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Recent posts by Fabrizia Annunziata

Here is a very intersting podcast all about how to use edible acorns.

Edible Acorns Podcast

Burra, I have had acorn coffee prepared by an acquaintance in Porto. It wasn't at all like coffee but it was drinkable.
1 year ago
Here is a page with a lot of interesting leaflets on agroforestry in Europe.

If you scroll down the page, you'll see 3 that specifically pertain to olive orchards, Numbers 19, 20 and 21. I really like number 19.

Agroforestry Leaflets
2 years ago
Here is a long article from an older issue of Saveur magazine all about Spanish saffron.

I found it really interesting and think you folks would enjoy it too.

Saffron Article
4 years ago
Eggs are great. Inexpensive, nutritious and easy to prepare.

Here is one of my favorite recipes - Eggs in Purgatory. I have made this with variations in ingredients many times. Very tasty.

Eggs in Purgatory Recipe
5 years ago
So sorry to hear you are suffering from this Paul.

One thing I would do if it was me, is get a session with a REALLY GOOD cranial sacral therapist. Make sure whoever it is has excellent recommendations from satisfied clients. Cranial sacral therapy has really helped me in the past and I bet it would be helpful for you too. No guarantees obviously.

5 years ago
Thanks for the information Dave. (By the way, your link does not work.) I think this must be the Wikipedia article you are referring to: Renewable Energy Sculptures

It gives some good information but that is not the article I remember seeing. I was so struck by it because it was such an ingenious solution.

Does anyone else have any ideas? As I recall, it was someone in Europe but I could be wrong.

6 years ago
I saw a story fairly recently about someone who wanted a windmill but couldn't have one because there were regulations against having one in his location. So instead either he or someone he knew made a sculpture that also functioned as a windmill. Calling it a sculpture made it something that was allowable.

But now I can't remember where I saw the story. Does this ring a bell with anyone? It might have been a pump instead of a windmill but I am pretty sure it was a windmill.

Help please. Need to show the story to a friend because it might be a solution for him as well.

Thanks in advance.
6 years ago
I found a great recipe in Food and Wine magazine a few years ago and have made it many times. It is so delicious and anyone who has tried it loves it. You may need to make a double batch. I looked online to see if I could find the recipe. Here is a link Turkish-Style Leeks.
6 years ago
Thanks John. I have never seen one before and had only recently heard of them.
6 years ago
Does anyone know what this fruit is?

It is from a tree in zone 5 in Iowa.

 photo DSCF0824.jpg/></a>

 photo DSCF0825.jpg/></a>
6 years ago