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since Jan 04, 2012
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Architecture apprentice for life.
Retired from rat race.
I was raised in Georgetown; university in Lubbock; lived in Houston (where I worked while finding answers to humanity's shortcomings).
I am young, enthusiastic, and flowing with creativity. I am proud through selflessness.
I seek bonds with similar people.
My parents still watch TV, and my friends have molded their lives to urban-materialisms.
Thank (GOD) for those who've kept their sanity.
Central Texas (Georgetown)
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

I have been under the opinion that we could: sternly plan guilds based on plant families, then, spread seeds (and transplants) within the family zones/areas. Thoughts?
1 month ago
Recently I received questions via email:

Q: "I am looking at the plans Missoula1 model... I am interested in building one of these. I see in the video the original model has a chimney pipe. Your plans don't include it. Is this an oversight or did you determine it was unneeded?"

A: The original model does not have a chimney pipe. The chimney/riser in the Missoula1 model is the space inside the back wall. My video "Solar Dehydrator - Air Flow" has back wall illustrated simply.

Q: "Did you build and test your design?"

A: No, I modeled Mark Vander Meer's solar dehydrator and gave my documentation the name Missoula1.
1 month ago

Patrick Kniesler wrote:Would it be ideal to size the structure to fit the glass laying as in the design, or rotated vertical, or just find the glass first and decide based on what you have? Are there issues with toppling if the structure is too narrow, requiring a base?

Air flow is very important in solar dehydrator design. I would worry about air flow if this design were to be narrowed.

We used what glass was available (craigslist or something), and did not bother cutting the pieces. Instead, it over-hangs the exterior walls of the structure which is a roofing benefit.
1 month ago

Patrick Kniesler wrote:Meaning films applied to cut UV exposure and such?

1 month ago

Patrick Kniesler wrote:I am looking for threads discussing the new model of solar heater and input on any particular information regarding the shower glass such as whether it was the best of many options, any tips for gathering it, and if there are kinds to avoid.

The Wheaton ATC Class of 2017 designed their dehydrator in the classroom.

We believe you should avoid glass with solar treatments.
1 month ago
This is a combo offer (with discount) of two individual plan sets:

         - Missoula1 $20

         - WheatonATC1 $20

Solar Dehydrator Plans - both Missoula1 model and WheatonATC1 model
Authored by Davin Hoyt

Format: PDF file
Pages: 8 total (4+4)
Print size: 48"x36"
Price: 25 USD

1 month ago

Solar Dehydrator Plans - Missoula1 model
Authored by Davin Hoyt and based upon Mark Vander Meer's as-built model.

Format: PDF file
Pages: 4
Print size: 48"x36"
Price: 20 USD

1 month ago