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I would like to stock our area with frogs and toads. Has anyone purchased stocking populations before? Any ideas on where to get frogs and toads for shipping?
8 years ago
The most prolific product to come from my hugelkultur year after year is snakes. Since we put in our Hill we breed snakes by the hundreds.

This vid inspired me to share my experience.
9 years ago
must say it also looks of a roundup(glyphosate) ish look? no?
10 years ago
at some point in the past i connected all the whiteish splotches and the look of the thing on groundcover with mineral that were being distributed sprinkler via the groundwater pump. so away with the sprinkler (not the dance). drip drip
10 years ago

Adrien Lapointe wrote:Maybe if enough people request it they will start making it again. I want one too

Yes I agree. But all I was told is that it's not being made anymore. Can you tell us a little more than just that?
10 years ago
I want a saw mill too. Is there info in the forums about the mill you are using here? Thanks, tt.

paul wheaton wrote:So much to build .... and I haven't unpacked my sawmill yet. This is a pooper and a workbench - some assembly required.

10 years ago
movie notes: if your feeling sad today, watch this.

good 'ol farmers give no till / cover crops a try and they find this:

-increased soil moisture, less power to pumps
-natural weed control, less chems
-decreased soil temp from the highs, other crops were burning out
-more vigor in plants, due to root reach, due to more ambient moisture
-increase soil nutrient level, result less chems bigger yields
-richer soil drains better then the strata sheeting of water they get from till and disturb.

conclusion: one feller at the end said after 6yrs he has not hit a production increase plateau and he doesn't know if there is a plateau!

to hear the words of permaculture come out of the mouths of hardened chem farmers made me VERY happy
Ladybugs: This last week we spotted a caterpillar web nest on our Satsuma Plum tree. Well we don't spray and it was up to me to get out and remove that nest. A day pasted. Then another day. Three days later I finally get out to remove the nest and it is covered in ladybugs enjoying a caterpillar meal. Problem solved.
11 years ago