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I like architecture - small and large.
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

I am still having issues with Cura slicing software honoring some of the model's features. The red areas (see pic) are problematic. I plan to simplify the model, but keep its outer shape, to fix issues like this.

The hardest parts are behind me (like the sheep's interior void and modeling the two screw features). For the needle compartment, I scaled the screw's interior piece down by 0.5mm on each side (-1.0mm on X and Y axis).

Here are some progress pics.
8 months ago
I laid the model out for print.

The slicing software didn't like some of the sheep puff... so I deleted the puff for now to make a test print.

Estimated time on test print is 12 hours, yikes!
8 months ago
WOW! This thread is on fire!

Here is my progress pic. Putting some texture on the outside of the sheep.
8 months ago

Peter E Johnson wrote:I tried to stick a threaded model inside of the sheep, but I've never used Meshmixer before which makes it a bit of a steep learning curve. I couldn't figure out how to keep the inserted hollow part hollow, and fill in the gap between them.

I don't know Meshmixer, but I would try to make "solids" and "subtract" from each other.
8 months ago
I moved the screw forward to the sheep's chest, because this is where the model is a consistent circle (in section).
8 months ago
Preparing to extrude to make solids.

I will add wool coat shapes to the exterior. Maybe in this same way.

I will need to subtract as much interior as possible afterwards.

Then, I will model the screw (separating the butt and stomach).

This is the plan at least. :)
8 months ago
The idea here is to sketch out orthogonal views, then copy and extrude their overlaps in the center.

I am keeping the interior mass in mind as I do this.

The model will be so small that some of these rigid shapes will not be noticeable.
8 months ago
I added ridges to the screw end's outer surface.
8 months ago
Thinking about the screw was harder than I thought.

This has a hollow area inside of it that measures 50 mm deep, and 7 mm in diameter.

The valleys have different widths. I can change that to what ever you want.
8 months ago

Carla Burke wrote:Hey, Davin, can you put more texturing on the top of the thimble?

Yes. Great point!
8 months ago