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Davin Hoyt

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since Jan 04, 2012
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tiny house wofati
I like architecture - small and large.
Central Texas (Georgetown)
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

Update for me: I have added magnesium drops to my supplements, and regularly stretch my psoas.  I feel the magnesium is helping release muscle tension. (MK-7 and trace minerals are also new to my in-take.)
4 days ago

Adrian Abascal wrote:Is there  no-weld version of this?

Not that I'm privy to. Maybe Erica has a clay/cob build that would be immobile, or maybe it could be put on a rolly pallet.?

Thanks for the comment. Gets me thinking about outer layers which could have tails and bird cuts to inner-lock.
1 month ago
Paul talks about a wall capable of housing bees for heating living space inside a wofati.
1 month ago

Below I have underlined headers, and lists of projects.
Please tell me what you want my next project to be.

Discount Packages:

Combo Package - Solar Food Dehydrators

Triple Package - Solar Food Dehydrators

Current Drawings Index:

Solar Food Dehydrator - Missoula1 model

Solar Food Dehydrator - WheatonATC1 model

Solar Food Dehydrator - HotAussie1 model

Rocket Oven - WheatonLabs2016 model

Rocket Oven - WheatonLabs2018 model

J-Tube Rocket - LABS1 model

Storage Unit - Wheaton Rolly Shelves

Future Drawings List:

Culinary Equipment - Rocket Griddle/White Oven/Water Heater

Culinary Equipment - Box Cooker Wheaton ATC 2017

Home&Garden - Pergola

Home&Garden - Wicking Bed

Home&Garden - Wofati Construction Documents

Animal Shelter - Chicken Tractor
Home&Garden - Wash Station
Home&Garden - Tree Guild Plans
Home&Garden - Pathway

1 month ago
Here are three other people introducing the project, as I have tried to do myself (with my video earlier).

I hope this finds you at an optimal time.
1 month ago
Update: The project's "launch" and "snapshot" exact date(s) (in the near future) are unknown, but the developers have a live chat in an app called Telegram. There are 2,600 people in the Telegram chat room. Bitcoin price is currently 5,200$.
1 month ago
Designing permaculture and architecture systems here.
Contact me at
Withholding private material.
Let's get started.

(First phone call 4/18/19)

Client: Phoenix Male DIY Welder
Site: Rocky desert, flash creek/street, little slope, 1 acre, South Phoenix
Desires: Rainwater cistern, Life peak house, shop, basement, edible landscape, thermal convection, greenhouse, detached shed, unique metal-work opportunities, future shop footprint, use local materials (including earth), bridge cranes,

Questions: How many planned occupants, How many baths, What roof sheathing type, Please provide your sketches via email,
1 month ago
I took the challenge of "cartoon-mapping" the lab.
1 month ago