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Hi M&Q,

Thanks for your post. I think we should talk. Here is what my wife and I are looking for, generally:

Let me know if you're interested.

7 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'll try to keep this short and sweet, and we can discuss the endless amounts of details that exist in a personal exchange.

My wife and I are trying to join or form the following:
an intentional community
a worker-owned farm
a healing cooperative

We are open to location in the lower 48, we are young, we have capital, and we have skills. Me: extensive IT skills, some handyman skills, some permaculture knowledge, some farm experience. My wife (Mags): licensed physical therapist, pilates instructor, dance, plants/herbs, some farm experience.

We want to get started by January. Anyone interested in starting a discussion about possibly joining us, or do you have a spot in your existing community that you think we might be a fit in? We are also looking extensively on forums like this and elsewhere for existing communities, but if something doesn't exist to suit our needs we are willing to pioneer a new community from the ground up. It would be preferable to be able to do that with other enthusiastic people.

More about us at

Looking forward to hearing from you.

- Stu and Mags Matthews
7 years ago
Hi all,

My wife, Mags, and I are about to begin a trip around the world for one
year. After our trip, we would like to begin a homestead in the United
States using Permaculture techniques. The first stop of our trip will be
in Latin America for two months, probably in Peru and Bolivia.

We are interested in working and learning somewhere for one month
beginning about January 20. Our timeline is flexible. We are both hard
workers and very eager to learn and help.

We also have skills to offer. I am an expert with computers and
electronics. I also have good cooking skills and basic construction
skills. I speak a small amount of Spanish.

Mags is a physical therapist specializing in women's health. She is also
an excellent cook and has sewing and other skills. She speaks basic
Mandarin Chinese.

English is both of our native language.

Might you have an opportunity for us to work on your farm?

Thank you very much.

Stu Chuang Matthews
8 years ago