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since Feb 17, 2012
Southeastern Louisiana
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I'm in SE Louisiana- I'm trying these, mostly because these are the Heirloom varieties I found in local nurseries. I'll let you know how it turns out.
1) Carolina Gold
2) Beef Master
3) Cherokee Purple
4) Brandywine
Hi- I'm new to this site and permiculture. I saw this post with folks from La and wanted to say Hi. I live in Southeast LA. We moved back here last year from VA where we lived for about 18 years. We live on a river with some pasture and hardwoods that has been left to its own for about 70 plus years... It needs a lot of work but we are taking our time so we can learn what we need to and remove harmful items and leave the good stuff that should be growing here... So far we have some planted the following in part of the pasture that we are turning into an orchard
1) Apples- Fuji, Granny, Anna, Einsheimer (SP?) and Dorset Golden
2) Citrix- Navel, Satsuma, Meyer Lemon, Graptfruit,
3) Grapes- Seedless Thompson, Seedless Concorde, Nigeria, Mars,
4) Raspberries
5) Plum tree
6)- We have a lot of wild blackberries growing here already.

One question I have- I have something I found yesterday that I am not sure what it is. It sort of looks like a blueberry bush but the berries are more shinny. It is growing next to the riverbank in sandy soil. Any ideas what it might be?
7 years ago