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Recent posts by Michelle Heath

No plastics will be hard for me as I collect and reuse flats, pots and cell packs from nurseries.  If I were to use paper I do hope that I can use plastic trays to keep water from leaking all over my floor for the indoor starts.  I do use organic soil for my seed starts.  

4 days ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Was the fencing question clarified?  Deer are an issue here as well as rabbits.  T-posts and woven wire probably are out.

My guess is that the fenced area is greater than the 200 square feet.  

Area is currently not fenced but is part of my garden expansion area and was planning to extend the current fence this year.
2 weeks ago
Rereading this thread and wondering if a gas powered push mower is okay for creating those grass clippings and shredding leaves for mulch?

Was the fencing question clarified?  Deer are an issue here as well as rabbits.  T-posts and woven wire probably are out.

I'm assuming the ghost acre is an area set aside to grow green manures.  Can I harvest dead grasses and leaves from my 15 acre property to start out or do I need to stick with one acre?  I'm assuming the hours to gather materials counts as well.

What about firewood past it's prime on my property?  Can I wheel it to the new garden area and attempt some hugel-like beds?

Since saved seeds are okay, should we assign a value to them?  If someone was starting out they likely wouldn't have a personal seed stash at their disposal.  What about adding a rooted elderberry cutting or excess Jerusalem artichokes?  Allowed as long as they were produced on my property?
2 weeks ago
With the update to the temperature zones I now qualify and I have the space to do it.  Need to head back to the original thread and see if I can clarify a few things.  
2 weeks ago
The issue with game cameras and solar fence chargers here is that they often get stolen.  We had a neighbor brag about his new expensive game camera he put up to deter theft only to have that camera stolen within two days.  

I've heard of fencing being cut to allow access but never stolen.  Gates on the other hand have been known to disappear.  My first husband's uncle resorted to using heavy metal pipe for gate posts and welding the hinges in place to deter theft.
2 weeks ago
With the changes to the USDA hardiness zone map, I've been bumped into zone 6.  Bummer since I'm expanding into the poorest area of my yard this year but use of cardboard and wood chips from on-site and brought in would likely disqualify me.

Eager to see the submissions!
2 weeks ago
I've occasionally had purslane around the property but grabbed some out of my parent's garden when mom was weeding and brought it home.  

As for plantain, the broadleaf variety is abundant but the narrow leaf only existed as a puny plant in the worst part of my yard.  When I put raised beds in that area, I let them grow and my how they did grow!  Transplanted a few seedlings into a nursery bed and will transfer them to various spots around the property and in my future medicinal garden.
2 weeks ago
Last year was my first time ordering from them and it was a mixed year as far as harvests.  Better prepared this year and looking forward to give another try at growing potatoes from seed again.  

I tried potatoes and peppers last year and had really good germination and what I thought would be a stellar year until the neighbor's cattle got loose one day and trampled everything that wasn't fenced.

They ask that you do send a portion of seed from the earliest and most tasty varieties back to be introduced into the mix and in return you'll be given priority access to the next year's seed offering.  
3 weeks ago
I'm currently in the middle of one course but my limited internet bandwidth is making if difficult.  Really opening my eyes and learning so much.
1 month ago
My family always had a garden and I've always had a garden of some sort since reaching adulthood.  However it was the pandemic that led me to expand and do what actually makes me happy.  I went from two raised beds in 2020 to nine by the end of the season.  I relied on what seed I had, what seed my mom had saved and seed from an extension program that I had signed up for previously.  The soil in my beds consisted of whatever I could scrounge up and I actually had a decent crop that year.  I've since expanded to nine beds in that garden, three longer beds in a new garden, two raised beds in my backyard, a potato patch and still expanding and will hopefully have the greenhouse operational by spring.  

One benefit is having fresh food available 9 months out of the year, which saves lots of dollars at the grocery store and and puts me another step closer to self-reliance.  

Another benefit is the peace that gardening brings me.  This has been an extremely difficult year as my husband suffered a second heart attack earlier in the year resulting in a stent and pacemaker.  Complications from that landed him in the hospital for another two weeks and for a while I wasn't sure he would make it.  He's much improved now and scheduled for a minor surgery next week.  My daughter has special needs and I'm constantly fighting with the school system to make sure her needs are met.  The garden is my salvation and my therapy. I had several days a few weeks ago when my schedule was full but managed to squeeze in 15 minutes of just sitting in my garden just after daybreak and my what a difference that made in my day.