metal sports whistle for you to get for your kit. If I got a new whistle, I'd get this metal one.

Energizer Recharge Rapid Charger with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (included) Car and AC Wall Adaptor, 15-Min Charge Time $31.44 *NEW*  
This is currently the best AA/AAA RAPID charger on the market for "Harvesting Power".  See the Bugout Bag Video and the Cell Phone Video for more details on this.  This allows you to charge 4 AA NiMH batteries that are near dead to full charge in just about 30 minutes.  It will charge 2 batteries in 15 minutes.  If you had 4 of these you could charge 32 AA batteries in 1 hour from the battery of a passing car that you paid to wait for you to charge your batteries.  32 AA batteries can do a LOT for you in a place where there is little or no power.  Note:  For HOME charging, we VERY much LOVE the Powerex AA/AAA charger.  It will charge 8 AA/AAA batteries in 2 hours.  There is even a 1 hour version, but the 2 hour version is good enough.   For AA charging while traveling light we very much like the GS Yuasa Charger on this page OR the XTAR VS2 Charger on this page.  Both recharge from ANY USB power source.  This charger is ONLY for "Power Harvesting".

American Weigh Scales Black Blade Digital Pocket Scale, BL-1KG-BLK 1000 by 0.1 G $8.28 *NEW*  
T[ As seen in the Bug Out Bag Video, this milligram scale is used to CHECK your 18650 battery to see if its any good.  If its 42 grams or more, then its good.  If its less than 42 grams, like 37 grams then its a FAKE.  It might say 3000 or 3400mah on it, but its not... its probably 2000mah or LESS.  Normally these cheap 'fake' ones come with something when you buy it on Amazon, but... you can also buy 4 packs or more of these and they are no good.  Always buy a small batch first, then test them, and read the amazon feedback and then go and buy more if they are good.  The 18650's we have on this page and the TOP OF THE TOP of the best of quality and capacity.  You pay a premium for these but they won't burn your house down (I'm serious) and they will be their rated capacity and they will work for you for years.

#1 Rated 20L or 33L- Most Durable Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack $19.96 *NEW*  
As seen on the video this is a backpack that folds up into a little pouch that you can then put in your luggage or travel kit etc... when you need a backpack, as in if you need to scurry away or even just go down to the pool you just unzip it and shack out the insides and you have a full fledge backpack.  Its pretty awesome. I'vv been using these for years.  Need to carry something extra on to the airplane in addition to your 1 carry on?  This qualifies as 'purse' and you can use it as a second small carry on. It has a 1001 uses.   This the backpack in a bag, but see below for the bag in a bag.

Wandf Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Luggage Sports Gym Water Resistant Nylon $18.99 *NEW*  
This is JUST like the backpack above, but its a duffel bag folded into a bag.  I cannot emphasis how versatile and flexible these things are. The quality on both of these are EXCELLENT.  


Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher, ABC, 160CI $39.77 *NEW*  
This is NOT on any of my videos, but its very important.  Want to have the cheapest fire insurance you can. Buy one of these for each level of your house, even if its kept in a bedroom closet.  A fire in your house will take everything.  Your photos, memories, tools, comfort, computers, backed up hard drives, your life's work, your library, your pets and maybe even your lives.  When that smoke alarm goes off at 3AM you have seconds to hit that fire and to hit it hard before it spreads.  Where I use to live, the professional fire department could be at your house in 2 to 5 minutes.  Every single time.  Where I live now, it can take 5 minutes for 911 to call dispatch, then 10  minutes for the volunteer fire fighter to get to the station, then 5 to 10 minutes for me to reach my house.  By that time my house or your house is gone.  Buy an additional one and start a box fire someplace safe and have everyone in your house take turns at spraying the fire so they know how to use it and what to expect.  This is cheap cheap cheap education and protection.

Fire Gone White/Red Fire Extinguisher - 16 oz., (Pack of 3) $29.92 *NEW*  
I have USED THESE.  They are AWESOME.  That big fire extinguisher can be intimidating, and its makes a huge huge mess.  People might be reluctant to use it on a small fire (but they should). These little extinguishers are NOT intimidating and don't make a big mess. EVERYONE knows how to use a spray can.  Keep one in the kitchen, keep one in the main living area hidden, but everyone knows where its at.  You get a small grease fire, spray it with this.  Problem solved.  You are having dinner and the cat knocks over a tall candle onto the carpet and the carpet (very flammable) starts on fire.  Hit it with this. Small fire, small problem solved before it grows.  Buy this 3 pack, put 2 where I just old you, and have everyone take turns spraying the 3rd one outside, maybe on a box you set on fire.  I've used these, literally 1 second of spray puts out the small fire.  If you can use hornet spray, you can use this.  Stay safe my friends.
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Another suggestion is to dip a few cotton balls into candle wax for faster fire starting.

Maybe carry a Zoom Spout oiler as a backup if you can carry all that stuff?
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Let's assume you do not have time to grab that bag but only a few scant things.

Say the problem exists such as your house is on fire but you have 30 sec to grab other things since your bag is in the fire zone.

You can have a couple medicine bottles with the following in them outside the home:

Fishing line (spider wire or similar 30 lb test or stronger) and hooks, strike anywhere matches, couple cotton balls, a multi knife (not in the bottles), and what else can you put in them and your pockets (ladies have 'other' places they can store things on their body since most of their clothing usually won't have pockets).

What else can people think of that will fit in two medicine bottles and two pockets?

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Thanks so much for all your work on this.

I too love that Milwaukee multi bit screw driver, and got five!  One for each vehicle,  the house, shop, and the bug out bag.

I am considering a 5 gallon pail with gamma lid as bug out bag(s)...thoughts?

This way they could be stored outside,  and not stuck inside where they may not be accessible.  We did have a fire 🔥 a few years ago.   All I cared about was getting the animals to safety (the vehicles), then emptied the medicine cabinet into a basket (be damned if I was going to watch my home burn AND not have my meds!), grabbed my phone and ran.  Never even thought of the emergency bags...left them behind.

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tried getting some of the moth balls described in this post, but they were no longer available .  so i got some of these enoz mothballs and they don't seem to be nearly as flammable as the moth balls used in the video.  So just warning everyone else before they go out and buy a bunch of moth balls.  the real bummer is that the back of the bags clearly states that it is combustable.  However, after some minor testing, this does not appear to be the case.

side note, i tried to upload a video i took of me showing this, but apparently i can't share videos on permies.  if someone replies asking me for verification, i would be willing to put the video somewhere where i can share it.
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