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That would be too long. However, I have four grandchildren and live near half of them. I've acquired a few skills and credentials, including a physics degree, a clinical social work license, and now a Zen teacher.
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On those cloth diapers - it's probably too late, but there was once a thing called a "diaper liner" which you put in the cloth diaper. If the baby peed, you put everything through the laundry and used them again. If the baby pooped, probably you threw the liner away with the poop, and had an easy time washing the diaper.
Well, the cost of testing is a problem. A couple hundred dollars.

I absolutely support vaccination. Still, in the 1918 Spanish flu, before antibiotics, the homeopaths did well. It's a different kind of medicine. I should ask whether they had any success with polio and those others. I'd probably know. But let's not derail the post. My fault.
2 years ago
I appreciate your thoughts. I was completely confident about my drinking water, until I have two consecutive tests showing kidney problems. It's always been my policy that people who go to doctors are sicker than those who don't - though I make exceptions, obviously. I'm following the acupuncturist's instructions (a bit of limitation on my diet for the moment, and some time spent with needles) and expect to clear the next blood test completely. Meanwhile I've acquired a doctor who thinks I should take a lot of tests... I'd figured one mammogram was enough in my life - so we'll see what I do.

By the way, my homeopath says they can cure covid. Just don't try to do it yourself. Immunizations are to prevent spread.
2 years ago
Wow. My roof is 1992 or probably newer, I'm pretty sure lead in nails would have stopped long ago - in the 1970's. But a very good point.
I could test the water for lead and several other things, those tests don't cost too much.
2 years ago
Yes indeed. Uncertainty is life, especially these days.

Great conversation and I'll see you around; this is done, I think.

2 years ago
You are a gold mine: thanks so much.

I have their first choice of roof, and they think solar panels are fine. As I thought all along until this little problem came up. I can get 15,000 gallons from half my garage roof - now the question is how long will the droughts be (and how much will rain patterns change?)

Thanks again.

2 years ago
Thanks so much.
It's important research. More needs to be done:
the findings on lead were of concern, as were those on cadmium. And the suggestion that older panels might be more hazardous.
My panels are of the older kind, with lead and hexavalent chromium as main concerns. (Apparently hexavalent chromium has been replaced since 2017.

What search terms did you use? I might need to look more.
Really, thank you.
2 years ago
Thank you so much.
And for the 100 years of history. I'll keep drinking my water then.
2 years ago
What about doing it secretly?
I spent a while (in Minnesota) trying to find out the legal issues about drinking rain water. There were so many regulations for rainwater systems, all about making sure the rain water was completely separate from the drinking water. Finally I started making phone calls, and learned there was not a single agency interested in regulating my personal life. They were all about commercial things. Though I could never sell the house without a proper well and septic, they're here already.

Back to actual health and safety:
The matter of galvanized roofing was interesting because I recently read that galvanized causes cancer or something, and I'm thinking of getting it away from my plants. (No, they don't get cancer. I didn't memorize the article, just made a decision.) But my roof has a green coating on it so maybe it's not the galvanized thing.
And I came here because most of my drinking water comes from my solar panels, I clean the barrels occasionally, and plan a better system when I go full-scale rainwater. But now I'm diagnosed with kidney disease, no visible cause, and I'm trying to find out whether my good-tasting rain water has either lead or hexavalent chromium in it from the solar panels.

2 years ago