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Recent posts by Peony Jay

My mind is as sharp as a whatchamacallit!

11 years ago
Japanese moss gardens are soooo pretty!

I like live walls too.

I have seen really pretty pallet gardens too. Put them upright and you have a really cool living privacy fence.

11 years ago
I agree with this author on many points.
"Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other" by MIT technology and society professor Sherry Turkle.

She seems most upset by the banalities of electronic interaction, as our range of expression is constrained by our gadgets and platforms. We aren’t “happy” anymore: we’re simply a semicolon followed by a parenthesis. Instead of talking on the phone, we send a text; instead of writing wistful letters, we edit our Tumblr blog. (Turkle cites one 23-year-old law student who objects when friends apologize online: “Saying you are sorry as your status . . . that is not an apology. That is saying ‘I’m sorry’ to Facebook.”) From

In my job I get hundreds of emails that I just don't have time to reply to. It upsets me/ worries me that by missing an important email from a company/supplier/rep I could be fired. But hey, if it's really important they better have a ! I can't possibly read every email! It is just too easy to send an email and let the 'problem' get passed down to some other person.

Technology. Oy!
11 years ago
@ Jeanine.

I, too, hate TV.

I do LOVE my ipod though. I have 3000 songs or so.
I know a few ex-coworkers who are 20-somethings. It's not unusual for these young uns to have 20,000 songs on their devices. I love music and so many styles that I get bored easily listening to 1 or 2 genres. I put my ipod on shuffle and just enjoy the world of music out there.
I'm sure you'll find the same is true.

I'll look up Spotify. Never heard of it. Thanks.
11 years ago
Yup. Photoshopped.
11 years ago
@ Patrick.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I have seen Fuki before but always thought it was called Fuku. I can look for seeds know that I know what the proper name is. Thanks.
11 years ago
@ Rion.

I had no idea that it was a cover. I love the Talking Heads. Brings back great 80's memories.
11 years ago
This is Madeleine Peyroux doing Cohen's Dance Me To The End of Love.
Gawd, she sounds a lot like Bille Holliday.
11 years ago
The Double Rainbow video. This guy's reaction makes me so happy!
11 years ago
@ Petra.

I hear ya.

Am I the only person who feels guilty for loving tropical fruit so much? Or French cheeses? Or Italian wines?
Once I bought my dad a loaf of bread for his birthday...... from a Parisian bakery!!

I know I should eat more local but I'd get pretty tired of cabbage by mid winter.
11 years ago