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since Jan 04, 2012
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I like architecture - small and large.
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Central Texas (Georgetown)
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Recent posts by Davin Hoyt

paul wheaton wrote:

Davin Hoyt wrote:Cheese coming at ya!

Not labeled organic.

"It is rBST and antibiotic free, but not organic." my friend Marcus says.

paul wheaton wrote:

Davin Hoyt wrote:Cheese coming at ya!

Cheese arrived!  Not labeled organic.  Do you know these guys?

I do know them through Crypto.
I am guilty, the products are not fully organic!
Can you point me to another cheese?
Cheese coming at ya!

Beau Davidson wrote:

How does this work?  What kind of NFTs were farmers creating, and what was the incentive for the community to buy?

Crypto has a lot of scammers.

Some possible fails in the world of decentralized finance:
1) not well structured
2) speculation based on trend
3) third party promises
4) private group pump and dump

2 months ago

Tomke Roolfs wrote:Do you think this will be a problem?

No, I don't think it will be a problem. I think it will decrease the amount of hours it can operate. I believe a large solar collector should be desired, but your construction looks really nice. I would offer you ratio math if I had it. Looks great! Thanks for the pic!
2 months ago

Beau Davidson wrote:How else could you see things like this being useful to a permaculture farm?

Possible Uses: Describing paddocks, making sales for new land, organizing work groups, display of seasons, how to prepare your own orchard operation, affiliate link for tools and machinery...

Possible Evolvement: invisible to the eye diagrams appear and pictured object ghosts/fades, customizable based on recorded data which shows outcome of production, map a village to show more human connections,...

5 months ago
I advise not adding mirrors in sleeping spaces. :)
6 months ago