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since Aug 13, 2012
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9 days left for this kickstarter. Please take a look and support another type of world domination.
5 years ago
Hey all,
I don't do a lot of posting, but Paul's results through Kickstarter at Wheaton laboratories in Missoula were amazing.
Taking note from that, I'd like to share a Kickstarter program in Athens, Ohio for Arcadian Acres:
Neil, the farmer, is looking for support to keep the farm in the family and to expand operations for raising Heritage Breed hogs, chickens, and cattle through sustainable means. He's a former culinary artist trained at Le Cordon Bleu with experience at the five star five diamond hotel resort in Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor. Essentially, he knows what he's raising.

The campaign link is here:
I think the kickstarter and webpage understate the vision and potential that Arcadian Farms could have for the area. Please support (especially you Ohio permies out there)! Note that this is not the potato salad guy!

Herdshare programs are available at the farm and there are already waiting lists. The operations of the farm are in good order; it's the complicated mess of inheritance and banking financials at a non-feedlot CAFO type organization.

Breeds on site:
Randall Cattle
Red Wattle Hogs
Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder) Cattle
Ameraucanas Chicken
Ancona Chicken
Buckeye Chicken
Holland Chicken
Lakenvelder Chicken
Redcap Chicken
Sicilian Buttercup Chicken

5 years ago
Can you phase them out one at a time? Start planting a few sugar maples as soon as possible in an area near them. It appears as though your fast-growing shade trees are a temporary fix to something you'd like to be permanent. I would want to keep those trees as long as possible, only removing severely rotted or loose branches that may fall on adjacent structures; otherwise let them be, savor their diminishing shade and maple syrup, and plant the new generation if there aren't already some starts or shoots coming up around them.
6 years ago
I know some one in Northeast Ohio who enjoyed their experience with a Permaculture certification through Midwest Permaculture (
7 years ago