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Ricardo Batista

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since Feb 13, 2012
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Recent posts by Ricardo Batista

Hi Kelda! I really loved to read your words!
Well i dont know if you would be interested to come to Europe, my propertie its in Portugal. Its a very beautifull place, with lots of wilderness around, but also near from civilization!
Im starting my project now, its not all about permaculture, but ofcourse permaculture have an important role on it. ยด
My three main ideas for the project are, organic farming, an eco camping and an Arts and Crafts school. Im really starting this year, and because im teaching in a high school this year, i only have the weekends and the school holidays to go to the farm, but when the school ends i hope to be there full time.

Well i hope to ear more from you, and offcourse if you want to know more about me, im open for it.

Big Hug!
12 years ago

Im not danish, but normally i go to Denmark every year, and ive heard about a permaculture group in a little island in Lolland called Fejo.

Hope you can find them!

12 years ago