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Current Drawings Index:

Solar Food Dehydrator - Missoula1 model
Solar Food Dehydrator - WheatonATC1 model
Solar Food Dehydrator - HotAussie1 model
Rocket Oven - WheatonLabs2016 model
Rocket Oven - WheatonLabs2018 model

Future Drawings List:

Culinary Equipment - J-tube Rocket
Culinary Equipment - Rocket Griddle/White Oven/Water Heater
Culinary Equipment - Box Cooker Wheaton ATC 2017
Home&Garden - Rolly Storage Shelves at Wheaton Labs
Home&Garden - Pergola
Home&Garden - Wicking Bed
Home&Garden - Wofati Construction Documents
Animal Shelter - Chicken Tractor
Home&Garden - Wash Station
Home&Garden - Tree Guild Plans
Home&Garden - Pathway

Discount Packages:

Combo Package - Solar Food Dehydrators
Triple Package - Solar Food Dehydrators
1 week ago

Mark Kissinger wrote:
How much moisture (by weight) does the dehydrator remove? Have you measured your required/optimum airflow?

I don't believe there have been scientific quantities/tests yet.
3 weeks ago

Mark Kissinger wrote:Where does the water go? Is there any way to reclaim the moisture?

The moisture joins the air in the dehydration cabinet, and escapes out the back top opening.

Inside the dehydration cabinet, the moisture tries to equalize, but is never able, because the air continues to move out as new air comes in.

This unit is not concerned with capturing the moisture and containing it. Maybe install an air-well elsewhere to grab moisture from air, or add this moist air to other moist air so it will drop/sink somewhere, but not here. This is not in the scope of our project. If dehydrators can not perform there purpose fast enough, the moisture will cause the food to spoil.
3 weeks ago
This is a triple combo offer (with discount) of three individual plan sets:

        - Missoula1 $20

        - WheatonATC1 $20

        - HotAussie1 $20

Solar Dehydrator Plans - all three Missoula1 model and WheatonATC1 model and HotAussie1 model
Authored by Davin Hoyt

Format: PDF file
Pages: 12 total (4+4+4)
Print size: 48"x36"
Price: 30 USD

3 months ago

Rocket Oven 2016- plan download
Authored by Davin Hoyt; Designed and built by Tim Barker for Wheaton Labs in 2016.

Format: PDF file
Pages: 3
Print size: 48"x36"
Price: 20 USD

4 months ago

Davin Hoyt wrote:EDITS are coming and the latest version will always be posted here.

I have completed and updated the plans. Thanks for your patience.
4 months ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:
Euphorbia spp. [Euphorbiaceae] (euphorbia).
There are over 1,500 species.
Most of them produce a milky latex that contains complex terpenes (unsaturated hydrocarbons).
Contact with the latex causes dermatitis, inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea, and gastritis.
Poinsettias do not contain the toxic terpenes common to other species.

I believe Euphorbia Prostrata has caused me to blister. Can it spread without sap? Do you know of treatments?

The Narrative: Euphorbia plants are common in my area (east-central Texas). I believe this same rash/blistering happened, as a child, after playing soccer during recess in elementary school. It covered both legs, and I was lucky to have healed during Thanksgiving break. That occurrence's doctor's records can't be found. I believe other (minor) occurrences popped up later in life. The most significant were while my men's soccer league team was practicing on a school's field in Houston. I attributed these occurrences to imbalances in my body and heat/sweat - as did physicians and dermatologists.
4 months ago