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My mom (Evelyn) and I live on 20+ acres in Stevens County and one of our gilts
had 12 piglets, we let them run around and free range
it is pretty safe here, we also have goats and chickens/guineas.
The chickens and guineas were here a year before they also
completely free range. The chickens and guineas have taken to
roosting at night on the top of a pallet fence and I did notice they
were piling up a large amount of poo. I noticed before that the piglets
were eating up a lot of the chicken/guinea poo around so I decided to
get into the gated area where the pile of poo and clean it before they got into it.
I got my poo shovel and opened the gate before I could get in there company came by and I chatted
with them for about an hour. Welp I forgot to close the gate and when I went back
to clean up the poo I found the pigs ate it all. . I mean that HOVERED it clean!
Can the piglets get sick or a disease from eating the chicken poo?
Someone at the extension office once told me that you should not house chickens in your pigpen cause
they can give the pigs Coccidiosis. Is there anything I need to worry about them eating all that poop?
That was like two months ago. Its about time to butcher one and I am reluctant to eat it lol.
Thanks for any help on this
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5 years ago
My mother and I bought a great pyranese because of the suggestions  
From about 20 days ago. We named her Pie just seems to roll off the toung. About 10 days ago wo bought a Hampshire/Yourkshire? Pig that is 2years old and has has three litters?. We paid $200 for hear the owners said she was bred. We built a nice pallet fence with 3/8 carriage bolt and supported with 4" 7' fence posts that were dug 2' deep and set in cement. Also I used only pallets that had "HT" stamped or burned on them meaning heat treated and not treated with chemicals. We even used a strong pallet for a gate that turned out nice and strong.  We used three sturdy hinges and what I thought was a suitable latch.  Then ran solar powered electric line all around the bottom of the fence. Even used 4 pallets to make her a nice sturdy covered pen. That first night we had a thunder and lighting storm I don't mind saying I never did like the lighting. Anyhow heather (the pig)
Bent that latch and took off for four days. My neighbor and I tracked her all over the hills around here and I tell you what pigs or at least Heather can really move/travel fast! Even when sighted we lost her. Mom and I live in Rice, WA and gave up on getting her back. We left the gate open and food and water inside and the next we saw she came and ate and drank it up. So we kept leaving food and water hoping she would come back to us. The next night it was very dark and Pie started barking well her version of it she is only 4 months old. I looked out the door saw nothing and chidded her for being afraid of the dark then went back inside. Five min later she started barking again so relucktenly
I looked back outside she was laying under our travel trailer with one paw and her head outside looking at the pen and barking. I got real hopefull and looked at the pen I could see nothing at first but then noticed a darker patch and the two glowing eyes. She was inside the pen making a food raid! I ran out and slammed the gate shut secured it like a barricade and went to praise Pie.
$200 down and just $100 more to go and Pie is paid for! Pie is a sweet little pup and does not bark for just anything. I always check what's got hey attention now. Mostly it's the deer. Now if I can get her to stop following me in my truck when I leave.
Ps wish I knew how to upload a pic of Pie and heather.
6 years ago