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I like architecture - small and large.
Central Texas (Georgetown)
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

What do y'all think about things like this?

I thought it was cool that I graphically linked Wheaton Labs to Wheaton Base Camp, but I don't think anyone has really looked at it yet.

2 days ago
Permies alerts me via email when I receive purple moosages. When Annie sent her complaint, I notified Permies staff immediately. Then, the next day, we exchanged purple moosages.

In my defense: When I list a set of drawings, I place a small horizontal blurry image of the actual PDF large document drawings that make up the set. This is done to convey the simplicity/complexity/extent of the plan set. In each set, I will add notes for best practices, and in this particular set I state that the design is best for hot climates (however, the initial specimen was built at Wheaton Labs, and does fine there over the course of a full sun summer day). This model is the most simple of all my dehydrator drawings and I do not (as of now) offer a materials and measurements listing sheet, instead, I show the position of each material within the construction and dimension them as well. I tell you (through graphical information and the use of leaders and dimension lines) where to place materials to make the science work for you. I do not tell you how many screws to use, optional sourcing of materials, and how much to expect the project to cost. If someone was to alter the construction, the entire material list of dimensions could become obsolete (because I am not selling you a package of cut material - all pieces in a box). Furthermore, (on costs and the extent of direction herein), if you were to print these drawings at full size, it would cost 5 USD per page for black and white (triple that for color copies).

With all this said: I have posted a 20 USD bounty for material and cut lists for each of my dehydrator drawings. Also, I have been thinking of ways that I may rearrange the plans for easier printing - at home printing. I imagine this could be 30 letter size pages, instead of a few large documents. Furthermore, if you are reading this and know of a way that I may protect my PDFs from pirating, I would appreciate any information you have.
2 days ago
I gave up doing my own logos because I would jam too many ideas into them (usually three into one graphic).

Anyway, this is my sketch after reading all the comments.

More energy to you :)
This is where the project is now.

I did a bad job describing the project in my initial video (as I always do with my art and architecture). And referral links aren't worth sharing (at 10% of people's small bitcoin claims). But if you're interested, the best way to acquire this token is to refer yourself, and put Etherium into the Adoption Amplifier (some day) this first year of the project launch. The token can be traded or swapped for other crypto currencies, but the big intriguing feature of this project is the time deposit with interest. The (white paper) contract allows an anonymous crypto address (crypto wallet) the ability to manage its own "Certificate of Deposit." The community interested in this project has been active in creating tools (web pages) to view all sorts of statistics with the projects environment (since everything is public - where you are an address, not an identity).
2 weeks ago

Joshua Myrvaagnes wrote:What do you notice about yourself as you are typing/reading?

What parts of my body are in motion, and what parts aren't, and what you will think, and these words being recorded:)
3 weeks ago

Joshua Myrvaagnes wrote: ***!!!Don't do exercises!!!.***

Love it. The last two days I had gone straight to some construction work and felt great.
BUT, now I'm sitting at a computer which is probably how I got out of shape (then, hurt).
1 month ago

Davin Hoyt wrote:
I feel this information could turn a person's life around because it has mine.

Adding to what I wrote last year...
I now have a foam roller that I do before bed.
I stretch by lunging, placing back knee on floor, and pulling the back ankle to butt.
I lay on a tennis ball and feel around; get to know myself, basically targeting sciatic at but, and muscles running up back (and hiding behind shoulder blade).
I'm trying yoga planks; and alternate lifting legs.
And I'm trying what is called dead bug exercise to strengthen core - on your back, knees and arms up, straighten and lower left leg and right arm, bring back to start position, then, vise versa.  
1 month ago
If I were there I might have shared an opinion similar to what is drawn in blue here - a Beefier beam, and sideways support for that first cell.

Looks good though!
1 month ago
I got a private email requesting a cut sheet for the dehydrator projects. I would like to offer $20 USD in exchange for a full professionally compiled materials cut sheet (spec sheet) for any of my three solar dehydrator documentations: Missoula1, WheatonATC1, and HotAussie1.

Look at this cute image I made to announce this bounty:)
2 months ago