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Hey I was just looking at some of my favorite images.
Specifically scroll down about 1/10 of the length down this page, and see the picture with the egg in the stream, creating longitudal vortexes. This is probably equal in power to a flowform.

here is the link Schauberger page
- see fig. 11.4

Bill Mollison also talks about Flowforms in the Permaculture Handbook, he suggest making them concrete or Glass Reinforced Plastic - I assume he means Fiberglass...

You could probly make a mold out of Dirt, then pour concrete over the shape in the dirt, let it dry, and clean the dirt out of the bottom part when its dry.

Cheers, take care of your waters
5 years ago

Foreigners like me are very often vegans or vegetarians (I am not myself!). So, though they believe in ecology, they will not help.
Veganism can be a personal solution, but absolutely not a global solution, IMO...

Seriously guy? not a global solution... Grow potatoes and eat them, grow fruit and eat it, grow grain and vegetables and eat them. Problem solved, People fed. No need to give the animals so much grains and stuff that we could be eating. Don't grow so many animals. Let them be free like you are. Im always completely baffled by the Vegetarianism can never be a global solution argument. You gotta be really pessimistic and lacking in knowledge of Nutrition and calorie counting to believe something like that.

If you don't believe you wont try. why wont you believe. save the poor animals from a crappy death guys. GROW POTATOES


Darwin C
5 years ago
One of my teachers told me to make the water go "tinkle pinkle" . or at least so you hear that sort of water crashing and singing noise. like putting a ram pump or hose and shooting water up into the air and making it crash back down, getting bubbles and such in the water.

use your imagination and please post some pictures of what you do.
5 years ago
My ideas of how to oxygenate a small stream:

put a log in the stream from one edge of the stream diagonal across it so the water hits the log and has to travel along the diagonal and when it reaches the end of the log is will spin off the end creating a vorted, which will by its nature suck O2 into the water.

or do the same thing by making sort of walls with logs or other stuff so for instance, one log or rock wall is put up against the left bank of the stream with room on the right side of the stream for water to travel, and then a few feet further downstream there is a log up against the right side of the stream with room for the water to travel along the left side , and you stagger logs like this for a few levels so the water has to zigzag. there is a flowform

also you could make a hyperbolic cone and use a ram pump or some other thing to get the water into the top of it so it funnels down the cone taking O2 with it.

or just check out a movie on Youtube called " Victor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature " it comes in a Geman and English Version.

lemme know if you like my suggestions or what new ideas you have. I also have a stream to take care of and I am very interested in its health.
5 years ago
I'm In Fairbanks Alaska (64th parallel). Ive always wanted to try out growing In Iceland.. Someday...

To all those in Fairbanks alaska please send me a message and lets get together in real life and look at our possibilities up here. thats what its all about anyway, right?
6 years ago