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sounds very similar to the way a vertical well is installed... in fact one could probably do something similar with a horizontal boring rig or even jet a spring using a well jetting setup.
At 5l a minute the water could be used to cool your house in summer, like one big spring house.
Cool stuff
6 years ago
Thermo - Electrics are very cool, unfortunately they are still very inefficient, other wise we could power our house from our wood stove.

There was a group of guys in my college class that build a can cooler that used a thermoelectric pannel, and on max power they could freeze a can solid in a couple minute....
7 years ago
*Responding to the initial post subject*

I'll throw my hat in the ring here too... I have had and continue to have intentions to design and build rocket stoves and heaters, advance their construction techniques, and their social acceptance. My day job is as a thermal engineer on jet engines, so I hope to have significant technical ability that I can contribute to RMH society, but I've still got quite a bit to learn.
Any hoo, this seemed like a good place say hey, and let you know that you might be hearing more from me in the future.

7 years ago
I would go with a 3 pronged approach.

1) move able insulation panels. A little insulation will make a huge difference and make whatever else you do more effective. Also make sure that the green house is air tight, at least when you want it to be - big difference between it being drafty and having controlled ventilation.

2) have a base load passive heating system collecting heat from the sun or from compost etc.

3) have a peek load system for fast response and those extra cold days - this could be electrical, gas or biogas ( from a DIY bio digestor)

A rocket mass heater will be much more effective than a wood stove for this application.
Also consider building the house level with the ground (assuming you have a good south facing slope), with a flat ceiling. That way it would be really easy to put insulation panels on sliders and have them cover the ceiling (think garage door style, maybe you could even get some old garage doors.....)
7 years ago
Wow thanks for the quick response ! I'll check that out in detail tomorrow
7 years ago
Hey Guys!
I would really like to tour a rocket mass heater that is currently heating a house. So if you live in Central Indiana drop a note here, actually if you live between Columbia Missouri and Indianapolis drop a note, I go to Columbia several times a year and could probably make a detour.
I'm super excited about building one, but want to get a first hand look at one before I rip up my carpet and cut a hole in my wall!
7 years ago
Ben I see on your site that you have a veggie oil vehicle. I have been considering getting (making) one my self, however, I've been hearing a lot about how hard it is to get waste oil these days. Apparently people do see it as trash any more. Do you have any tips for getting a regular supply of oil?

Also what kinda vehicle do you have? and do you have any novel ways to preheat the engine to decrease the time that you have to run on diesel?

7 years ago
Great idea! where did the plant list go?
7 years ago
YAY sublimation!
clothes are dry when they are no longer frozen stiff - so if they are flapping it time to go get them.
7 years ago
definitely need a matlock.

chainsaw / hand tree felling saw & wedges

shears (big, two handed scissors) great for hedge trimming and harvesting herbs.
loppers to process your RMH fuel
wheel barrow
pitch fork
broad fork
don't need a scythe unless you're making hay.

variety of hand workshop tools to build and maintain your tools
7 years ago