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Thanks for posting this, I think I might go. I've been wanting to go to one of Ryan Drum's workshops for awhile now, but this would be a lot more convenient for me.
8 years ago

Lisa Allen wrote:I have a TON of resources here:

However, I also want to show you the American Herbalist Guild's info:

Free stuff to get you started:

Susun Weed's Be Your Own Herbal Expert:
Or her Nourishing Infusions free course:

Reference- A Modern Herbal:

Botany: Start here:

Websites/Blogs I love:
Kiva Rose:
jim mcdonald:

WOW! Thanks a lot for the wonderful list you've compiled in your first link. I knew quite of a few of these resources already, but there's also a ton that are new to me too. Thank you..
8 years ago
Hi Charlie, I'm from Seattle and I just saw this, so I haven't thought too much, but right off the top of my head, I think one of the local farmers markets could be a great venue for your band.

There are a lot of cities in the Puget Sound(Seattle) area within ~10km or so of Seattle that have their own farmers markets too. Vashon & Bainbridge Islands and short ferry rides from Seattle and they also have nice farmers markets. There's also the famous Pike Place Market downtown, but I'm pretty sure there's a permit system in place to busk/play. Maybe you could try to find a place to play in Olympia on your drive South to Portland. I'm sure there's a good place for a permaculture ukelele show in Olympia.

Good luck!
8 years ago
Great thread, there's quite a lot of info in here. Thanks..
8 years ago
You must supply the following documents with this application:
Completed application
Resume or CV
Letter of Intent
Internship Details
Internship Personal Release
Medical Provider Information
2 Reference letters (not relatives)

wow... Plus a background check too, of course. It's probably required by your insurance company I suppose.
8 years ago

yukkuri kame wrote:Once fluorine gets into the body, it can be detoxified using lugol's iodine solution.  Iodine tends to displace, and detoxify other halides, which include fluoride, chloride, & bromide.  Fluorides and chlorides are obviously common in municipal water supply.  Bromide is used in flour, and is highly destructive to the thyroid - I believe one of the reasons many people do better on a wheat free diet, is they stop consuming bromide.  Anyway, you want the halides out, and iodine is the key. 

Seaweed is the best natural source of iodine and it's packed with a lot of other minerals and vitamins too. I plan to forage some for the first time this year.
8 years ago
I do that too Weston. I've known about it for years and I think about it all time, probably even daily, but I just keep using it.

I'm finally going to check out a local artisan well I found on and fill up a couple jugs of pure stuff. I just wish there were more than a couple in my area(Seattle).
8 years ago
Does anyone have tips for drying or extracting horsetail? How about pickled horsetail, has anyone even heard of that?
8 years ago

Debbie Marsh wrote:While taking some horticulture classes, we learned that the spider plants - commonly sold in hanging baskets - will die if given too much tap water. This is because they are more sensitive to flouride than most common houseplants. If you let tap water set, uncovered, for 24 hours, or more, both the chlorine and flouride dissipates.

You're right about chlorine, but fluoride does not dissipate from open containers. Only special filters will remove fluoride from water.
9 years ago