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Any update ?
1 month ago
Anyone tried to put their squirrels to work? If the trick worked, can you tell us what kind of squirrels they probably were and in what state you are?
1 month ago

Sean Dembrosky wrote:Giant Perennial Sunflower is
Helianthus Giganteus
Tiny seeds, good for wildlife.  Very powerful grower for us.

What do you mean powerfull grower, that it's good in all type of soil ? Could it be used as human food, or is it too small in your opinion? I'm looking for a sunflower that would be perennial and could yield enough for human consumption.
1 month ago

Sean Dembrosky wrote:I would argue against chives, oregano and thyme unless you have spent the time to fully dig out and remove all runners of the grass before establishment.  I've worked with all 3 as experiments for beating out grasses and they do a poor job for me where I popped them in and hoped/expected them to beat out the grass.
What has worked with potency in holding back / beating out grass...
Comfrey, Turkish Rocket, Rhubarb, Sorrel, Sweet Cicely, Giant Perennial Sunflower, Jerusalem Artichokes, Elderberry

What is this giant perennial sunflower you're talkigna bout? Seems pretty interesting. Does it have huge seed heads and yield?
1 month ago
It's very interesting to read, any update?

1 month ago
What about thin 3/8 to 1/2 in bamboos? Is it worth the time to split 'em? Also, how would be the best way to split such thin bamboo stalk?
3 years ago
My significant other and me use the family cloth technique. Simply put, it's pieces of cut cloth of polo shirt for #2s (better thickness and more efficient to wipe #2) and pieces of cut cloth of t-shirt fort #1 (we also clean the bowl with this one).

We use a little bit of water on the cloth to clean to perfection. Then, we put the cloth in a old stainless cauldron filled halfway with 50% water and 50% vinegar. We then wash the cloth in the washing machine the same way we wash diapers, but we first make it spin a few seconds in the washing machine to wring it.

So we buy vinegar often. For 2 people, it's a little less than 4 liter a month. I wonder if the brine (salted water) technique of the romans (see few post above) would work fine?
3 years ago
So for Edible, human food, staples:

Apios americana
Dioscorea japonica
Smallanthus sonchifolius
Argentina anserina

5 years ago