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Recent posts by Barb Morris

Regarding pins: I've been trying to find sharp, sewing pins for years and have been completely unsuccessful. One fabric store told me that it has been a problem across the board and they recommended I search antique or thrift shops in hopes that an old sewing kit might be found. I still have some old pins from when I was young and they glide through fabric easily, but the newer ones usually bend as I try to push them in. Very irritating.
5 months ago
I've made buttons out of the clay that you simply bake in an oven. Easily found at craft stores, it comes in a variety of colors. You can form them into whatever size you are needing and use a heavy needle or skewer to punch the required holes.
I have been making my own toothpaste for probably close to 10 years. The recipe is very simple and (based on visits to the dentist) very effective.


1/2 cup Xylitol
6 heaping teaspoons coconut oil
Essential oil to taste (I use 25 drops of orange Doterra oil)

Store in a small, flat jar and use as you would regular toothpaste.
7 months ago
Hi Jesse,

Certainly Canada qualifies in the 'civilized' department and I would hope I end up qualifying as a kindred spirit.

So sorry to hear that you were screwed over! It is so clear to me that the regular system is not there to help the worker bees and yet the majority of folks seem oblivious to it. In some ways I just hide down my long laneway attempting to avoid it all.

I'm pleased you stopped to say hello. Write again if you feel inclined.
7 years ago
Hi Vera,

I would absolutely welcome a visit! Hopefully you will be understanding of the crazy set-up that I have going here. Far from completed, but the vision is there.

Where have you moved from and what has brought you here?

Looking forward to getting together!
7 years ago
In the summer of 2007 I bought 55 acres on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and began building from scratch an off-grid homestead. It is still a work in progress, but great strides have been made and it is becoming a very comfortable, albeit very simple life for my teenage son and myself. We live with many animals, solar panels and a small windmill. This upcoming summer (2013) I intend to focus on becoming noticeably more self-sufficient in the food department, but could certainly use assistance from someone more knowledgeable than I am in this department.
7 years ago
Hi there,

Not sure if you are still looking for a forest to garden, but I am in Nova Scotia, Canada and would certainly welcome assistance. You did not mention your age, but I am 52, a single mom, living off-grid on 55 acres. I built the place from scratch, having bought the land almost 6 years ago and it is a serious work in progress, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This summer I will be focusing on gardening, but could use the help of someone with much more knowledge in that department than I have.

Please send me a quick note to tell me that you are already happily digging away or simply to acknowledge my message. Best of luck!
7 years ago
Hi Len,

Thanks so much for the response. I have allowed space for a bench: cob or something that will do the trick, but lighter, as I definitely want the M part of the RMH. Perhaps I could do a quick test of vermiculite, peat moss and the refractory cement (I have everything but the cement already) and see how it holds together.

If I can work up the courage, I will be tackling this, this upcoming weekend. (Don't suppose anybody who has already built one of these things is planning a trip to Nova Scotia in the very near future? lol)

Will let you know.
9 years ago
Hello. I am new to your forum and have been exploring the idea of a RMH for a while now. With winter fast approaching, I'd better get to it.

My question is not exactly about building a portable RMH, but building using a more lightweight mixture than traditional cob. This summer I built a small home (approx. 400 sq. ft) that looks like a houseboat/ark and it has a wooden floor. I intend to use the information from Ianto's book regarding if you are a renter, but am also trying to deal more easily with the weight issue.

I am therefore wondering if anyone has experimented with the Hypertufa mix: portland cement, peat moss and vermiculite. It is much lighter and apparently has excellent insulation qualities.

Would anyone kindly care to offer an opinion? I am a single mom in Nova Scotia, Canada, trying to figure this out on my own.
9 years ago