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Recent posts by Kerry Rodgers

Paul Wheaton wrote:
$50:  RAW

A lot of raw video
the final artifacts from GLORY

+ everything in ...

$100:  GLORY

Ability to participate with something like zoom or youtube in at least three design meetings
  - possibly with experts
Ability to participate with the builders in a weekly build review session
Ability to participate with the residents doing some walk throughs of the final product
+ name in the final movie
+ 3 gift codes for the final movie

+ everything in ...
+ everything in RAW

Ask:  $15,000

This is the moment for brainstorming!  Wuddya got?

The $100 level is really awesome--a big jump from $50.  I notice that you got a decent number of supporters at the $150 and $200 levels in the last 2 kickstarters (I didn't look further back than that).  What about dividing the $100 rewards between a $100 level and a (slightly) higher level?  Possible division strategies might be 1 meeting vs 3 meetings, or not-getting-weekly vs getting weekly updates.

I know there is COVID economic hardship out there, but right now, I'm still working.   In July?  Who knows?  Some sectors may recover fast while others are slower.   it is hard to predict.

Probably every level should get a high level design summary about the time the build starts.  Otherwise, progress posts/vids will be hard for them to understand.   Maybe you don't need to promise that, or maybe it gives a bullet point for a level that needs more text?  Or, what if everyone gets a forum post with 5 bullets and a still picture, while some higher levels get a 2 minute walk-thru-the-design video?  I don't think such a video needs to be highly polished.

I'm excited about this and any sub-project that accelerates the Abbey towards Gertitude.  And in case anyone else reading this thread has a short memory like I do, here's what I just saw on Kickstarter about the book project:

2,768 backers pledged $153,983 to help bring this project to life.

paul wheaton wrote:

Kerry Rodgers wrote:I like that it deals mostly with the project and not with the candy.  It appeals to the "base".

I think we will be trying to add even more candy than last time.   ...  It's hard to not do the candy thing in these conditions.

Oh definitely!  You do candy far better than anyone I've ever seen on crowdfunding.    I was thinking many things in my head and wrote an unfocussed comment.  

I should've said:  "I observe that the script does not mention the candy" and left it at that.  Now that you've posted them, I see that the previous videos worked a very similar way.  

BTW, the animated light-sabre scene for the Rocket Oven project is so, so very awesome.

paul wheaton wrote:

Kerry Rodgers wrote:I love this amount of detail.  I'm not keeping up with ALL your wonderful content these days, so some of it was news to me, which is how I like it.    But maybe some other types would think it too long and wonky?


Example of "I didn't know (or possibly just didn't remember) about that":
* Discussing anti-stratification tube with Mike O.
* The two well casings idea.

Example of "other type people may think it long".  I was thinking about the point of view of people who are not already familiar with the following (two minutes of jargon-I-dont-know can seem a long time):
* who is was Mike Oehler?  
* what is a berm?
* do greenhouses have a "walkway"?
* what is stratification?
* what is a well casing?

Probably all these will/can be addressed in the visuals.  

paul wheaton wrote:And the end of this [Rocket Oven] video (2:35) "give us monies!"

I think I'm gonna watch that Light Sabre battle! again, now.  Thanks for that!

Orin Raichart wrote:...the set of stretches I'm referring to as Himalayan Yoga...

Thanks, Orin!  I'll have a look.
Kudos to Jen!  If you do peen, I'd love to see a brief video.  I've been afraid to try it, and mine needs it bad.  (I know they're on Youtube, but that's not the same.)
Wow, that WAS a full day!   I'm intrigued by your mention of "just before Himalayan yoga".  If it's not too personal a subject, maybe a brief description/link/pic of the practice there at WL?  

I started yoga back in Dec at a local place and wasn't that happy.  When COVID shut that down, I found something online that surprisingly I'm super happy with.  So now I want to know what everyone else is doing.  I hadn't actually heard of "Himalayan" as a style before.
And one more random thought about the project as a whole:

Rob Avis, Verge Permaculture, in Calgary has deep experience in the cold climate greenhouse and climate battery space.  He consults and runs courses about this subject.  I took one a few years ago, and it was excellent.  (I was hoping to build a more modest thing like Mike's build here, but then life happened.)

Rob might be interested in some kind of collaboration on your project, such as:
* He's an engineer who can calculate stuff about the amounts of things:  how much glazing area, insulation, thermal mass, ground pipe, etc you need to get your desired temperature range.
* He has a very sophisticated spreadsheet that allows you to estimate these quantities as you iterate your design.
* He might want to contribute candy.
The above post was about the script.  This one is about titles...

The internet has a seemingly insatiable desire for “tiny house” and “cabin”, so those are hooks.  If you incorporate a sauna, outdoor shower, and cold soak combo….    (Just kidding.)

For me, the “earth sheltered” and “gray water” concepts are more interesting/novel than “totally-passive” or “timber-framed” are.

I’m drawing a blank on words, but what about the “cheap” angle?   “The $50…”

Here are a few random more permutations:

Clean Gray Water Year-round in an Earth-sheltered Greenhouse (Film)
Greenhouse Plants Recycle Water—Even in winter! (Documentary)
A Lush Greenhouse Recycles Water—Even in winter! (Documentary)
Off-grid Greenhouse Cleans Water in Winter (Documentary)
Lush in Winter, and Recycles Water (Documentary)

Earth-sheltered, earth-connected, grounded, climate battery, geothermal, cave, grotto, Wofati
All year, year-round, four season, all winter, even in winter, Montana winter, under snow, cold proof, indoor
Gray water, recycle water, clean water, kitchen water
Clean, purify, recycle
Movie, documentary, story, video, experience
Lush, gorgeous, generous, paradise, oasis, loving, giving, purple…. lol

Can you tell I’m procrastinating something else I'm supposed to be doing?

Cool!  I love the quick progress!

I like that it deals mostly with the project and not with the candy.  It appeals to the "base".  Do you have data/feelings about how much revenue the project vs the candy generated on past kickstarter projects?

I love this amount of detail.  I'm not keeping up with ALL your wonderful content these days, so some of it was news to me, which is how I like it.    But maybe some other types would think it too long and wonky?

And then the ending:

Will it work?   This leads to the big kickstarter question:  do you want us to try?

What a cliff hanger!  I worry a little about stopping short of a "call to arms" or an "ask" at the end.  But it's dramatic.  Maybe it would be effective if the narration ended like this, but then there was big text on the screen asking folks to pledge?
A belated congratulations, Josiah, on the 100th media post and 9 months on the project!   Your video is really positive and hopeful.   I wish you well in all your endeavors!  :)
Ah, Jen, such an awesome post!  

Since Fred doesn't post, any chance you'd give a brief summary of the Soil Microscopy Program at Wheaton Labs?  What did Fred et al see, and what are their goals for the soil?