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Hi, I am new to this site and have spent some enjoyable time reading through topics/comments.

We live on 10 acres in the northern Midwest. The land (Sanctuary) has organized food/flower gardens, native and wild plantings; it provides us with much of our food. This year, we will experiment with ancient varieties of wheat, amaranth and oats. Currently, we employ corn as a grain.

To me, corn is particularly valuable because it can be eaten as a vegetable or used as a nutritious grain in many types of dishes. Although the biotech companies have now genetically modified many of our food sources, corn seems to stand out as the GMO (or non-GMO) poster child....perhaps because gmo corn was surreptitiously introduced into the food chain (without labeling!) and quickly infiltrated many products.

If you are interested in a GMO-free earth, I invite you to participate in a national - grass roots, snail-mail letter campaign. It is not clicktivism. My gut says that stacks of letters from across the nation landing on a desk will gain much more attention than any electronic transmission.

Please read, participate and share the following information (and so sorry about the length!) I've written and mailed a letter and hope you will also.

Many thanks!


Month Long Project: Create Women's History by Stopping GMO (Men Invited!)

This month long event is asking you to write and snail mail a letter to Michelle Obama in regards to the damage done by Genetically Modified products in our food chain.

Please consider all aspects of GMOs including environmental degradation, health damage, lack of independent scientific review, government involvement with BioTech companies, contamination of native and cultivated seed/plants, lack of labeling, etc.

Remind her of her commitment to healthy food; honor that she knows how important our food is for continued life. Ask her to help stop GMOs. Ask her for a response in March.

Please word your letters carefully and with extreme respect. No screaming, angry, rude or abusive language/attitude. She wants the same thing we want: a pure, clean, healthy environment for our children, grandchildren and our selves.

Michelle Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Please, let us join together for the month of February to create a new chapter in women's history worthy of celebrating in March (Women's History Month).

If you need webpages to review before writing (when using facts, make sure they are hard facts - not blog opinions), feel free to visit my public FB page (Julianne Taylor Michaels). There's always info there. Here are a few of links to get you started:

On a side note: the next time you eat out, please ask the management if any of the food is GMO. Just see what happens. Maybe, ask at the grocery store, too.

7 years ago
Hi, I am new to the site. Sure have enjoyed noodling around and reading!

These corn posts really interested me. Corn is so valuable.

Although the Disney movie Pocahontas was awful in many ways, it did speak a very important truth about corn. When John Smith asked Pocahontas the whereabouts of gold, he called it (something like) "the treasure from the earth, yellow in color and very valuable." Pocahontas responded by saying 'Yes!" and pulled corn from her harvest basket. Sadly our corn varieties are in extreme danger from genetically modified types. (I'll be posting a link in general discussions to a national project in which every person can participate.)

We grow an open-pollinated variety for table use, tortillas, pozole, meal and flour (still trying to perfect the texture of the tortillas). Our corn griddle muffins are one of my favorite foods - they are delicious with soups, stews, casseroles or salads and are yummy used as a left-over when topped with an egg or sandwiched with a nut butter.

Looking forward to our new growing season!
7 years ago