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Recent posts by Kevin Wilson

This is what the post response buttons look like on my iPad running Safari. May is right, the apple button is very small compred to the thumbs up & down buttons.
Who knew leek flowers are so popular with all kinds of insects? Ours are buzzing all day long!
The hissing noise is our drip irrigation system running. And part way through I answer my sweetie asking what kind of cookies I want him to make 😀
1 week ago
Mine is ripening now and many seed heads seem to be well filled out. The patch is about 3ft x 2ft.
Sepp grain is now about 6 ft tall. Lots of seed heads but not seeing many actual seed grains in them yet.
2 months ago
Still growing, and making lots of seed heads. Taller than me at 5’3”… about 6 ft.
That’s looking good! How tall does the Sepp grain grow in your conditions?
With all the PEP folks planting Sepp Holzer grains in their hugels, there must be quite a few patches out there now! Let’s see them…

I don't have a PEP hugel to grow them in, but I got a tiny packet for reaching BB20, and planted half of them last spring. They overwintered easily and are now starting to form seedheads.

Bryan Hoffman wrote:It feels honest to display a plant you actually grew/cared for, rather than stock photos, but in any case the pictured plant is very likely not the one someone would receive. Do people get this or would it be worthwhile to include a small bit of copy explaining: "Every plant is unique therefore yours will be different from the one photographed" or something better but to the same effect?

I didn't add any text like that myself, but I think it's a good idea. People mostly understand that, but there are always a few who may not. Generally I took pics of plants that were not the best, but not the worst either, so something in the middle, and most people got "as good as or better than" the picture. And the smallest ones sold last, so they had time to grow a bit :)

It helps that I have been selling plants here in person for nearly 20 years, so I have a reputation and trust built up. Someone on Facebook recently said I was a "demon gardener, and anything you get from him will be good" - cracked me up. I need to get a pair of horns to wear!
3 months ago
You don't say where you are, but most countries have restrictions on shipping plants (lots) and seeds (less, but still some), even within the country for some species. For small scale seed sales you might fly under the radar, but basing a business on that may be iffy.

I'm in a smallish (20K people) isolated community in BC, Canada where we have a tradition of "Seedy Saturday" in most communities during the spring - it's mainly a seed swap but most events welcome vendors of local seeds as well. That's where I used to do a few hundred $ of seed sales each year, enough to fund some new tools, plants and seeds for the garden :) Other people with a wider variety of seeds did much better than that.

Driveway plant sales are also very common here in the spring.

The bit that was most time-consuming in setting up the plant and seed sales web site was not getting the shopping cart set up - I'd done that before, with Woocommerce, several times. It was taking and editing photos and uploading them to products, writing descriptions, tagging and categorising, allowing choice of pot sizes, etc. Once that was done it worked quite well. I set up a one-page order form using a plugin (as well as individual product pages), and most people used that to order.
3 months ago
The main problem is getting traffic to the site… traffic that will buy. If you already have a local following who will respond to your ads and social media posts, that can work. But setting up a whole shopping cart site just for local sales is a lot of work (I’ve done it), you might be better off just attending local gardening events and holding a plant sale.
3 months ago