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Recent posts by Michael James

R Scott wrote:I think you are seeing the effects of INFLATION. The material you are reading does not have to be very old for the prices on staples to be way off.

8 years ago
the ones i've seen dont get moved often enough and the conditions end up being only slightly superior to that of a fixed run. i don't think you will have a problem making it strong enough if you make that a priority but it might be heavier than you expect. this shouldnt be a huge problem since you are moving it with a tractor.
8 years ago
I've read that they can be found for as little as $.10 a pound. I have not been able to locate them so far locally or online for less than $.50 a pound. Does anyone here have a source that they'd be willing to share?
8 years ago

Matu Collins wrote:I agree with the idea of cutting out annual plant food, but I am not sure meat belongs on the list of annuals. Don't meat animals belong on the permaculture food forest side of the equation?

I vote yes.
8 years ago

Steve Landau wrote:I have a field which we are trying to grow some fruit trees. -

See photo linked here:


The field has lupine, goldenrod, and other brambles, etc. which are very prolific. I need to scythe the area every 4 weeks to keep it under control.

I have used some woodchip mulch, but the plants grow thru it quickly. I don't want to use cardboard.

What are other options to suppress the other stuff growing in the field so I can plant more undesrtory plants.?

I've heard of people using newspaper. I think 3-4 sheets thick with 3-4+ inches of wood chips was recommended. When the newspaper gets wet it forms an air tight seal suffocating the weeds. I haven't tried this personally, but I do plan to soon. I am interested to see if anyone else has a better idea since I would like to do whatever works best. (If you have a large area you can use those larger rolls of floor protection paper from one of the box stores.)
8 years ago
What are they? Let's say the roof starts leaking. Removing the roof would prove to be a monumental and time/labor intensive task so they isn't feasible, at least short term.
8 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:I also make things for a living, but my present business does not use sustainable materials (too much plastic) so I hope to eventually figure something else out.

What do you make?
8 years ago

Brad Davies wrote:DVD Ideas:


Lowlands, Chinampas, Aquaculture

Cold/Cool Climates

Something aimed at areas that receive significant amounts of snow fall. Montana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Up state NY, New England area. I guess that would include our neighbors to the north as well.


Permaculturally designed dwellings, new construction and retro fitting of existing structures.

Support Species

You obviously already know what that would be about.


Cause lets face it Geoff, your a fun guy.

+1 for the cold/temperate climates video
8 years ago
Quite reminiscent of our weekend with them this last week. Nice pics.
8 years ago