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I clicked on my profile  and do not have option to unsubscribe.   Please remove me from all email lists.
10 months ago

Have all of the video sets from the kickstarter been sent out? If so I have not yet received mine should I be concerned?

You are now an official backer of Permaculture Earthworks and Hugelkultur Garden 3-DVD set. Time to tell the world about it!

95.00 no more junk this month but hey IT IS WORTH IT!!! GO PERMIES!

I love the additions to kickstarter and I am just about to join in.... My question is at the 95 dollar level is there anyway we can get a download of the videos instead of the plastic discs??? Just a question. And second I sent a message earlier about the thumb drive but wonder if a 95 dollar kickstarter contribution would help more with your quest to save the world "one brick at a time".
I totally want one but did not respond earlier. Can I still get in on this fantastic deal??
Two ducks walk into a bar.... the third one stoops under.. see even water related
7 years ago

I love this thread and the associated podcasts. I really think this is an incredibly ambitious experiment. Being an extremely conservative (politically speaking) individual I am drawn to all of these things on the basis out of reverence for creation in general. Thank you for everything you do and for causing me to think more deeply about the interactions of life.
8 years ago
First of all THANK YOU!

Your pod-casts are fabulous. As for the extraneous noise I LOVE IT!! All I need to say is PIE!! I really love the videos too if I can help in anyway in processing audio for the podcast or in anyway please let me know. I am on the list for your dailyish emails but I seem to only get them about once a week. I try to spread the word when I can but links are hard for me because I do not have a site with any traffic that would be helpful. I will however be doing that soon when my blogs get started and grow.

Thank you again and I would only suggest that you and Jack Spirko begin a weekly show together I think this would ROCK!