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Recent posts by Justin Koenig

Hey s. Joel I just found your Facebook page. I'm in Somerville. Been studying and practicing permaculture for about 5 years like to  meet you and anyone else around here.
4 years ago
Interesting. Thank you very much for your help.
4 years ago
Greetings Peter McCoy, excited about your book and thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
I have a couple of questions so I will try and be brief:
(I am unfamiliar with mushroom terminology so please forgive me. )

1). I'm assuming that mycelium follows succession therefore there would be 'pioneering' types as well as 'mid' climatic' and so on. So I was wondering what type of characteristics or common strands one would shoot for in early development of landscapes when threes are sparse (humid climate by the way, mid south USA )
2). It seems that hogs, oaks, truffles,mushrooms, hardwoods in general are symbiotic and are essential to forest ecology, so since I use hogs for my preferred method of gardening( and it fits my context, yes!) I was wondering if perhaps hogs could essentially prep, then harvest mushroom beds that they themselves could inoculate landscapes carrying spores via snouts and hair.

It appears that pigs rooting for the infamous truffles are a benefit for both the truffle and the pig not to mention the trees. Sort of let the pig do the work(mushroom pruners), although this is a much more slow approach I figure harvesting of mushrooms for the family and providing fodder for livestock is a win-win. So, are pigs potentially good growers of mushrooms, and is there a specific window they would need to hit to proliferate the mushrooms.

Really excited to hear your input. Thank you for hard work and generosity.
4 years ago
I never met him but he truly inspired me. Thanks Mike rest in peace.
5 years ago
I totally understand. I'll keep watching to see what can happen.
5 years ago
I'm in Somerville TN outside memphis 45 minutes from Jackson. Schedule's kind of tight but I would love to work something out.
5 years ago
So here in the midsouth or at least memphis TN we are considered the top end of the subtropics and it's hot and humid with an average rainfall of 54 inches. I always thought we were temperate but I guess we're in that weird gray area. So you think that type might do well here?
So here in the permie world multifunctional elements are a big deal, so in that fashion may I ask dear Deborah does the goat world offer a dual purpose breed. Milk and meaty? Thanks.
Thanks again Deborah. 6 months sure helps from a marketable and management standpoint.
Excellent info thank you. So in regards to slaughter, at what weight or week or year or years do you typically butcher? To borrow from the another livestock animal the pig ( totally aware it's a different beast and different marbling, fats, etc) but most old timers here think you have to slaughter most animals young to be "tender " but some of the older animals are much better for curing, charcuterie, or just a better flavor. We all know some of the high production models of big ag has commandeered flavor in order to cut feed and have higher turn around, so with that in mind, when are goats prime for butcher? Thanks. Again really great stuff here.