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since Oct 31, 2011
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Recent posts by Kerry Rodgers

wayne fajkus wrote:Zachs opinion was get the plantings in the pond this year and not introduce fish til next year. This wait will result in 5x healthier fish and plants.

What do you and Zach think about mosquitos during this year without fish?

BTW, thanks so much for documenting and sharing this project!
4 days ago

Mike Jay wrote:If anyone is good at climate battery math, let me know

If you wanted a professional with actual climate battery/greenhouse experience, you could reach out to Rob Avis of  I think he could likely consult with you at whatever level of involvement you wanted, say, a little experience-sharing, up to a full engineered design.  Great guy.
1 month ago
I dream of doing this one day!   Congrats on your project, Mike.

Have you seen Jerome Osentowski's book, "The Forest Garden Greenhouse"?  Several of the case studies there are about tropical greenhouses, and he addresses the plants he uses as nitrogen fixers, how to arrange, etc.
2 months ago

Kerry Rodgers wrote:I'm offering $20 each to the next 5 residents who start or continue a blog thread in the "wheaton laboratories" forum.

This has gone pretty well, with 4 awarded so far.   I don't want it to end! There are still two slots open in the boot program, and possibly more people will be having a stay at the Labs once the weather gets warmer.  So I want to recharge this bounty by  adding 5 more instances of it to the bounty list.

If you're new to all this, look at the top post on page one of this tread for details.  Note that this is one of the few bounties that can be done on your first day at Wheaton Labs, and even by short-term residents.
2 months ago

Bill Erickson wrote:Paypal is giving me some bureaucratic BS which I have to wait through prior to transferring fundage. Please be patient.

I'm hearing this a lot lately.  If people have other payment transfer ideas, please suggest.
2 months ago
Looks like the newest boot, Robbie, has started a "blog thread" with pictures!   Give the man $20!  @Bill, can you set it up?

Welcome to the forums, Robbie!
3 months ago
I really like the overall style and look of the vid.  It is fun!  I think maybe a bit longish for people who are not already fans, maybe.  

It just ends in mid air: "is there enough interest to print it?"<cut>  Is that just due to the rough edit?  It leaves me cold.  Maybe I just want the comfort of familiarity, where the end is the ask.  You could get that effect by adding 1 more sentence, along the lines of "...interest to print it.  If you want more people to know about solutions that work, please support our kickstarter."   Or whatever.    Or a similar sentiment in a graphic.

But more likely you had a good reason for the end to be as it is?  

3 months ago
Leah Penniman's book is out.  I got mine last week.  So far, I've only had time to flip thru it, but it looks to be full of ideas and perspectives that I've never encountered before.  I recommend it.

There's even a short chapter near the end called "White People Uprooting Racism".  It doesn't say what I expected.  

For posting, I'd like to see some old posts for context right on the posting page, like we do in desktop.

And the insert buttons, like William said.
I'm usually just reading on mobile, because I hate text editing on mobile.  For reading, I'm pretty ok with the current mobile view, except it just feels a little buggy.  A few tweaks would be good enough for me.

Random thoughts:
  • If I'm in email/browser and click on a link to a permies post (not the first post in a thread) it is very iffy where I'll end up.  Often you're at the top of the page instead of at the specific post.  Sometimes you're on page 1 instead of middle of page 3.  Sometimes it works. ??? (this may be phone/os dependent)
  • When I click the +1 button it isn't quite right.  On my current Android, it flashes a bit and the scrolling jumps a bit.  On the old iPhone, it put you back to the top of the page.  In both cases it looks like a full page refresh may have happened--ouch.
  • I often wish to "watch topic", or check that am already watching, without scrolling all the way to the bottom of a long thread.
  • I really like the little down arrow button at the top right that takes you to the bottom.  I use it alot.  But it looks unlike the other buttons, is too small, and too close to the big "logout" button.  Also, I wish it went to the last post on the page, or to the tiny add, or to something useful, rather than to the literal bottom where there's big empty space and tiny links.
  • The huge logout button can move to the menu or something.  I'll probably never use it.  (Yes I know the login button is sometimes there, and I do use that.)

  • I'd be curious to know what % of Posts were done on mobile.