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Stacy Witscher
For the plantar fasciitis cut a block of wood into a triangle like for holding a door open.  Then while holding on to support step on the wood on the foot that hurts.  Put the tall part of the triangle under your toes and the thinning part of the triangle under your heal.  Work your way into having the foot on the triangle move a bit farther back each time.  You can feel the pull of this all the way up your leg.  Just hold the position for a few seconds maybe ten times.  Do this a few times a day.  This is what got rid of mine when physical therapy did not much other than remove $$$$ from my pocket.  Pretty soon you will get so good at doing this a few times a day that when you have a few spare moments you will do a few of these stretches because the foot feels a bit better right away.  So toe higher than heal by an inch or two and foot behind you about a foot.
4 years ago
I may have just had 3 consecutive Monday record snow storms and not be able to get to my orchard trimmings wood supply. I may have just given birth at home and not be able to chuck wood for a few weeks. I may be 82 years old and not want to walk the icy path to the wood stack. ... I have the best coffee table ever. Lift the cloth and voila! Prepackaged, firewood. Call it bio blocks, or pellets or fake wood logs. I have them and they are waaaay easy to pop into the rocket mass heater. Will the delivery system handle them? I don't want to spend all day tending the fire due to my other needs.
Connected Farm is an architectural design common in New England where the big house is connected to the little house (kitchen) and the little house is connected to the back house (carriage) and the back house is connected to the livestock barn. With the record cold this week it would be great not to have to exit the house to care for animals. Using passive solar this would be one looong house. Does anybody have any thoughts on connecting the house to the barn with some type of covered walk way that could double as something or underground path that could double as a cold cellar? This would be for if the barn was enough behind the house to also collect solar energy. During a blizzard it is not safe to go outside.
8 years ago
Going straight to the pictures first, I was mighty confused by the "mushroom juicing" pictures The juicer for 1/10th the cost was a good price.
8 years ago
fire extinguishers easy to grab
air collection hood that covers all burners
quiet fan to remove air directly out of the building with no turns
task lighting shielded to people's eyes yet shines brightly on task from the front towards the work
light switches that when everything is off are in the downward position
a large round clock with large easy to read Arabic numerals and a clear large numbered digital one also.
white boards
wall decorations of useful charts
strong refrigerator magnets
multi colored spin off gama seal lids for 5 gallon buckets
large clear labels for where things go back possible pictures
slide in plastic sleeve sheets for wall or refrigerator for people or food replenish lists
Basic recipes for a crowd in hard plastic sealed such as how to make the large coffee pot for 25 or 50 people
a wall for various size canning jars with fence to hold them in
Large Message center / individual mailbox center. If the boxes are large enough then small items such as glasses or sweaters that are found around can be returned to people this way.
Have you thought of putting regular hot cold water handles to the left and right of the multi temperature hand held faucet?
For a kitchen for many people possibly check out commercial kitchens. They may have a separate sink dedicated to handwashing. Also if seven people are working in a kitchen then three sinks would not be too many. Also a work area where one can peal potatos sitting down or work if in wheel chair or to reach if young. Also a big fan of not having to carry the huge pot of boiling water across the kitchen to the sink to drain pasta. Along with this another thing grandma's do that make me faint is include a sturdy step stool or for sure 89 year old grandma will be getting the 10 pound glass punch bowl filled with 10 pounds of glass punch cups out of the top shelf while standing on a folding chair.

Not bad considering I do not cook or even ever make a cup of coffee.

I enjoyed your post especially the picture of the drying rack.

I am a big fan of all white, boring dishes so everything always matches, especially Corellware.

8 years ago
I would soak the biochar in water for 4 months to soften it. Then I would try putting it between two pieces of plywood and set that in the middle of the driveway so every day it gets driven over. If I had cows that ever stood on cement I would put the softened char where they stand. Can the object the char is made out of be ground before being made into char? Can the char be used for something like filtering water or capturing the nutrient in urine before being crushed for char? Filtering water for people to drink or for a tank of fish?

Please do not breath biochar dust.

The biochar needs to have a living biofilm added to it so one might as well get that by using it for something useful other than the garden first.
8 years ago
What are "super worms"?
8 years ago
I do not know the answer to your question, mostly because I can not figure out what it means.

If your interest is in attending the conference then a possible way to get an invite is listed here: Pick up the phone or go and visit in person. Chat a bit and then chat a bit more. Ask good questions. I believe it is common at many conferences no matter the topic to have many speakers and some of the topics are not in the direct vein of a specific topic but sideline topics. Surely people interested in permaculture are also interested in different live styles. Especially today I would think a speaker on "How to not spend $250,000 on a college and still get a world class education" would be a great topic. Often speakers get to hang around to hear the other speakers at the conference. If you call up and ask I bet there might be a couple of spots for volunteers who get discount tickets. Perhaps they do not have all of their speakers lined up and you have contacts that might match up with their needs. I would think there would be value to other participants just to hear your questions after the seminar of the speaker since you have such an interesting background of travel. I hope you get to attend. If not then the information will be in the world and us here on permies will hear about it only a month later.
9 years ago
Drink them every morning by juicing.
9 years ago