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Recent posts by Kerry Rodgers

Hi Raven,  I love this post.

I think there are a lot of people out there who will care about this topic.  But perhaps even more who will care about your lifestyle and pursuits.  This post would make the most awesome script for a pitch video.  Hint.  Are you thinking of offering swag (in addition to the book itself)?  Hint.

Looking forward to the campaign.
5 days ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:I'm technically the back up person for the Biological Reverse Kickstarter.

Thanks, Nicole.  Looks like our posts crossed.  I wonder whether people at the Labs know about this?  I would assume, but...  I kinda got the idea that Bill lived somewhat nearby, and might visit and talk up this thread.
2 weeks ago

Jeremy Butler wrote:Not sure what the protocol is for claiming these rewards, but I believe I qualify for this one with my thread post at

Thanks, Jeremy!  Your video is exactly what I had in mind.  Paypal sent!!

All y'all should go look at Jeremy's thread.  He's posted a number more vids since this one, and he's making progress on several projects.

There's still 4 more folks who can qualify for this reward, 'cause it for the "next 5 residents".  Jeremy was the first, but if you've slept at Basecamp or Labs, post 3 stills or 1 vid and get $20.  You wanted to do it anyway, right?  So here's a chance to get a bonus 20 bucks.
2 weeks ago

Jeremy Butler wrote:make sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to be notified.

Great videos, Jeremy.  And congrats on the progress!  I found I'd missed a passed vid, and the layout of your project started making a lot more sense when I watched that one.

Say "hello" to the cats for me. :)
3 weeks ago
@Bill, are you still there?  I'd like to pay Jeremy his $20 bounty that I pledged.

Bill Erickson wrote:I'll manually certify the project is completed (the Biological part of things), verification that the means for the Pledge are still there,  the desire is still there,
that the project meets the expectation, and then I'll arrange for transfer of funds/delivery of goods.

Kerry previously wrote:Bill, what's the next step to get Jeremy his backer funds?

3 weeks ago
Well, I did read the whole thing, and I like it, but....  I'm amazed, like, every day at my corporate job the resistance people have to reading anything.  One person recently refused to read/review the documentation that they had asked me to produce.  So, I think it might help to add a "tl;dr" graph at the top.

It could be extracts of the long text, like

My videos are mostly about homesteading and permaculture stuff.   I try to make shorter videos that introduce a topic or point-of-view that is not yet on youtube.

I have oodles of raw video that I don't have time to edit.  Patreon sponsors let me pay some folks to help out.  The more folks feed my Patreon, the more videos I am able to crank out!

An alternative might be to bold (or color, or otherwise call out) these sentences in the big text.  I actually saw the aforementioned co-worker scroll thru a big document and select 2 irrelevant (but statistically rare) heading words to summarize the whole document in their powerpoint bullet.  So maybe just bolding would work, but I'm not sure.

P.S.  Typo:  "fee" -> "feed" in first paragraph.

Kerry Rodgers wrote:I want to lower the barrier to entry...

I'm offering $20 each to the next 5 residents who start or continue a blog thread in the "wheaton laboratories" forum.

Jeremy the Ant has posted a video to his thread.  He's started building a house!

Bill, what's the next step to get Jeremy his backer funds?
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:for all of the people i have sent gifts ...   this is some new tech ...   is it working okay?

I received an email on 9Aug with the 5 WDG gift links.  I've not tried them yet. I just tried the first link, and it took me to a thread with 3 embedded players, which work!  I'll have to send those other 4 links out as gifts!  (I also have the physical DVDs.)

paul wheaton wrote:I now sent a bunch of patreon peeps (with all time contributions of $100 or more) three gift links.  One person reported receiving the links.   Anybody tried them?

I cannot find any evidence of receiving this.  I checked both email (incl spam) and patreon website, but I couldn't find anything.
Hi Michael,
I just happened on this thread today, and wanna say your projects and people look awesome!  I also put in an order--actually 2: onions and herbs!
Best wishes!
Joshua, I love your offer, especially since it has rewards that are non-currency!

I'm still not sure I get the biological reverse kickstarter concept here.

Here's what I've gathered:
It is "kickstarter" because it is crowd funding.
It is "reverse" because the sponsors (rather than the creators) are pitching the projects.
It is "biological" because Bill is personally running it, as opposed to algorithms running in a datacenter.

Possibly the term was defined in the referenced podcast.  I've fallen behind on the podcasts, now that I don't have a long commute anymore.

I think your offer is right on!
1 month ago