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Recent posts by Ryan Mitchell

I would love to see DVD's on the following.

Earthworks, ponds, swales, hugelkultur, tefa.
Introducing a creek where there currently is no creek. 4 dvds.
greywater, hot water from compost; pooper; soapnuts; laundry
food forest, polycultures, guilds, intro to gardening.
9 years ago
I have been looking for a place to purchase, at least 3 acres, but have been having a really hard time finding land. I have spent what must be days online looking for empty land, I had a realtor that claimed to specialize in farm land, I can't find what I'm looking for.

What I'm looking for:
-empty land at least 3 acre
-within 45 minute drive of a decent sized city in NC (Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Winston etc)
-no HOA, no covenants, no restrictions
-Not in a neighborhood
-Has some flat areas
-Ability to have power and high speed internet to site
-Water on site(spring stream river or pond)
-not land locked, able to access
-not next to a highway, power lines, sewage plant or the like

Honestly I can't find anything listed that isn't either really bad land or hundreds of acres for millions of dollars.
9 years ago
I'm very interested to see how this turns out, keep us updated Paul! The showers look great! I bet the pile is still getting warmed up.

One thing to consider is that while pex is a great product and relatively inexpensive it has a lower heat conductivity factor. Copper is a much better conductor than pex. I've read as little as 12% in some places, other places say 60% more. I guess you could do a cost analysis if you wanted. You could also do a retro fit to the pile, add another new pile next to the first one, use cooper in that one or a ton more pex.

I picked up some pex off Amazon for $28 for 100 feet. Copper pipe on there is running about $110 for 100 feet.

If it were me, but of course its not, the nerd in me would do two similar piles one with pex the other with cooper and compare in an experiment.
9 years ago
Just a head's up, we had to hold off on the tiny house chat because our speaker had a family emergency. We are going to be doing the tiny house chat next Monday, online at 8pm

You can RSVP at the same page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1412818222264074/
You got the process right. I generate my word document and create the content. From there I typically hand it off to my graphic designer, he makes the ebook cover graphic and then themes to ebook content to the cover and dresses things up a bit. In word you can go to File > save as > PDF or if you have an older version there is a free converter called CutePDF which works great.

I can't emphasize this enough, with ebooks, the cover is EVERYTHING. Good content will mean nothing if you have a bad cover.

After that I load it into a service that automates the payment process and delivery of the ebook. There are a lot of services out there, but I like getdpd the best Check it out here GetDPD Click here

It is $10 a month, but if you sell a few a month its worth it. I literally don't have to do anything and the money just shows up. Done and Done. The other advantage of this service is that you can have the ebooks stamped, so if someone does share your copyrighted material, you know who it is that shared it.

I don't recommend Amazon, they take too much and have restrictions. On top of that, most ebooks on there don't ever make $500, about 5% make above that and about 2% make more than a few thousand. The other advantage of get dpd type of service is that they do affiliates. This means you contact someone with a similar topic website, say, I have this product, here is a free review copy if you like it and will do a post about it, I'll give you 20% of each sale you generate. This means you can sell your ebook without having the traffic (yet, while you're building a following). If you are very targeted with who you approach, you can get some sales.

When you contact a blog to see if they will do a review or become an affiliate keep these things in mind:
1. is it highly relevant to their blog, do your homework!
2. Keep it simple and remove barriers to sign up as an affiliate
3. Demonstrate why its relevant and valuable to them specifically
4. Be professional, friendly, knowledgeable and responsive.

Remember they are helping you, even if you have affiliate programs that pays them, demonstrate value and be appreciative.

In Paul's podcast he mentioned how angry he gets when people email him like he owes them sometime. I have people all the who email me, "how dare you do it this way!" or "you need to post this" or they want me to cover their stuff and its so off base from what I do or I have no idea who they are. Build relationships before you need something and do things for others before you ask things of them. People are willing to do a lot for a friend, that's what you should be.

If you found this post or others helpful, I'd appreciate anyone using this referral link if they decide to go with get DPD https://getdpd.com/?referrer=gjcyidotwjs4kw04ck4w

If you also want to know more about this stuff, I do business coaching if interested.
10 years ago
Totally Lisa! I have been there and it is very difficult to overcome. I usually come home, change, eat dinner and watch a tv show. at the end of that show, I turn off the TV and go to work. It's hard, but it will mean the difference between a life of coming home feeling drained versus realizing the potential of an empowered life. I used to get home at 5:20 eat and chill for an hour and then work untill 11pm. You can do it!
10 years ago
Hello All!

So as mentioned I run a website, which is on tiny houses. Each month we have a online get together where we have a few guests and talk about some topic as it relates to simple living. Paul's podcast inspired me to do this months chat on building micro businesses and simple living. It is the ultimate pairing, reduce you financial needs through simple living while boosting your income. Below are the details, its all free and always a good time.

This month we will have Kacie Erickson, Ryan Mitchell and Macy Miller will be on to talk about businesses and tiny houses. How to set up your own micro business to free yourself from the rat race and start to maximize your life's potential! We will talk about how to go about setting up and running your own business, limitations and benefits of doing that in a tiny house. The more people who are a part of this conversation the better off we will all be, log in and join us with your ideas, questions and concerns, lets hash some info out together!

This chat will be:

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

8pm-9pm Eastern Time (5pm-6pm West Coast)

Meeting at: www.anymeeting.com/tinyhousechat1

RSVP at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1412818222264074/

Mark your calendar!

You could put basic curtains on those windows for presentations for the day and at night, maybe wire it so you can turn off the lights directly above the screen independently.
10 years ago