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Recent posts by Michelle Heath

Thank you Daron!  So glad to find your blog. Learning so much.
I've been on the he chip drop list for two years with no luck.  Tried to get the right-of-way trimming guys from the power company to drop us off a load (which they promised they would) and that didn't happen either.

We have a chipper that we use for small limbs and branches and also to shred leaves.  Of course I'm in a rural area with a few acres.  If I were in a more urban area, I would look into using grass clippings and possibly look around the neighborhood for yards where the fall leaves weren't cleaned up and ask if you could collect them.  You could buy mulch from a garden center, but I'd inspect it first and forgo the stuff with the artificial coloring.  
I have some that’s been in the ground for 15 years and other than the clumps getting bigger, it really hasn’t gotten out of control.
I have eight accidental peach seedlings that sprouted this spring from when I worked up some peaches in 2018.  Whether or not they will be tasty is a chance I’m willing to take as in exchange for keeping them in a protected area until I’m ready to plant them, I essentially have eight free trees.  
2 days ago

Cristo Balete wrote:Yeah, sinking 8" every step is not good.  More than an issue with your raised beds, it could be an issue with your foundation.  That's what rain gutters are for, to keep that kind of water away from the foundation.   Just about anything is cheaper than foundation/wall/house repair.

The contractor who built out house tried to cut corners by tying the downspouts into the foundation drains.  Needless to say, every time it rained, the crawl space flooded.  Luckily we had our suspicions and dug into the drains before he finished on the house.  Needless to say, he spent a weekend fixing the problem.

The rain has made my paths a soupy mess, but I need to wait until the fence is up to put down the cardboard and mulch.  
Thank you for such an informative article Daron.  Truly the common sense approach to watering.  I am mulching heavily this year in an effort to reduce watering and weeding and to build up the organic matter in my new beds.
Thank you Hugo!

I have sifted the larger leaves and sticks out of half of it and will be using the finer stuff in the next bed I build.  The larger debris and the other half will compost a bit. After sifting, I would actually say this is about 25% sand as there's lots of organic matter present.  

Oh and it seems very clean. I only found two small pieces of plastic in it and thankfully the spot where I collected this is only five miles from the river's origin.  
3 days ago
No, I've never presoaked lettuce seed as I usually just direct sow too.  About the smallest seeds I've germinated on paper towels have been cabbage, brassicas and tomatoes. The simple way would to put a few seeds in each cell and thin all but the largest seedling.  However, I hate the thoughts of wasting those extra seedlings so I'd probably do what Anita does and pricking out the seedlings to their own cell.  

Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) on YouTube has several videos on seed starting and over seeding.
5 days ago
We went on a drive to the river today.  I planned to get some river sand but opted to fill my bags with this instead.  It looks to be 1/3 -1/2 sand and the rest decomposing leaves and sticks.   This was on the high point of the sandbar and I'm assuming this was deposited there by flooding.  I'm planning on incorporating this into a mix for my raised beds, so I'll be adding decayed and crumbled wood and what compost I have.  I'm planning to sift out the larger leaves and sticks but wondering if I'll be tying up the nitrogen in the soil?  I have blood meal and have been adding deleted urine to some of my other beds with the decayed wood.
5 days ago
Nicole and Hugo, your gardens are amazing!  Thank you so much for posting your videos. They will serve as great inspiration for me as I am slowly turning our yard into something productive.
1 week ago