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Recent posts by Matt Walker

Hey Gang! It's been a while since I shared a video with you all so I thought I'd share my latest.  I announce my just released Eight Inch J ceramic fiber core plans and talk about my secondary air material experiments. I'm currently using a new material for my Pre-Port floor channel, Rolled Alloys RA330, and it's working better than I expected!

I'm going to make this a regular feature, so please let me know if you have any questions or topics you'd like me to go over next time and I'll do my best to cover it. Hope you find the info in this one useful, and as always thanks to all Permies for your support!
5 years ago

nancy sutton wrote:Interesting topic.  I just ran across this interview of Jordan Peterson by Joe Rogan (I don't necessarily agree with either of their opinions in other arenas, however).
There is also another interview available with his daughter, Mikhaila.

It is interesting, isn't it Nancy?  It is so backwards to everything we think we know, it takes a while to wrap one's head around it.

As for the Petersons, those two are relative newcomers to this way of eating but I am sooooo glad that they decided to try it and are sharing their experiences. Their experience is that of most folks who give this way of eating an honest 30 day try.  It tends to bring about profound positive change. Their stories are both ones of amazing healing and growth, as is mine and many, many others.

Here's Mikhaila's blog:

And here are a whole lot more testimonials, from ex-vegans to powerlifters to people laid low by lifelong chronic illness, all finding their health:

If you are out there and wondering how to get well, or better, or reach your best, this is worth a 30 day try.  I guarantee you will learn an immense amount about yourself that will help you going forward.
5 years ago
Wes, the brick RMH uses standard red clay brick throughout. You can buy them at Home Depot for $0.44, or check your local craigslist for salvaged bricks which is my preference.
5 years ago
Hey gang, I know I just posted a customer build yesterday, but I got another email today and I know you all are as excited to see new RMHs as I am, so I thought I'd share.  It seems there are lots of builds wrapping up as we approach winter and I am having so much fun helping you all with your builds and seeing them come to life.

Check out this great example of the Walker Stoves Brick RMH by Joshua Heyneke:

You can see more here.

Thanks as always Permies!

5 years ago
I just received a lovely email from a customer and I had to share this beautiful work with you all.  Check out this gorgeous Tiny Cook Stove!  It is so cool to see these coming to life, thanks for all of your support Permies!

You can see more here.

5 years ago
Hey guys, sorry I missed so many posts here.  

Mike, Thomas got it pretty much exactly right. No surprise there!  The CFB doesn't hold up too well to abrasion, but it lasts indefinitely in the flame path.  I find that I don't beat up my firebox as much as one would expect, these stoves are cool and easy to load so you don't bang wood into them like in a typical box stove.  As such, I'm on year three with my core and while there is visible wear in the firebox it still isn't an issue. When it's time to replace, a couple new small cheek boards can be easily inserted into the firebox and I'm good for a few more years.  

The performance benefit is worth it to me to deal with a bit of abrasion wear.  The firebox is sized such that one could line it with firebrick splits, or your kiln shelf, to eliminate wear issues, but I've found that I don't care for how that performs.  It creates poor burns and hot, hard loading conditions. That's a decision that one can make on their own once the stove is built.

As for building the whole core out of Mullite, I suspect performance would suffer.  That said, I'm just wrapping up a firebrick version of this core to offer with the Tiny Cook Stove Plans for those who can't or don't want to source ceramic fiber board.  The efficiency will suffer a bit, but they are still fantastic cook stoves.  So, I suspect you could use the mullite if you preferred.  If you do, I'd love to hear your experience.

Ju, the aluminum stoves are just skins over my ceramic board cores, so the core plans basically are the aluminum stoves.  I'm happy to help with skin details if you decide to build one.  I don't have any package deals at the moment, but I really like the ideas for books and video series you propose.  I will work on those!  Thanks for the kind words.

Simon, you are right it's a fine line.  I suspect that if you build just the stove body with no bench you would have a small cook stove mass heater that would heat your space for 8 hours or so after a burn.  Hope that helps.

Thanks all for the support!!

5 years ago
Bethany!!  You just made my day, thank you so much for posting your update. I believe that so many people who are suffering could be helped so much by this and us sharing our experiences is how we can help others, so thank you for being brave enough to share as well! Here's hoping we can inspire curiosity in more people.

Here are some more anecdotes from others who have become curious enough to give this a trial run.

I'm still sharing weekly, even though I don't have much new to say, but for anyone who wants to follow along here's the latest.

5 years ago
Hey Permies!  I made video going over my mortar mix I use when building rocket mass heaters and my masonry cook stoves.  I share some tips and techniques, talk about Furnace Cement and other alternatives, and share my recipe for a mortar mix that is tried and true.  Hope you find it useful, and as always, thank you Permies for letting me share.  I hope you are all having a great Fall, getting your harvest put up and wood in the shed!  Thanks Permies!!

5 years ago
Hey Permies, I thought I'd share my latest video with you all.  I go over the secondary air component in a batch box rocket mass heater and talk a bit about materials.  Thanks so much for letting me share!
5 years ago

Michael Linville wrote:I’m wondering if it’d work okay to scale this system down to a 4” one. I’m living in the foothills of the Himalayans, and the local stoves all have 4” flues. I would use it (at least for this season) solely for heat and some cooking. I won’t do the mass heater part or even the extra part for warming water. I don’t have a lot of room, and it’ll be freestanding in the middle of the room (I’ll move it at the end of the season). Basically, I’m thinking about building your riser-less core and adding a top to it (granite, concrete, or a big slab of rock).  I can get the ceramic fiber panels, and I’ll put a metal casing around the sides and bottom.  Do you see any red flags to this? I greatly appreciate your help, and I greatly appreciate you sharing this new system you’ve developed!

Michael, thanks so much for the kind words and interest.  I have to admit that I truly do not know the answer to your question.  I suspect that it would likely scale down and work wonderfully, although I do only think that of your proposed configuration.  I do not think a 4" core would function at all trying to drive mass.  However, a simple little cook stove made by capturing the core in a metal skin like my Aluminum Series has a very good chance of functioning acceptably, in my opinion.  I think it's worth a try.
5 years ago