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Just south of Dallas Texas
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Recent posts by Curt Hettman

I use my flock to keep the root flares on my fruit trees clear and exposed.
I throw a bit of scratch feed at the base of a tree whenever it looks like it needs a bit of exposure and they do the work. The added bonus is they keep the weeds removed, the soil loose, and add fertilizer.
7 months ago
There is comfrey in the yard that they keep pretty well mowed down.
Anything else I could add to the yard?
7 months ago
Question; Is there a general health regimine to help my rooster and chickens live long productive lives?

Background; I have had a backyard flock for about 7 years with my current oldest bird 4 years old, my Rhode Island Red rooster. He is great and would like to keep him healthy for many more years.
There are 11 hens and 1 roo and they all free range on 1/8th acre. I give food also, just a general layer pellet.
Free choice of oyster shell, about 4 cups scratch feed every few days, about two cups of dried meal worms about once a week, and 3 cups of sunflower seed a week.

Anything else I should be doing?
7 months ago

S Tenorman wrote:KC, yeah, it's free, so I want to utilize it/them if possible.

Here's what I be working with.  The first two beds that have onions and garlic are done.....and are a pleasure to work in due to their height.

Looking forward to getting it all done before spring.

Are those beds made using pallets?
8 months ago

Annie Collins wrote:
You could try composting it the same way Joe Jenkins talks about for humanure: Scroll down the site's front page a bit and you will see some videos.
Nice looking group of dachshunds, by the way!

I will look at it thanks.

And thank you for the compliment. We have breeding miniature dachshunds for about 15 years now, and most of them are AKC champions at this point.
9 months ago
I like the idea of the post hole digger solution and have had similar ideas in the past.
I don't have lots of land though only about 1/8 acre that is the back yard where the chickens free range.
I can imagine the chickens would tear out most of the poo as soon as I put it in and then there is the issue of hand digging for me and an open hole in the yard.

The sewer solution is out as I don't have city sewer. I did consider putting it into my aerobic septic tank but have been told by other dog breeders that the hair doesn't break down very well and van cause problems.
9 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:There appear to be several solution available:

Amazon Link

Amazon Link

Amazon Link

Yes I have seen those but can't find anyone that can give me an idea on how fast the poop will break down for the amount I would be putting in it.
9 months ago
LGD are supposed to stay put if they don't then they are not trained well enough and you have a pet.

Training and bonding with the specific type of animal they are to protect is needed. They are not supposed to be your buddy when you are out doing chores they are supposed to live eat and sleep with their animal full time.

In the end not all dogs can be a LGD, even if it is from good lines. Try again and buy from a good breeder that can prove that thier dogs are doing thier jobs. Yes you will pay but look at it as how much you will save in lost animals and frustration.
9 months ago

Flora Eerschay wrote:Do you know how quail deal with hot weather? I don't mean exposing them to full sun in the summer, but just in general - are they like rabbits which seem to prefer the cold weather, or not?

Bobwhites are native to the Texas scrubland and handle the arid dry conditions very well.
Coturnix tend to be a bit more sensitive. When I kept them in cages they were in a building that was climate controlled. When I had them in an aviary they just had a tarp over half of their area for shade and they did just as well.
The only issue with the aviary is that they will lay eggs anywhere and everywhere which makes collection a bit harder.
9 months ago
Currently I free range chickens on about 1/8 of an acre in my back yard. I keep them for the eggs not the meat. I butchered enough chickens when I was a child and lived on my grandparents farm.
I also kept quail for several years in cages and in an aviary both Coturnix and Bobwhite. I loved the quail for the eggs and the meat but I was the only person in the family that would eat them so it was a lot of work for a limited return for the family.
I live in the county part of my town ( wich means I am pretty rural the properties around me are all 1/2 acre or larger) so there are no rules for livestock other than not to let them damage your neighbors property.
Sorry this got long winded and rambling.

To sum up get chickens they are easy, mostly quiet, amd provide great fertility.
9 months ago