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The area I live in is gorgeous, so I look for the best ways to steward it and to help my neighbors. I founded Friends of Road 4109 to rebuild a forest road. I draft civil engineering plans for developers and small businesses. I am studying land surveying. And I am raising several boys with my wife Lynae. I have found my way out of a porn addiction through Celebrate Recovery
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Proebstel, Washington, USDA Zone 6B
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Recent posts by Jeremy VanGelder

Steve Thorn wrote:I have dabbled in a little wood carving and found some videos on Swedish traditional wood carving that explained the different holds and carving techniques and found that really helpful, as with using those, the cut can be made in a way that safeguards from a major slip and serious cut. Minor cuts still definitely happen but it's the major ones that make me nervous.

Mora Knives made a whole series of videos on knife grips. They can be very effective in protecting yourself even when cutting towards yourself.

9 hours ago
The ladies like a man who can build an RMH.
10 hours ago
Welcome to Permies, Steve! Good on you for getting out there and making a garden. I am not sure about the requirements for fencing. I know that Paul thinks junk pole fences are spiffy.
11 hours ago
I find myself wanting to work with friends more often these days. For the force multiplier aspect, yes. But also because it is more fun!
15 hours ago
For my first batch I followed the recipe at Permacrafters, which calls for 60 leaves in 4.5 cups (1,064 mL) of water. But since then I have filled a pot with leaves to about 2/3 full, then when I fill the pot with water the leaves compress to somewhere around 1/3 of the pot. This makes a stronger, more bubbly soap than the recipe did. Of course, ivy leaves don't come in a standard size. But it doesn't seem to matter too much. If you can make the water foam up, it will clean your clothes.
16 hours ago
I've brewed several new batches this winter. I pick new leaves on occasion and add them to the bucket on my porch. The system works when I remember to brew a new batch.
3 days ago
Your front porch is gorgeous, Thomas. And when I see those bacon seeds I can't help thinking about your smoke shack. That is a wondeful place to live.
3 days ago
I am very curious about what people come up with!
3 days ago

Jay Angler wrote:Capturing the water from air conditioners: "Insane, yes, but I guess that there is at least as much air conditioning capacity than that in the Canadian Okanagan. 15,000,000 gallons of water a year. If you’re going to waste electricity, you might as well get the water."
I am near the ocean, and during our wet winters, we use a dehumidifier in the bedroom both to dry the bed, and to dry the shower room. We empty the dehumidifier reservoir into buckets. Then when we want to do a load of laundry, we pour the buckets into the machine, add a bit of soap and all the clothes, and let it run. We haven't tried to catch it at the rinse cycle yet, as it's not in a convenient spot for that, but if we needed to, that would be another level of water reuse. However, we dry the clothing near the dehumidifier also, so the water goes around and around!
Dehumidifier and air conditioning water lacks the minerals found in well water. That's likely to affect its taste for drinking, but if house water systems were designed for both potable and less potable options, water can be used more efficiently.

That is something I need to do. We have a whole-house heatpump. It runs the air conditioning to dehumidify the house even in winter. So we run humidifiers in our bedrooms to keep ourselves from getting sick and hoarse. But the condensate comes out of a little white pipe by my door. So I could cycle that water back into our humidifiers.

I sure wish there was a way to set my heat pump to keep more humidity in the house. But I haven't found that option on the "smart" thermostat. Anyways, I will start using the water from the "HVAC Well," instead of letting it go to waste on my concrete patio.
3 days ago

Jeff Steez wrote:I sowed 12 cacao beans yesterday. Caffeine. Chocolate. Need I say more?

Whenever I consider building a greenhouse I think about growing chocolate. I am jealous of those who live in a climate that allows you to just plant cacao in the ground.
4 days ago