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dan murf

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since Feb 17, 2012
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Recent posts by dan murf

Michael James wrote:How much of a dent could I expect to put into a $2000 heat bill for a 4,000 sq/ft house with an 8' rmh? In other word's how close could I come to heating this space with just an 8' rmh if i kept it fueled? would a larger size be optimal? I'm leaning towards buying the 8' plans I am just hesitant because I'm not sure if it is adequate and if I should to be looking for different plans.

note: I could just scale it up but I hate messing with sizes since optimization is very touchy with things of this nature.

impossible to say neighbor, just do it & see?

11 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:I know that just the fire sciences thing that happens on friday night would fill a full DVD.

Then all the rest of it would fill a dozen more DVDs.

Mass produced DVDs sell for $20 a pop. And limited production DVDs sell for $30 a pop. How many of you are willing to shell out $400 for the full DVD set of this workshop, when you can attend the real thing for much less and be able to actually ask questions?

I don’t like what I am seeing here.... I thought "this site" was to share information... not sell it?

I have the money, time & want to go to one of these seminars... But something feels amiss...

"share the love not the information" seems really wrong to me...

I am very disappointed in your direction you have chosen here....
11 years ago

Matt Martin wrote:I am new the this website but find a lot of these threads very interesting. I am about to embark on the trial and error method of converting a grain silo into a house. I saw this thread and got very interested when I saw the drawings of window cutouts. Will the 2" angle iron be able to support and keep the silo structurally sound? Would you do a similar cutout for the doors?

Yes I am currently working on the double door entry into the basemen level, the 2" seems to be supporting just fine, remember my bin is 36" in dia & 9 rings high. I wouldnt get to carried away on openings. The bigger the bin the heavier the support you should use. I am also tying in the structure with foam between the studded walls. This will greatly strenghthen it too.
12 years ago
I did not have good luck with the stove glass! Hold off on that until I get more testing? The piece I tested this weekend lasted 5 min. Then shattered? Might have been just tempered glass instead of high heat glass? I have a different piece to try a gain with in a couple of days!
12 years ago

Ernie Wisner wrote:Ahh i see; Dan where are you getting the glass? If its good rates i would like to get some myself. that vid is great by the way, will you do a full cycle (big wood ) for us? if you have enough glass that is

I recycled a real good piece of glass today out of an old stove. Should work a lot better than my homemade tempered glass!
The glass cut to size is 2 ft minimum 90$ so I could get 5 pieces cut, after replies from other forum post I think they should be smaller slightly smaller than the bricks so they can be framed to have room for expansion.
I am going to reset-up this weekend on leveler ground LOL, I will do some big wood test too, now that some of my slab wood has dried up.
12 years ago
I am not the ex-spert here but 7 x 7 I beleive would work on a smaller sized rocket! On the few I have played with my burn tunnel works best just under a 2/3rds ration. Meaning I would "try" my burn tunnel around 3.5" high around 4" wide? with that sized flue. it's a little smaller than standards that I have seen. you will have to insilate around the out side if you use ceramic in my under standing. Make it with what you got I always say!
12 years ago

Dale Look wrote:How about a hot tub?

I really don’t want a water tank? I have several reasons., one of my boilers I made had the water heats separate in as much as 100 degrees in 18" when uncirculated. A much larger very short long and wide tank would be needed, Steam would need to be vented outside, water levels monitored & I am going to pressurize my boiler with the goal of using as little antifreeze/water as possible. I will only be bringing mass up to heat once maybe twice a day. Unoxidized stagnant water gets nasty pretty quick. The water would need to be cured & piped every were. I am thinking mass is much better for me?
12 years ago

Alex Larsen wrote:

dan murf wrote:kewl

What is the logs for that you are rolling off the trailer?

Bin a will have logs around the out side wall, bolted to the side of the building for support

My corrugated is the support with metal joist hangers welded & the addition of the inner wall structure will also be under the joist as well .

What are you covering the corrugated with? What gauge rings are you using?

How did you go about building permits?

12 years ago