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Recent posts by Paulo Silva

All Geoff Lawton videos talk about design and some of them show it from beggining to end, have a look at them and much more:

This one should be good for you

Sepp Holzer videos and books are also awesome resources, although he doesn't live on arid places he does have many tricks that work everywhere.

Good luck.
7 years ago
This invasive plant arrived here in the last years and spreed like wildfire, I remove everyone from my lands but neighbor lands got thousands of them, it looks like one alien planet, scary stuff

It's poisonous and hallucinogenic, is there any worse plant?
7 years ago
My review of that film, the good:

1- Audio and Video of excellent quality
2- Good post production
3- Some tips that all those who like Permaculture know (ex: cover and feed the soil)

The bad:

1- Religious nonsense every 3 or 4 seconds that made me turn off the audio and/or skip forward several times
2- We only know the "secret" almost at the end
3- He's no Sepp Holzer or Geoff Lawton, he's clueless about Permaculture
4- Looking around we see many big trees, meaning that the place already has good soil, climate and water
5- Anyone with a constant stream of wood chips would do that, maybe better
6- With that amount of carbon added to the soil he's adding nitrogen somehow to have good looking vegetables (I don't see nitrogen fixers?!)

It looked just like religious propaganda disguised of something else, wouldn't pay for it or watch it again.
I would like to see Geoff Lawton redoing the Bill Mollison Global Gardener series, same ideas but updated and with many more examples, it should end with one interview of Bill Mollison where he talks about what changed since the original series and what are his main concerns about the future, end with one of Bill jokes and a big smile from both.

Best Regards
7 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:How large does a stone construction need to be, and how constructed, to moderate winter temperatures? I'm thinking of some kind of sun trap thingy on the north end of a small pond, and would love to be able to keep the winter low above freezing in that locale for growing some citrus and/or possibly a hardy avocado. Our winter temps get down to around 15 F. The area is backed to the north by a shed and a 2500 gallon rain tank. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'm doing something like that, testing it the next months, have no idea if it will work, just make sure the sun hits the rocks and the cold wind doesn't, also be sure that it doesn't become a cold air trap also, cold air should flow easily above the lake water, cold air was something I learned in Paul Wheaton podcast, he's right about it flowing in the landscape and giving trouble whenever it gets trapped (usually in low lands).

Trees also help but don't put them near the water because their roots will damage your pond and their leaves will fill it up and make it smell very bad.

Rocks just make it less could during the hours with lowest temperatures thus not freezing the water, if it's a small pond I would also cover when temperatures get very low, maybe let the sun hit it during the day and cover it during the night.

Last year my pond was smaller and had maybe half the number of rocks on a similar configuration, it frozen just a little on the winter, one or two hours after the sun rised all the ice was gone
7 years ago

Judith Browning wrote:That is beautiful (even in black and white on my kindle). Was it that smooth when you found it? One of my favorite memories growing up was breaking open geodes to find crystal formations inside.

Yes it was just like that when I found it, sadly all the other rocks aren't quartz, it's the best rock on my small collection
7 years ago
I got lucky one day and found this stone, one science teacher of mine said it was a rose quartz, been searching for more without luck
7 years ago